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A trip to the Asian continent is a unique experience, but to enjoy it to the fullest, travel insurance must be taken out before departure.
More or less serious, but still unpleasant, episodes can always happen, just think of accidents or any damage or loss of luggage.
Furthermore, from a strictly health point of view, paying for one's medical care in Chinese hospitals can be very onerous, even in less complex cases.
Here is a list of the best travel insurance for China.


  1. Heyworld
  2. Allianz Global Assistance
  3. Axa - Travel Insurance
  4. Colombus Insurance
  5. Frontier Travel Insurance
  6. Price comparison
  7. Is travel insurance in China mandatory?
  8. Why do health insurance: risks and dangers
  9. How to choose travel insurance
  10. User questions and comments


With this company you take out travel insurance that covers medical expenses up to 2 million euros, with reimbursement for urgent dental expenses up to € 500,00, early return up to 2 thousand euros is possible baggage damage coverage in case of theft, fire or assault, or caused by the carrier up to € 1,000.
Also it is possible download an app to receive 24/ telephone support.
Each policy also provides for the possibility of adding the deductible (obtaining a discount of € 7,00). For readers of there is a 10% discount!

  • Travel Tranquility: it is the basic policy, with which you can enjoy telephone advice 24 hours a day, medical expenses coverage up to € 2 million, dental expenses coverage up to € 150,00, early return up to € 1,000.
  • Travel Top: in addition to 24-hour telephone consultation, medical expenses coverage, dental expenses coverage, early return, the policy also guarantees coverage for damage or loss of luggage, up to € 500.
  • Premium travel: it is the most complete policy, which provides 24-hour telephone assistance, medical expenses coverage, dental expenses coverage, early return up to € 2,000, damage to luggage up to € 1,000 and travel cancellation up to € 1,500.

Allianz Global Assistance

All policies offered by Allianz Global Assistance include 24-hour telephone assistance and medical advice and direct payment of medical expenses, it is also possible to add a refund in the event of theft or loss of luggage up to € 500,00, an indemnity of up to € 50,00 for delayed '' plane, the reimbursement of hotel expenses in the event of an extension of the stay due to illness, accident or following theft or loss of the documents necessary for the return up to € 1,500 and coverage on theft or damage on multimedia devices up to € 300,00.

  • Travel Care: suitable for trips up to 45 days, guarantees 24h telephone assistance and direct payment of medical expenses. Additional optional guarantees concern baggage, delays, extended stay, coverage on multimedia devices and Civil Liability.
  • Annual Travel Care: designed for frequent travelers with an annual and operational duration up to 35 consecutive days. Includes 24-hour telephone assistance, medical expenses and home and family assistance at home. To add optional guarantees.
  • Travel Student: designed for students under 30 traveling for study purposes, the insurance provides two different solutions Single Trip and Multi Trip, both guarantee medical expenses with a customizable ceiling and offer the Civil Liability guarantee.
  • Travel Business: the insurance valid all year round, ideal for business trips and which provides 24-hour telephone assistance, medical expenses coverage. To add the optional guarantees.

Axa - Travel Insurance

Axa - Travel Insurance guarantees 24-hour telephone assistance, any telephone medical advice, direct payment for medical expenses up to 3 million euros, reimbursement for travel cancellation, the possibility of coverage for loss of luggage up to € 1,000 and assistance legal abroad.

  • Basic Protection: ideal for short trips to Europe, it is low-cost insurance that includes 24-hour teelphonic assistance, reimbursement of medical expenses and optional reimbursement of the trip in case of cancellation for serious reasons.
  • Medium Protection: recommended for travel to countries where medical expenses are very expensive, guarantees reimbursement of medical expenses up to € 500,000, reimbursement on loss and damage to luggage up to € 750,00 and health care for relatives at home .
  • Total Screen: valid up to 100 days, suitable for travelers traveling anywhere in the world, it is the All Inclusive insurance, with reimbursement of medical expenses, third party liability insurance, luggage insurance, travel accident coverage, assistance to relatives left at home .

Colombus Insurance

Travel insurance from Columbus include coverage of unlimited medical expenses, 24-hour phone assistance, early return, plus you can add baggage theft and travel cancellation up to € 2,000 and legal fees up to € 10,000.
You have the choice between various insurance solutions, for those traveling alone, as a couple, in groups, for business trips, all of which include unlimited medical expenses, 24-hour telephone assistance and repatriation. Each of them includes:

  • Basic assistance: Includes coverage for medical expenses only
  • Assistance / Baggage: with additional damage and loss of baggage and Civil Liability
  • Assistance / Baggage / Cancellation: the All Inclusive formula

Frontier Travel Insurance

Italian insurance company, Frontier specializes in the travel sector. All the policies offered include travel assistance, coverage of medical expenses worldwide up to 5 million euros, direct payment for hospitalization, emergency repatriation, telephone assistance in Italian and then it is possible to add reimbursement in case of baggage theft and in case of trip cancellation up to € 2,000. Each insurance can be chosen in 3 different formulas:

  • Base: medical expenses up to 2 million euros, repatriation, 24-hour teelphonic assistance and assistance to one's home
  • Smart: which adds up to € 5 million to the previous medical expenses and baggage coverage of up to € 1,500
  • Top: All Inclusive formula, which adds to the previous one the cancellation and the interruption of the trip up to € 2,000, injuries up to 2 million euros and the delay of departure up to € 100,00

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in China mandatory?

The stipulation of travel insurance does not appear among the documents required for a trip to China, however this is highly recommended.

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

In cases of injury or illness you will have to go to the Chinese hospitals, which they are divided into two types: the first category does not speak English, while the second includes international hospitals, so tourists are usually conveyed to the latter, where they will not encounter language barriers.
In any case, Chinese medical expenses are quite expensive and are more expensive than American ones, so without health insurance, you will be forced to pay out of your own pocket, potentially huge expenses, even for minor cases (gastric lavage can cost up to € 4,000).
Here are the most dangerous conditions you might find yourself in during a stay in China:

  • Dangers deriving from intoxication and pathologies conveyed by food (in particular for that purchased on the street, for which suitable storage is not always guaranteed)
  • Dangers from insect-borne diseases (some mosquitoes are carriers of diseases such as the Zika virus or malaria).
  • Danger of theft and pickpocketing (especially in crowded centers)
  • Danger deriving from altitude sickness disorder (during excursions in the high Chinese mountains, at more than 2000 meters above sea level, it can happen to accuse this disorder, especially for those who live in the plains)

How to choose travel insurance

Opt for one good health insurance it is a very wise and opportune choice, even if not compulsory, for anyone who is about to travel beyond the European borders.
When looking for the best insurance you need to keep in mind some criteria, such as direct payment of medical expenses, which also include surgical operations (in some cases a refund is provided), coverage for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies and in the most serious cases, coverage for returning home.
Essential is 24-hour telephone medical assistance, and if you have difficulties with the English language, ask if it is possible to have contacts in Italian.
Optional coverage for loss or damage to luggage, and those for vehicle delays.

  • Coverage for direct medical expenses (or reimbursement)
  • Coverage for early return home in the most serious cases (also for third parties)
  • Telephone assistance with medical advice 24 hours a day.
  • Liability coverage (expenses or compensation in the event of damage to third parties)
  • Lost luggage theft coverage
  • Presence or not of compensation Delays: delays in the departure and / or arrival of means of transport, and / or loss of means
  • Cover for unused holidays

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