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When traveling the world, no matter how much you wish it didn't, there can be setbacks, setbacks and hassles that can ruin your vacation and cause an excessive outlay of money.
Before leaving for a trip to Botswana it is therefore very important to take out auseful insurance in case of health needs, of flight cancellation o loss of baggage.
But which one to choose? Here are some of the best travel insurance for Botswana.


  1. Heyworld
  2. Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care
  3. Frontier
  4. Axa
  5. Cowerwise
  6. Price comparison
  7. Is travel insurance in Botswana mandatory?
  8. Why do health insurance: risks and dangers
  9. How to choose travel insurance
  10. User questions and comments


The company Ima Italia Assistance has joined the Spanish broker Smart Insurance and created this platform for travel insurance.
This agency offers two solutions (short stay up to 45 days of vacation and long stay up to 365 days) and guarantees different levels of coverage (from medical expenses to baggage reimbursement).
Purchasable via the web or via the app, it guarantees one operations center available 24 hours a day its strengths are the zero deductible option that reduces the deductibles on medical expenses and baggage and the ability to manage everything from your mobile phone. Among the policies:

  • Peace of mind travel it is the basic policy that only insures medical expenses and early return
  • Travel Top it is the option that adds a refund for baggage compared to the previous one
  • Premium travel is the most comprehensive policy for travel up to 45 days which also includes travel cancellation
  • Top multi-trip is the annual insurance that covers all trips that take place in 365 days and reimburses medical expenses, early return, luggage
  • Premium multi-trip as the previous one it also covers delayed departures and early return.

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care

It is among the best travel insurance companies, a world leader in this field for price, coverage, reliability and flexibility.
It has a lot of policies to choose according to the type of trip (work, study, vacation etc.), but yours strong point is health care h24 and immediate payment of medical expenses. Among the policies:

  • Travel Care it is ideal for those who travel for up to 45 days and want health care with high limits. Other services such as baggage refund and cancellation can also be added to this policy
  • Annual Travel Care is a multi-trip policy that covers every trip in Italy and abroad
  • Travel Cancel it is ideal for those who do not want to lose money in case they can no longer leave for work, family or health reasons
  • Travel Long Stay it is the ideal option for backpackers who make long trips (from 45 days to 120 days) and need the direct payment of medical expenses and assistance 24 hours a day, for themselves and for family members left at home
  • Travel Student dedicated to children up to the age of 30 who undertake study trips abroad. You can choose the Single Trip for a round trip study trip (maximum 180 days) and Multi Trip to go and return several times in a year


This policy exclusively online belongs to a totally Italian company that collaborates with two other leading companies: Insurance Travel and Ima Assistance.
It specializes exclusively in travel policies and all includetravel assistance, the coverage of medical expenses with different ceilings, direct payment for hospitalization, repatriation e helpline in Italian. Among the policies:

  • Base it is the option for those seeking only health and medical coverage
  • Smart it is a policy for those who, in addition to wanting to protect themselves for medical risks, also want to insure their luggage
  • Top is the most comprehensive option that provides insurance coverage for health care expenses, baggage and cancellation
  • Study trip and Cultural Exchanges suitable for all young people who have experiences in foreign countries such as Erasmus, Masters and PhDs
  • Travel On the Road it is suitable for all those who travel around the world and in addition to health costs, it insures the driver and any faults in car accidents


A well known and reliable company, it is known both nationally and internationally; its strong point is the availability of the operations center h24 offering assistance in Italian, medical consultations telephone, immediate payment of medical expenses and sanitary, refund for travel cancellation, baggage guarantees (loss, breakage, etc.) e travel legal assistance. Among the policies:

  • Total Screen is the all-inclusive policy suitable for the most demanding travelers who need full coverage (medical, baggage, cancellation)
  • Medium Protection it is suitable for those who are leaving for destinations where medical expenses are very expensive and also want to insure their luggage
  • Basic Protection It is the ideal option for European and short-haul travel and covers medical and accident expenses
  • Annual Policy suitable for those who make several trips during the year (for work or pleasure) and always want to be quiet


It is a company that specializes in travel insurance and that makes it one of the best policies online for those going abroad.
Its strengths are the very competitive price, the service of assistance h24 reliable coverage and of a good standard.
Depending on the type that is stipulated, you are entitled to increasing insurance coverage and additional services, some examples:

  • All-inclusive coverage is the policy for those who want to be safe and insured for medical expenses, baggage and cancellation
  • Medical Coverage is the option to choose if you want to be calm only from a health point of view.
  • Medical Coverage and Baggage is the policy that covers medical expenses and reimbursement in the event of theft or damage to luggage
  • Cancellation Cover it is the specific option for those who fear not to leave and do not want to risk losing all their money

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in Botswana mandatory?

In Botswana travel insurance is not compulsory but it is highly recommended to take out one before departure in order to be able to insure medical expenses and any medical air repatriation (or transfer to another country).

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

Many people find travel insurance an additional, optional and unnecessary cost, but we want you to understand why it is often essential to have one when abroad.
It is important to be able to afford a doctor and pharmaceutical assistance in case of illness, return to Italy if the situation requires it, have a relative join you or be refunded in case of trip cancellation and loss of baggage.
Here are some examples of risks and dangers that can be encountered before and during the trip:

  • Poisoning and pathologies conveyed by food and water especially where sanitary conditions are rather insufficient
  • Diseases carried by insects such as cases of malaria, dengue, yellow fever, etc.
  • Animal attacks
  • Sudden sickness during the trip
  • Danger of theft and pickpocketing from the suitcase, to the backpack with credit cards and cash
  • Need to stay on site for health reasons, natural disasters or loss of documents
  • Disability due to an accident
  • Inability to leave for medical reasons or a family problem
  • Your baggage has been lost and you need to buy everything you need for the duration of the trip

How to choose travel insurance

Choosing travel insurance is not easy because must be taken into account, in addition to the price, many variables and above all what and how much it covers in case of need.
Browsing the internet you will find numerous proposals but before taking out a policy it is essential to carefully evaluate the product and compare between the different offers.
We always suggest you to check the following items and if certain covers are not present, it is possible to request their addition:

  • Maximum millionaires and deductible for health expenses and possible repatriation
  • Sub-ceilings and limitations in coverage for assistance and medical expenses
  • Possibility to extend coverage directly from abroad
  • Possibility to eliminate the deductible
  • Insurance coverage for terrorism
  • Operations center and claims management in Italian
  • Direct payment of medical expenses
  • compensation in case of trip cancellation
  • reimbursement in the event of an accident occurring while traveling
  • refund for canceled trip or flight
  • reimbursement for theft or loss of baggage

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