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A trip to Egypt is undoubtedly one of those experiences that everyone dreams of living sooner or later. The country of the pharaohs in fact is suitable both for those traveling with their family and for those who prefer to travel as a couple; both to groups of friends and to solo travelers ..
To be able to organize a trip to Egypt in absolute tranquility, however, it is advisable take out good insurance coverage before departure. That's why we want to help you by introducing you thereand best travel insurance that can be right for you.


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When traveling abroad, Heymondo guarantees the best possible travel insurance. The insurance company, in fact, offers a support service to its customers equal to 24h / 24 valid 7 days a week and it can also be consulted through a convenient App downloadable on the mobile phone. Among its strengths, we cannot fail to mention also guaranteed medical assistance wherever you are in the world and coverage of expenses up to a maximum of € 5.000.000. To help you choose, we indicate the presence of two types of insurance, the temporary travel one and the multi-trip one which then differ in different policies:

  • Travel Tranquility: includes medical expenses, early return and travel assistance;
  • Travel Top: includes everything that is offered by the previous policy, in addition to damage due to loss or damage to luggage during the trip;
  • Premium travel: includes everything included in the two previous policies, in addition to reimbursement in the event of travel cancellation.

Allianz Global Assistance

Another leader in the insurance sector, this represents another valid option to leave in complete tranquility to Egypt and other foreign countries. Among the aspects most appreciated by the group's customers, in the first place we find theassistance 24h / 24 and direct payment of medical expenses. This is because Allianz focuses on all the needs of its customers, proposing awide range of policies according to different needs. Among those proposed:

  • Travel Care: for stays not exceeding 45 days, with coverage of health costs;
  • Travel Business: for business trips both in Italy and abroad;
  • Travel Student: in the case of study holidays, both Single Trip (return trip for a maximum of 180 days) and Multi Trip (multiple departures within a year). It provides for direct payment of medical expenses and coverage for civil liability.

Simple and straightforward, insurance is a great way to travel to Egypt with reliable and affordable insurance coverage. To find out which option is best for you, just go to the website, calculate the online quote and then proceed with the purchase of the best policy for your needs. The alternatives are many but all include the medical expenses, L 'assistance in the event of a health emergency abroad, travel injuries, in addition to theft and theft of luggage, delay or missed departure. Among the policies:

  • Individual policy: ideal both for those traveling alone, but also for those traveling as a couple or in a group (in this case, group members must be between 0 and 65 years of age);
  • Family policy: designed for those who travel with their family (there is a free premium from the second child onwards);
  • Cancellation Policy: to protect against unforeseen events that prevent departure (unexpected and non-programmable events).

Columbus Insurance

Designed for every type of traveler, the insurance proposals are very varied, as well as advantageous. Regardless of the type of policy you choose, in fact, you can take advantage of assistance 24h / 24, unlimited coverage of health costs, coverage up to € 2.000 for repatriation costs and theft / damage to luggage. Add to that the fact that you can calculate yours quote directly online with a few clicks and that the insurance is free for children between the ages of 0 and 17 months. Here are some of the policies:

  • Group insurance: for those who choose to travel with relatives and friends;
  • Student insurance: for those who venture abroad to study (for underage students, insurance will be stipulated only through telephone contact);
  • Sport and Adventure Insurance: for those who love adrenaline even when away from home (specific policies are offered for those who practice surfing, various water activities, trekking, etc.)

Frontier Insurance

It can guarantee you all the safety and reliability you are looking for before embarking on a trip to Egypt. This Italian intermediary works closely with Insurance Travel and IMA Assistance e offers different policies according to the needs of its customers. Each policy is divided into three categories: Basic, Smart and Top according to the required benefits. Among the policies:

  • Family Travel Insurance: designed for family groups up to a maximum of 8 children;
  • Business Travel Insurance: for business travelers;
  • Honeymoon Insurance: for those on their honeymoon and want to leave all worries at home

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in Egypt mandatory?

Travel insurance is not mandatory to leave for Egypt, but it is highly recommended to prevent various types of problems including health problems.

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

In Egypt the health situation is good, but the hospital conditions could be a sore point, above all because they are not comparable to European standards. The private facilities, on the other hand, are in excellent condition but require very high costs for any type of assistance. This is why it is very important to start with the fair health coverage, including repatriation for health reasons. This is especially true for lovers of diving, snorkeling and water sports: accidents related to diving activities in the Red Sea are quite common. Other fairly common risks are:

  • Dangers deriving from poisoning and pathologies conveyed by food and water: avoid eating uncooked foods, especially meat and vegetables. Also, do not drink directly from the tap, from unsealed bottles and avoid drinks with ice.
  • Dangers deriving from pollution: it seems absurd but in the Egyptian capital the pollution rate is very high, especially in autumn or in the absence of wind, and can create discomfort for those already suffering from breathing difficulties.
  • Danger of theft and pickpocketing: especially when you visit large towns or super crowded markets, do not lose sight of your personal effects, especially if they are valuable (cell phone, camera, passport and other documents, etc.)

How to choose travel insurance

To select the best travel insurance, there are many factors which must be kept in mind. The price in fact it is an indicator that certainly influences considerably in the choice, but it must not be the only one: the reliability of the insurance company to which reference is made, the type and duration of the policy, the limits and methods of purchase are also of fundamental importance . We also advise you to carefully read all clauses before buying and trying various online quotes, in order to opt for the one that is not only the most convenient but also the most complete for your needs. Here are other factors to consider:

  • Amount of the ceiling / deductible
  • Cover theft and / or lost luggage
  • Compensation for injury / death / disability
  • Compensation for Delays: delays in the departure and / or arrival of means of transport, and / or loss of means
  • Presence of any reimbursement for unused holidays
  • Terms of direct payment and advance expenses
  • Possibility of repatriation
  • Assistance 24 hours a day, 24 days a week

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