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We all want to travel and discover new places in complete tranquility and carefree, for this reason, and to make sure that everything goes well and we do not run the risk of being in a situation of sudden difficulty in a country that is not ours, it is very important to take out the right travel insurance.

It is really crucial prevent any setbacks and unforeseen events which unfortunately are always around the corner, which is why there are many companies that are primarily concerned with protecting our health, but also providing compensation for example in the event of theft or cancellation of your flight! Here are the best travel insurance of 2021.


  1. Heyworld
  2. Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care
  3. Frontier Travel Insurance
  4. Axa Travel Insurance
  5. Columbus Insurance
  6. Price comparison
  7. What does good travel insurance cover?
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This insurance offers everyone the opportunity to travel peacefully, offering an insurance service that protects travelers through awide range of covers at an always affordable price. Depending on the duration and destination of the trip, you can in fact take advantage of a customized package according to your needs;

All policies include mainly ahealth insurance of travel up to a maximum of € 5.000.000, if any repatriation and early return, assistance h24 for 365 days a year, refund in case of theft and damage to your baggage up to a maximum of € 1.000 and reimbursement in case of trip interruption up to a maximum of € 1.500. Here are some travel insurance offers:

  • Temporary travel insurance: perfect for all types of travelers, who travel for leisure to work in an unusual way.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: it is an insurance cover for all trips (up to 30 days each) made within 12 months; the package starts from € 85,00.
  • Travel Tranquility: includes medical expenses, early return and travel assistance
  • Travel Top: Includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance and damage from loss or damage to luggage during the trip.
  • Premium travel: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance, loss or damage to luggage during the trip and cancellation of the trip which will allow you to have a refund.

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care

The policy offered is one of the most affordable on the market and perfect not only for its flexibility, but also for price, reliability and the many other covers proposed; many choose it to move abroad with peace of mind relying on different varieties of policies, in relation to the type of their holiday. Insurance it adapts to the most varied needs of those who travel for example for work, study or even simply for leisure. The package offered by the travel policies all include: direct payment of medical expenses el '24 hour health care. Here are some policies offered:

  • Travel Care: for trips up to 45 days, it is the travel policy which, in addition to guaranteeing health care 24 hours a day, also ensures the direct payment of medical expenses with an unlimited ceiling.
  • Travel Student: perfect package for students under 30 on a study trip abroad and includes two solutions: Single Trip is the one for a trip lasting up to 180 days; the Multi Trip to come and go several times throughout the year.
  • Travel Business: perfect for those who travel for work often, coverage is provided for up to 365 days and for no more than 90 consecutive days for a single trip.

Frontier Travel Insurance

It is an Italian company that operates together with two other leading companies in the field, IMA Assistance, a carrier that deals with the underwriting of insurance-type products, and Insurance Travel, that is an intermediary that deals with the pre-sale phases.

The added value of this insurance is that this company is specializing in travel, therefore he knows well the needs and possible risks that travelers may face.
The policies include all the coverage of medical expenses in various countries of the world including Europe, Canada, USA, Italy and the rest of the world but with different ceilings, thetravel assistance, helpline in Italian and direct payment for hospitalization. The policies that we would like to recommend are the Smart policy and the Top policy as with them the reimbursement is guaranteed both in case of cancellation of the trip and in case of theft of your luggage. Here are some of the travel insurance offered:

  • Honeymoon Insurance: perfect for spouses who want to leave in all serenity and safety and will be entitled, for example, to assistance 24 hours a day throughout their stay, with an emergency switchboard in Italian.
  • Travel Insurance for Families: insurance product that protects the whole family, guaranteeing repatriation, medical expenses and continuous travel assistance at any time.
  • Travel Insurance for Groups: if you are traveling with more people, you can take advantage of rates and promotions reserved exclusively for groups, traveling in peace, you will leave with the best travel policy that will allow you to have maximum protection and safety.

