Best New York Travel Insurance: Costs and Tips

A trip to the city that never sleeps goes organized in every detail, leaving nothing to chance!
This is why it is important to start with clear ideas and, above all, with travel insurance which mainly covers medical expenses. In fact, in America, the healthcare system is very different from ours and even a small injury could cost you thousands of dollars. Don't be caught unprepared!

Here all you need to know about the best travel insurance for New York, costs and tips!


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  2. Allianz Global Assistance
  3. Frontier Insurance
  4. Axa Insurance
  5. Columbus Insurance
  6. Price comparison
  7. Is travel insurance in New York mandatory?
  8. Why do health insurance: risks and dangers
  9. How to choose travel insurance
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It is one of the best insurance on the market. It will allow you, in fact, to customize your insurance to the maximum: You will have to answer 5 questions and, based on your answers, the best travel insurance will be created for your case. Once you have created the best offer for you, you can decide whether to modify it further. Finally, by downloading the Heymondo app, you will always have a free assistance call and incident management at your fingertips!

Heymondo works with two solutions: Travel Insurance, created specifically for a specific trip; and the Annual Multi-Trip Insurance, which consists of insurance coverage for all trips (up to 30 days each) made during the year of the insurance duration. You will have the possibility to choose between 3 policies:

  • Travel Tranquility: includes medical expenses, early return and travel assistance
  • Travel Top: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance and damage from loss or damage to luggage during the trip
  • Premium travel: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance, loss or damage to luggage during the trip and the cancellation of the trip which will allow you to have a refund

Allianz Global Assistance

E' one of the best travel insurance ever. It is part of the largest insurance company Allianz Group and its strengths are different: surely we can take into account price, coverage, flexibility and reliability!

Above all, flexibility and coverage: it has many different policies, suitable for any situation. Honeymoon to travel, business travel, student insurance to backpackers insurance. Will find:

  • Travel Care, for safe travel up to 45 days
  • Annual Travel Care, for all trips of the year and around the world
  • Travel Student, for the study holiday, even annual
  • Travel Business, for business trips
  • Travel Long Stay, for trips with a long stay, up to 120 days

Frontier Insurance

In this case it must be said that union is strength, in fact Frontier collaborates with two other leading companies in the sector: Insurance Travel and IMA Assistance. The service offered is truly impeccable and reliable!
The different policies cover every area, from single trips to honeymoons, from business trips to study trips, from road trips to group trips. You will find a greater possibility, the policies are divided into three different categories:

  1. Base: includes travel assistance, telephone medical assistance, medical expenses, home assistance during the journey and roadside assistance
  2. Smart: includes travel assistance, telephone medical assistance, medical expenses, home assistance during the journey, breakdown assistance and damage to luggage during the journey
  3. Top: in addition to what Smart offers, it includes reimbursement for flight delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption and accidents including the flight

Axa Insurance

It's a among the best known and most reliable insurance companies that you can find on the insurance market. Not only on the Italian market, but also on the European and world market! One of its greatest strengths is undoubtedly the assistance, available 24 hours a day 24 days a year also in Italian.

The different policies proposed really cover every type of trip, from single to annual insurance, even one for the Schenghen Area. Also, you can decide the level of protection of your insurance: full screen, medium protection, low protection.

  • Total Screen, all-inclusive policy for all destinations
  • Medium protection, for those traveling to countries with very expensive medical bills
  • Low protection, ideal healthcare for short trips to Europe
  • Annual policy, for those who travel frequently throughout the year, for work or fun
  • Schengen insurance, for foreigners on holiday in Italy and in the Schengen area countries

Columbus Insurance

A leading company in the insurance field for years. L'excellent value for money it is definitely its best selling point, as it is one of the best on the whole market!

But not only the price, you can also search for the perfect insurance in onewide choice of policies. Starting from the number of people who will leave, whether this is an individual trip, a couple trip, without forgetting those of a group or family. Columbus also thinks of the most adventurous people, thanks to policies such as the one for Backpackers, the Sport & Adventure one and the ski one.

  • Individual Insurance, for an adult aged 18 to 64 in Europe
  • Couple Insurance, for couples who want to travel to Europe and up to 10 days in America
  • Group insurance, for a hassle-free journey for several people
  • Backpacker insurance, up to 365 days worldwide
  • Sport & Adventure Insurance, for sports and adrenaline-pumping activities

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in New York mandatory?

It is not mandatory for the purposes of authorization or not to enter the country, but it is really highly recommended!
It is essential to have health insurance that covers as much as possible as, although the health system in the United States is great, the costs are very high due to the health system. Even a minor injury could cost you thousands of dollars.

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

As already mentioned, the US health system is completely different from the Italian and European ones and even basic services are not free. Even the smallest injury or emergency medical examination could cost you thousands of dollars.

Here because health insurance is essential! So make sure it covers absolutely all kinds of injuries, all medical bills and even repatriation for medical assistance.

  • Danger of theft and pickpocketing: being a city with millions of people, you have to pay attention to bags and backpacks and, above all, avoid the more peripheral areas especially at night
  • Injuries: health insurance is essential even for minor accidents
  • Dangers deriving from accidents: If you want to rent a car for day trips or even explore New York State, make sure you have a policy that covers car accidents

How to choose travel insurance

If you want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, without worries or paranoia, then choosing travel insurance becomes absolutely essential!
Price is certainly a very relevant factor, but it must check carefully what, how and how much the policy covers.

Among the most important points, you will have to make sure that there is direct payment of the medical expenses (if it is not direct, you will have to pay in advance), with related ceilings and limitations for treatment and repatriation, possible age restrictions and previous illnesses. Also pay close attention to the deductible, a cost always borne by the insured.
L'assistancewhether it is company service, telephone or medical, the best thing is that it is available 24 hours a day, perhaps even through an official application, so you can contact those in duty as soon as possible and without worries.

  • direct payment of medical expenses
  • ceilings and limitations for medical treatment and repatriation
  • franchise
  • age restrictions and previous illnesses
  • lost luggage theft coverage
  • coverage of any type of injury (even for extreme sports)
  • cover for theft
  • repatriation
  • civil liability coverage (expenses or compensation in case of damage to third parties)
  • compensation for delays (such as delay or missed flight)
  • operational assistance h24

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