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Before leaving for Bali, the fundamental thing, after having checked that you are okay with all necessary documents, is to stipulate a good travel insurance that covers any unforeseen events that may happen to you, so as not to ruin your holiday.

Cancellation and / or flight delays, lost luggage and, of fundamental importance, thehealth insurance.

If you are leaving for Bali, get a policy with high limits for medical expenses and ancillary services such as repatriation and transport to the medical center, possibly also in another country.
The ideal is a policy that guarantees assistance 7 days a week, 7 hours a day.


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It is a recent but excellent travel insurance. It guarantees 360 ° assistance before, during and after the trip.
It also offers its users the option of download a free app for dedicated assistance and free calls from anywhere in the world with just one click.

You can choose between two solutions: the temporary one that covers a single trip up to 45 days and the multi-trip that includes: Multiviaggio Top, the annual insurance that covers all trips that take place in 365 days and reimburses medical expenses, early return, baggage and the Premium Multi-Trip which also covers delayed departures and early return. Among the policies you can choose between:

  • Travel Tranquility: includes medical expenses, early return and travel assistance
  • Travel Top: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance and damage from loss or damage to luggage during the trip
  • Premium travel: includes medical expenses, early return, travel assistance, loss or damage to luggage during the trip and the cancellation of the trip which will allow you to have a refund

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care

World leader in the world of insurance, it certainly is one of the best travel insurance abroad currently on the market, for price, coverage, flexibility and reliability.
It is part of the Allianz Group and offers a wide range of policies among which to choose according to the type of trip or holiday, including business trips and study holidays. An exceptionally wide and complete range of products for every need.

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Care travel policies ensure and guarantee two essential coverages for every traveler:24 hour health care and the direct payment of medical expenses.

  • Travel Care: guarantees 24h health care and direct payment of medical expenses
  • Travel Student: accepted by the best universities in the world, Single Trip (single trip of max 180 days) and Multi Trip (multiple trips within a year) are the two solutions for students under 30 on a study trip abroad
  • Travel Long Stay: to travel safely up to almost 4 months. It guarantees travel assistance 24 hours a day, direct payment of medical expenses and assistance to your family members who have stayed at home
  • Travel Cancel: protection from cancellation penalties, if you are no longer able to use the services booked for your holiday
  • Travel Fly: reimbursement in case of air accidents, terrorist acts, accidents in flight that cause permanent disability or death

Frontier Travel Insurance

It ranks among the best online travel policies, and it is specialized exclusively in the travel industry.
Totally Italian, this company collaborates and works in direct synergy with Insurance Travel and IMA Assistance, leading companies in the insurance world: the former acts as an intermediary in the management of pre-sales information, after-sales assistance and claims management; while the second deals, instead, with the actual underwriting of insurance products.

The proposed insurance policies provided are divided into 3 categories: Base, Smart and Top.

Each of these includes travel assistance, coverage of medical expenses in the USA, Canada, Europe, Italy and the rest of the world (with different ceilings), direct payment for hospitalization, emergency repatriation, and telephone assistance. in Italian. The Smart and Top policies also enjoy additional benefits, such as reimbursement in the event of theft of baggage, in case of cancellation of the trip and many other services. Found various solutions:

  • Business / Business Travel Insurance: protects businessmen and their collaborators during business trips
  • Travel Insurance for Families: from the convenience of a single policy that protects your entire household, including up to 8 children
  • Travel Insurance for Groups: covers up to 99 people in the same policy
  • Travel Insurance On the Road: covers medical expenses, including those who drive and also in the event of an accident with fault
  • Travel Insurance for Over 75: made especially for those over 75 when staying abroad, both in Europe and in the rest of the world

Columbus Insurance

The policies offered by Columbus are between the most advantageous on the market for the quality / price ratio; they start from just € 9,00 and include the most varied services and at the same time providing customer assistance that is unparalleled.
Columbus travel insurance includes: coverage of unlimited medical expenses, 24-hour assistance, repatriation, theft of luggage and travel cancellation up to € 2.000,00, legal fees up to € 10.000,00 and civil liability up to € 500.000,00, as well as the possibility of accessing the Vip Lounge in the event of delayed flights, and free insurance for children from 0 to 2 years.

