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A passionate traveler always has an eye on the innovative tourism solutions, all the more so if they have countless advantages. Precisely in Italy, starting from the 80s, a new model has developed that is literally depopulating not only within national borders but also abroad: we are talking about phenomenon of widespread hotels.
It is a particular type of accommodation company born from the brilliant intuition of the university professor Giancarlo Dall'Ara, today president of the National Association of Diffused Hotels (ADI). Specifically, this idea consists in the creation of a horizontal hotel made up of several buildings close to each other offering tourist services.
What makes this particular hotel business model so special?
Simple: this receptive form allows you to enhance the old disused structures typical of small town centers, in this way entrepreneurs can invest money in their community and finance the recovery of rural properties; truly an exceptional find!
At the same time, those who decide to invest in widespread hospitality reap significant benefits: can avoid the creation of a special structure and also can access important contributions and funding. In turn, tourists have revealed a particular sensitivity in appreciating this territorial model, respectful of the environment and "sustainable". Over the years this system has received excellent acclaim and has led to the establishment of structures throughout Italy: from the Sicily al Friuli Venezia Giulia, From Apulia al Piedmont, Via Abbruzzo e Campania. here are the best widespread hotels in the Bel PaeseEtc.


  1. Sauris - Friuli Venezia Giulia
  2. Canosio - Piedmont
  3. Santo Stefano di Sessanio - Abruzzo
  4. Castelvetere sul Calore - Campania
  5. Locorotondo - Puglia
  6. Scicli - Sicily
  7. Orosei - Sardinia
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Sauris - Friuli Venezia Giulia

It was the very first example of a widespread hotel and continues to be one of the best known in Italy. Today the ancient village of the Carnie Alps has become one of the most beautiful tourist realities linked to the concept of sustainable mobility. L'city ​​economy was revived thanks to the structure, this consists of apartments and rooms located exactly in the historic center.

Canosio - Piedmont

La Locanda degli Elfi di Canosio it is a fantastic recently refurbished hotel. In spite of the humble origins of the building, today within the structure respectable services are offered such as saunas and private whirlpools. We also organize activities such as traditional dance courses, ski and alpine excursions.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio - Abruzzo

Equally remarkable is the structure of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, town in the province of L'Aquila. The small Abruzzo village, thanks to the renovation of some historic buildings, has benefited in economic terms from everything similar to those of the municipality of Sauris. Here it is possible to engage in activities such as climbing, hang gliding and horse riding.

Castelvetere sul Calore - Campania

L'Widespread hotel Borgo di Castelvetere it offers a comfortable environment and a unique atmosphere partly due to the great charm of the now completely revitalized village. It offers numerous solutions in terms of accommodation, with rooms that can accommodate up to 8 people. Services such as free WiFi and catering are guaranteed, and the hotel also has a comfortable meeting and conference room. Among the organized activities, an interesting astronomical observation mini-course should be mentioned.

Locorotondo - Puglia

Not far from Bari, precisely in the municipality of locorotondo, you will find the hotel Under the Cummerse. It consists of ten apartments with kitchen furnished in poor art and equipped with numerous comforts. These are located in the historic center and offer tourists a very high quality stay also due to the extreme tranquility of the area.

Scicli - Sicily

L' Most famous Albergo Diffuso in Sicily it is found at scicli, precious testimony of Sicilian Baroque art immersed in the geographical territory of Val di Noto
The accommodation facility is developed in the historic center of Scicli and offers guests two types of accommodation:
rooms with hotel formula and small independent apartments. Both solutions allow you to better enjoy the magic of the small town, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site together with the other municipalities of the Val di Noto.

Orosei - Sardinia

Sardinia also has exceptional facilities for widespread hospitality. Mannois is located in Orosei, this is not really considered a widespread hotel, however it has all its characteristics. It has different locations within three recently restored buildings. Of course, services are also offered here to make the guest experience as good as possible. It is possible to rent bicycles or take part in canoe trips and visits to nuragic villages organized by affiliated associations.

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