Axa Travel Insurance

It is one of the most appreciated and known not only in Italy, but also in Europe and all over the world; its plus points are the payment of medical expenses and any health care abroad, theassistance during your trip, full refund for cancellation of the trip, one operations center available 24 hours a day, legal assistance abroad and full refund for lost baggage. Here are some travel insurance offers:

  • Medium Protection: package that guarantees the reimbursement of medical expenses up to € 500.000,00 in the event of illness or injury, complete health care and reimbursement for theft and theft; it also offers assistance to family members who have remained at home and guarantees assistance to their homes.
  • Annual Policy: for those who travel at least 3 or 4 times a year, starting from just € 72,00 this policy ensures complete coverage to travel without problems for the entire year of validity of the contract.

Columbus Insurance

It is a company that also operates in the field of travel abroad and is known for being one of the most advantageous, offers insurance coverage starting from only € 9,00 including various services and comprehensive assistance for all customers.

The insurances provided therefore offer ppackages at an excellent quality-price ratio, including for example 24-hour assistance, possible repatriation, coverage for cancellation of your trip up to the sum of € 2.000,00, coverage of medical expenses, coverage of legal expenses up to € 10.000,00, free insurance for children from 0 to 2 years and coverage for civil liability up to € 500.000,00. Here are some travel insurance offers:

  • Individual Insurance: perfect for those who like to travel alone Columbus has thought of policies starting from € 18,90 to spend a week in Europe in complete tranquility.
  • Student Insurance: an ad hoc structured policy for those who need coverage if, for example, you go to study in the main universities and schools abroad.

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: For the simulation we considered a 15 day trip made by an adult with a basic policy.

What does good travel insurance cover?

Medical and health care

Of primary importance it is certainly a travel insurance that covers health care: in fact, you are never too cautious and prepared to face any needs related to your health, especially if you are in a foreign country.
In fact, many countries of the world have gods extremely high costs of access to healthcare which can also put you in difficulty if you are not sufficiently covered immediately; for example, in the US, a hospitalization and therefore a night in hospital can cost up to € 6.000,00! An insurance that can guarantee this type of coverage is therefore highly recommended.

Theft / material damage to baggage

How many will have happened to suffer damage to their luggage or, in the rarest and most extreme cases, to even suffer a theft of the same? This is why it is important to activate travel insurance that can also cover this type of problem e thus protect your personal belongings in an extremely safe way, there are even insurances that cover the equipment related to computer-type material.

Trip cancellation costs

In the event that it happens that your trip is canceled or you find yourself having to cancel it, several insurance companies offer in their package the reimbursement of travel expenses for various reasons: serious health problems (hospitalizations, illnesses or accidents of the traveler or even of a family member, summons to court or for judicial reasons (divorce proceedings, etc.), dismissal or forced transfer, cancellation by a travel companion , withdrawal of the driving license or complications for example related to pregnancy or the cancellation of the wedding ceremony.

Optional covers and other aspects to be evaluated

  • Civil liability: coverage of expenses or compensation in the event of damage to third parties
  • Defense and complaint: amount to request damages and purchase and assistance contracts abroad
  • Whether or not there is compensation for injury / death / disability
  • Presence or not of compensation Delays: delays in the departure and / or arrival of means of transport, and / or loss of means
  • Whether or not there is compensation for unexpected changes: unexpected flights or alternative means of transport, change of hotels or apartments, etc.
  • Loss of means of transport due to an "in itinere" accident
  • Compensation in the event of the rescue or abduction of persons
  • Refund for unused holidays
  • Advance of monetary funds abroad
  • Finding and sending items forgotten or stolen during the trip
  • Coverage of management costs for the loss or theft of documents

What is not normally included?

  • Cover to protect against damage that may result from certain sports (skiing, paragliding and bungee jumping)
  • Any damage to the rented vehicles
  • Accidents while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Any expenses for treatment for pre-existing conditions / illnesses

How to choose travel insurance

Choose to rely on better health coverage, also in relation to any previous illnesses, then make sure that the direct payment coverage by the Operations Center (therefore not only in case of possible hospitalization for example, but also in the case of a simple visit to the emergency room for which a cost will certainly be required).
Always choose a service that offers you one very high coverage in case of repatriation from countries such as the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, then opt for a service that gives you the opportunity to extend your insurance coverage if you are already abroad and you have to return to Italy in unforeseen cases; important is the telephone assistance service (in Italian if you do not know other foreign languages ​​well) 24 hours a day, finally you always do a lot pay attention to the sub-ceilings present within the guarantee itself and which could decrease the total real value of the cover.

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