  • Group Insurance: it is designed for groups of 8 people or more; proposals with prices that vary according to the destination, duration and number of people
  • Student Insurance: tailor-made for those who want to follow a university study program abroad (Erasmus, Leonardo project, PhD) and for students leaving for a cultural exchange, internship or language course
  • Backpacker insurance: gives protection and safety to those who love to travel for a long time or even spend a whole year abroad
  • Sport & Adventure Insurance: covers damage resulting from sporting activities (surfing, beach volleyball, windsurfing, snorkeling ...). Free for the first 3 days of activity, expandable up to 7 by adding the "sport extension" option
  • Smartphone and Tablet Insurance: covers any theft or accidental damage to smartphones and tablets


This is one insurance company specializing in the stipulation of travel insurance policies.
The fact of dealing with this issue exclusively is a not insignificant plus that makes it one of the best online insurance for abroad, allowing its customers to enjoy their holiday to the fullest without worry. Among the policies found:

  • All-inclusive coverage: the most comprehensive that includes medical expenses abroad, 24-hour medical-health assistance, travel injuries, luggage, roadside assistance, assistance to family members and homes and much more
  • Medical Coverage: "all-round" travel insurance that offers comprehensive services such as round-the-clock assistance, medical return, medical expenses abroad, third party liability, trip interruption and much more
  • Medical Coverage and Baggage: protects you and your belongings in case of unforeseen events and accidents, also avoiding unpleasant surprises upon arrival at the airport
  • Cancellation Cover: relieves you from the burden of penalties that are normally applied in case of cancellation of the trip

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in Bali mandatory?

It is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

As for any destination, even more so for such distant destinations, it is a good idea to take out an insurance policy that covers unforeseen events such as cancellation and / or delay of flights, lost luggage, theft etc ...

Of fundamental importance, especially in the case of Bali, is health insurance.

The ideal is an insurance that offers the translation service and provides assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

Health insurance is essential especially when you go to places, precisely like Bali, where public health facilities offer services of a quality level much lower than Western standards; or if the services are provided by private health facilities that require very large outlays, we are talking about tens of thousands of euros.

In Bali the health facilities (private ones) are only found in the capital and are very expensive. It is also necessary to consider the fact that, for accidents of a certain entity it is even necessary to move to Singapore.

Without having to think about situations of extreme gravity, in Bali there are many conditions that can somehow cause problems that require intervention or simple consultation by a doctor.
The main incidents concern:

  • Poisoning and pathologies conveyed by food and water. Remember to implement the usual hygiene rules: only consume cooked food and peeled fruit. Drink bottled water and also use it to brush your teeth
  • Accidents at sea. The coasts of Indonesia are characterized by strong currents that could put swimmers or sports enthusiasts in difficulty. For dives, check scrupulously that the rented equipment is certified
  • Accidents and injuries resulting from sports activities. Attend courses or rent equipment from certified operators
  • Road accidents. For scooter or car rental, always contact officially authorized companies. Traffic is congested and driving in Asia is very chaotic. International driving license and helmet are mandatory for both driver and passenger
  • Diseases carried by insects: snakes, spiders and leeches
  • Problems caused by the heat such as heat exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn
  • Risk of major natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. For excursions, rely on very experienced local guides and always keep up to date on the conditions of the country
  • theft ,pickpocketing and petty crime. Do not carry a lot of cash and valuables with you. Maximum attention in public places in tourist areas and near religious events

How to choose travel insurance

Agencies specializing in travel insurance are certainly the ones to be preferred; not only because they are the most specialized in the sector, but also because they usually offer the most complete and, sometimes, even the most convenient policies.

For each entry it is from weigh carefully the value of the ceiling and deductible.

As for health coverage, make sure it is included translation service h24 and 7 days a week and find out that payments are anticipated and not reimbursed at a later time once you return home.
In the case of any hospitalization that therefore provides for a longer stay on site than expected, it is good to cover room and board for at least one relative / companion who is forced to extend the stay. In the case of a solitary traveler, it is desirable to cover travel expenses (as well as accommodation) for the close relative called to assist him.
What should I evaluate?

  • Amount of the ceiling / deductible
  • Lost luggage theft coverage
  • Compensation for expenses in the event of voluntary withdrawal
  • Liability coverage (expenses or compensation in the event of damage to third parties)
  • Telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Medical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Translation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Whether or not there is compensation for injury / death / disability
  • Medical repatriation due to injury or illness
  • Repatriation of the body
  • Payment of travel and accommodation expenses for any family members forced to join the sick / disabled person
  • Presence or not of compensation for delays: delays in the departure and / or arrival of means of transport, and / or loss of means
  • Presence or not of compensation for changes / unforeseen events: unexpected flights or alternative means of transport, change of hotels or apartments, etc.
  • Refund for unused holidays
  • Terms of direct payment and advance of expenses (whether or not you have to pay the ordinary medical expenses or if the insurance takes care of it directly)
  • Early return in case of hospitalization or death of a family member "at home"
  • Age limits for the insured person
  • Coverage of previous and / or chronic illnesses
  • Compensation for the rescue of people
  • Compensation in the event of kidnapping

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