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Huge, monstrous and sometimes frightening, dinosaurs are the primitive reptiles which have inhabited our planet for over 180 million years and which approximately 66 million years ago became extinct, probably as a result of several catastrophic events.
They have always fascinated young and old alike, despite the fact that they often inspire a little fear, but the mania and interest in these animals has spread especially after the 1992 film Jurassic Park.
But in addition to film productions, fans can have a close encounter with reproductions and archaeological finds too inside the numerous parks and museums dedicated to them.
Here are the best dinosaur parks and museums in the world.

1 - Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, USA

On the southern border of Colorado and Utah is this wildlife park that preserves beyond 1.500 dinosaur fossils.
Visitors will be able to admire remains from the Jurassic period found in 1909 by the paleontologist Earl Duglass, excellently preserved and set in the rock face of Carnegie Quarry.
Then inside the park it is possible to camp, go on numerous excursions and have close encounters with river otters, prairie dogs and kangaroo mice.

2 - Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pennsylvania, USA

Inside the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania museum, dinosaur enthusiasts will be able to see a T. Rex, Apatosaurus, and Diplodocus with 75% of the original and different bones perfectly assembled skeletons.
At Carnegie there is also a very interesting mineral section and one section dedicated to American Indians and the Inuit peoples.

3 - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian museum is famous all over the world for having the largest hall dedicated to dinosaurs where one is exhibited immense collection of skeletons and fossils.
Here young and old will be able to meet a Plateosaurus named Bene and a T. Rex named Stan.
Also inside the Royal Belgian Institute you can see several interactive exhibits and listen to the reproduced verses of these mammoth reptiles.

4 - The Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois, USA

For dinosaur enthusiasts, Chicago's Field Museum is another wonderful place; here you can admire it fossil skeleton of Sue, one of the largest and best preserved T. Rex in the world.
Even more amazing is the skeleton of a Titanosaurus, which measures 37 meters long and 8 meters high.
In the museum, then, it is possible to see several shows and exhibitions always dedicated to these prehistoric reptiles and the remains of a specimen of Megatherium, a giant land sloth.

5 - American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

This important New York museum also served as the backdrop in the movie "Night at the Museum" and exhibits one of the largest collections in the world of dinosaur fossils.
The skeleton of a Barosaurus mother is fascinating while defending the baby allosaurus at the entrance but then fans of the genre will have to reach the 4th floor to venture among huge skeletons, bone conformations and teeth of these huge prehistoric reptiles.
Also very interesting is the area on the second floor dedicated to African, Asian and North American mammals reproduced within their habitat.

6 - Natural History Museum, London, UK

Inside the Natural History Museum in London there is a large section dedicated to dinosaurs where they are exhibited realistic models and important exhibits that fascinate children and young people all over the world.
The collection counts more than 157 species and on display it is also possible to admire traces of dinosaurs and fossil excrements dating back to over 70 million years ago.
Sometimes the museum also organizes evening parties inside the gallery where you can dine in the company of ancient reptiles and enjoy a private tour.

7 - The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Visitors are greeted at the park entrance with this slogan "Now you are in their world" and this suggests how young and old inside the Dinosphere have the opportunity to take a trip back in time.
Who it is possible to dig for bones dinosaur, touch the T. Rex fossil and admire the rare specimens of mummified prehistoric reptiles.

8 - Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, USA

This protected area in Alberta, not far from the city of Calgary, has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site because it boasts one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world.
In its entirety there are 58 dinosaur species discovered precisely in this place and can be visited through a circuit that runs through an area of ​​unusual morphology.
Not far from here is also the paleontological museum showing dinosaur skeletons.

9 - Dinosaurs Alive, at King Island, Ohio, USA

Inside a large amusement park in the Midwest is a dinosaur attraction where visitors can see these life-size reconstructed prehistoric reptiles within a faithfully created habitat.
Some specimens are interactive and they look real!
Those interested can also become a paleontologist for a day and participate in excavations and research.

10 - Museum of The Rockies, Montana USA

Within the university town of Bozeman is this museum which houses the Siebel dinosaur complex, the world's largest estate of dinosaur bones and fossils found in North America.
It is possible to admire the Tyrant Kings display showing the larger and smaller T. Rex skulls.
Another interesting postponed for visitors is the Bowman Dinosaur Viewing Laboratory to see how the recovery of fossil samples.

11 - Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado, USA

It is a 30 minute drive from Denver and belongs to the Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Monument.
It is one of the oldest fossil deposits dating back to the Jurassic period of North America and here excavations began in 1870 bringing to light the first fossilized parts of dinosaur.
Visitors via a trail that shows the extent of the finds can also admire the place where the Stegosaurus fossil was found in 1876.

12 - Parque Cretacico, Sucre, Bolivia

5 km northeast of Sucre, Bolivia, is the Parque Cretacico, an area where in 1994 the footprints of dinosaurs that lived 65 million years ago were found.
Inside the theme park visitors can see more than 5.000 footprints belonging to at least 8 species of different dinosaurs and a large collection of prehistoric reptile statues among which the imposing 35x18 meter Titonosaurus stands out.

13 - Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas, USA

This Texas state park near Glen Rose covers an area of ​​approximately 617 hectares crossed by the Paluxy River.
Visitors, if the weather conditions allow it, can admire the traces of sauropod dinosaurs found inside the river bed and belonging to the first period of the Cretaceous, or 113 million years ago.

14 - Dinosaur Park, Munchehagen, Germany

It is a park in paleontological theme which every year attracts many visitors and develops through a path.
People get the impression of walk through the geological eras starting from the Precambrian period up to the Quaternary. Along the path you will come across shop windows with inside authentic fossils and an expanse with traces of dinosaurs of different species dating back to the lower Cretaceous.

15 - Jurassic Park Discovery Center, Orlando USA

Inside the Universal Studios in Orlando you can experience the real world of Jurassic Park. The theme park is home to the immense skeleton of the T-Rex and the other dinosaurs you saw in Spielberg's famous movie.
Here you can also examine your DNA to see what kind of prehistoric reptile you might have belonged to: a ferocious predator or a calm herbivore?
In addition, children and teenagers can do various interactive activities and visit a variety of informative exhibits.

16 - Jurassic Land, Istanbul, Turkey

It is a large theme park where dinosaur enthusiasts can wander around the over 70 perfectly reconstructed specimens.
Children can also become real paleontologists by discovering the eggs and bones in the excavation cave and whoever wants to be a real protagonist of the Jurassic Park movie will have to try the experience with the Juracopter.
This tool is the largest 4-D simulator of Turkey that will make you live the experience of coming face to face with predators.

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