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While feeling safe when traveling is very important when traveling within your own country, it is even more important when visiting a European and non-European country such as Tunisia. Despite being a short distance from the coasts of southern Italy, in fact, Tunisia is a completely different and wonderful world, made of its own habits, atmospheres and lifestyles. To help you make the most of this immersive experience in Tunisian culture, then, we want to tell you what they are the best insurances to experience a trip to Tunisia in total safety and serenity.


  1. Heyworld
  2. Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care
  3. Columbus Insurance
  4. ViaggiSicuri.Com
  5. Frontier Insurance
  6. Price comparison
  7. Is travel insurance in Tunisia mandatory?
  8. Why do health insurance: risks and dangers
  9. How to choose travel insurance
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Heymondo insurance guarantees one of the best insurances to take out when traveling abroad. Available through a very convenient App from your mobile, Heymondo allows you to enjoy a 24/24 support and 7 days a week thanks to the online support chat, plus the ability to make free calls to the support center wherever you are. Its strong point? L'medical assistance worldwide and coverage of medical expenses up to € 5.000.000. There is insurance of temporary trip el 'multi-trip insurance. The two solutions then provide for different policies:

  • Travel Tranquility: includes medical expenses, early return and travel assistance;
  • Travel Top: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance and damage due to loss or damage to luggage during the trip;
  • Premium travel: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance, loss or damage to luggage during the trip and cancellation of the trip which will allow you to have a refund.

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care

Among the undisputed leaders in the industry, it will guarantee you excellent insurance coverage according to your wishes and needs: the strengths of the insurance group are in fact the attention to the customer andwide offer to satisfy every request. Furthermore, regardless of the policy you choose, Allianz will take care to offer you two essential services for every traveler: medical assistance 24 hours a day and the direct payment of healthcare costs. Among the policies:

  • Travel Care: for safe travel up to 45 days, with payment of health care costs;
  • Travel Business: to insure business trips in Italy and abroad;
  • Travel Student: in the case of study holidays, with Single Trip (return trip up to a maximum of 180 days) and Multi Trip (multiple departures in a year) solution. Both inclusive of direct payment of medical expenses and guarantee of Civil Liability;
  • Travel Cancel: to be better protected against travel cancellation penalties due to illness, work reasons or accident;
  • Annual Travel Care: annual multi-trip coverage, provided that each trip does not exceed 35 consecutive days.

Columbus Insurance

Columbus insurance solutions are designed for every type of traveler, and guarantee themedical assistance 24 hours a day with unlimited coverage of any expenses, but also repatriation, trip cancellation and theft of luggage up to € 2.000, legal fees up to € 10.000 and civil liability coverage up to € 500.000. Furthermore, it is possible to request direct payment for hospitalization, which can also be subscribed with a last minute formula. All free for children aged between 0 and 17 months! Among the policies we find:

  • Individual insurance: for solo travelers, starting from stays of one week;
  • Group insurance: for those who prefer to travel in the company of friends or family;
  • Student insurance: for young people who go to study in the main schools / universities abroad (For students still minors, the policies will be issued only by telephone contact);
  • Sport and Adventure Insurance: for those who cannot give up playing sports and experiencing adrenaline-pumping experiences, even when on vacation (Designed for lovers of surfing, trekking, snorkeling, etc.).


Among the most reliable travel insurance for a stay in Tunisia, the one proposed is one of the most simple and immediate to stipulate: on the company's website it is possible to calculate the quote, and then proceed immediately with the purchase. The solutions are quite varied, but all include medical expenses, travel accidents, assistance in the event of a medical emergency abroad, as well as missed departure or delay, theft and theft of luggage. Among the main solutions:

  • Individual policy: if you are traveling alone, as a couple or in groups of people aged between 0 and 65;
  • Family policy: to travel peacefully with the whole family (Free prize for the second child);
  • Cancellation Policy: to better protect against unforeseen events that prevent departure (unexpected and non-programmable events);
  • Annual Policy: with coverage of 365 days, available in two types: Silver Policy (stay abroad up to 30 days) or Gold Policy (stay abroad up to 45 consecutive days).

Frontier Insurance

It is an Italian insurance intermediary that carries out its business in collaboration with IMA Assistance and Insurance Travel, guaranteeing 300% efficiency and competence! Each proposed policy is divided into three categories: Base, Smart and Top, depending on your needs. Among the solutions most used by the company's customers:

  • Single Trip Insurance: available for a single trip in Italy or abroad;
  • Business Trip Insurance: available for travel for business purposes;
  • Travel Insurance for Families: available for family groups up to a maximum of 8 children;
  • Group Travel Insurance: available for groups of people up to a maximum of 99 members;
  • Honeymoon Insurance: to allow you to experience a special journey in total serenity.

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in Tunisia mandatory?

In order to travel to Tunisia, is not mandatory have travel insurance. However the insurance is highly recommended especially to prevent risks related to health problems and / or any other unpleasant situation.

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

The Tunisian health situation is quite good, although the hospitals are quite far from the standards we are used to in Italy and Europe. Here's why it is It is important that the policy covers accidents and medical expenses, in addition to a possible repatriation always for health reasons. Also keep in mind that vaccinations are not compulsory before entering the country, with the exception of that against yellow fever, if you come from countries where the disease is still at risk of transmission. Among the most common risks, possible during the trip:

  • Dangers deriving from intoxication and pathologies carried by water: avoid drinking drinks with ice, drinking directly from the tap and, in general, avoid drinking from unsealed bottles.
  • Danger of theft and pickpocketing: especially in big cities and markets, be careful of your personal items (bags, backpacks, but also sunglasses, cell phones and cameras).
  • Danger of food poisoning: eat only well-cooked food (especially meat!), Instead avoid raw dishes, such as raw vegetables, seafood and fruit with peel.

How to choose travel insurance

Travel insurance is of fundamental importance both if you want to leave without anxiety and if you want to sleep peacefully during your stay abroad. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to choose the best insurance for your needs, taking into account all one series of factors: in fact, the price is not the only indicator that must affect the decision!
Among all the other elements to consider, in the first place it is good to inquire aboutreliability of the insurance company reference, to then evaluate the duration of the policy, the ceilings and the methods of purchase and Customization of the latter.
Furthermore, it is very important that the company offers support and a customer service (online or by phone) 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, in order to have a greater guarantee of getting all the help you need in case of need.

  • Deductible;
  • Age restrictions and previous illnesses;
  • Theft and / or loss of luggage coverage;
  • Whether or not there is compensation for injury / death / disability;
  • Presence or not of compensation. Delays: delays in the departure and / or arrival of means of transport, loss of means of transport;
  • Presence or not of compensation Unexpected changes: unexpected flights or alternative means of transport, change of hotel or apartments, etc .;
  • Presence of any reimbursement for unused holidays;
  • Terms of direct payment and advance of expenses (whether or not you have to pay ordinary medical expenses or if the insurance takes care of it directly)
  • Possibility of repatriation;
  • 24/24 assistance (preferably in Italian).

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