Bermuda Triangle: Mystery revealed? The whole truth about the disappearances

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That of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the stories that has inspired the most tales, myths, legends, films. Man has always been attracted to mysteries, but some of them are truly inexplicable.
There is no doubt that there have been and still are speculations around it, and that many embroider on stories, sites, blogs, scripts (several films, including the documentary in 1978 and the miniseries "The Triangle" in 2005), but it is equally true that, in order to unleash so much noise, there is a bottom, or in the bottom, a bit of truth.


  1. What is and where is the Bermuda Triangle located?
  2. The Mystery of the Disappearances: the best known episodes of missing planes and ships
  3. 5 Theories on the Bermuda Triangle
  4. Mystery revealed: here is the whole truth!
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What is and where is the Bermuda Triangle located?

It is a huge area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, covering an area of ​​approximately 1.100.000 square km, triangular in shape, with the three vertices corresponding to the archipelago of Bermuda (North), the island of Puerto Rico (South) and the Florida Peninsula (West).
The seabed has a depth of about 9.000 meters (the Fossa of Puerto Rico, one of the deepest canyons in the ocean, is part of it).

The Mystery of the Disappearances: the best known episodes of missing planes and ships

Since 1800 there has been an impressive succession of inexplicable events in this stretch of ocean, of ships that have disappeared and then mysteriously reappeared without crew, of planes that have disappeared from all radar and of which traces have been lost. Beyond the number of disappearances, all in all not so striking compared to the huge traffic in the area, are the ways to make news and arouse perplexity and still unsolved questions. Here are some of the best known and unexplained episodes:

1840: Merchant ship Rosalie

She left Europe and headed for the Caribbean, passed the cursed triangle and was found unmanned but in perfect order. Nothing was missing in the hold, the lifeboats were in place, and the only living thing still present was a canary in its cage.

1881: American ship Ellen Austin

On his way he meets an unmanned vessel, but in perfect order. Some men take possession of the boat for towing operations. Soon after, the sea conditions deteriorate sharply and the cables break. The ship is recovered shortly after, once again unmanned. Other volunteers repeat the operation, and once again the episode is repeated: these men also disappear.

1925: SS Cotopaxi cargo ship

She left on November 29, 1925 for Cuba, had 32 men on board, and was carrying coal. Before disappearing, she launched a distress call, but her traces were lost and was declared missing on December 31, 1925. The SS Cotopaxi owes its fame to the scene of the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" where Steven Spielberg makes it reappear in the desert of the Gobi, attributing their disappearances to alien theories. Recently a hoax news has depopulated on the web about her again. This is a fake, the ship has not yet been found.

1945: The Disappearance of the Flight 19 Squadron

Upon returning from a shooting practice, 5 Avenger fighters send a message to Fort Lauderdale saying that the instruments on board have gone mad. From the control tower, visibility and conditions are perfect, but Captain Stivers' message reads: "We don't know where west is anymore ... it's all so strange ... the ocean is no longer what it should be. .. we fly on white water ... ". The searches start immediately, with the Martin Mariner seaplane: this too will disappear like the others. Report: 6 planes, 10 squadron men and 13 members of the rescue seaplane missing.

1963: Marine Sulfur Queen cargo ship

The ship, a large American freighter, carried forty men on board, bound for Virginia. The last message from the ship is received upon exiting the Gulf of Mexico. There will be no more traces of the Marine Sulfur Queen, who will never reach Virginia. Only find: a life preserver.

1965: Air Force C-119 plane

The plane disappears for no apparent reason after the commander, in a perfectly calm and tension-free tone, sends an incomprehensible message: «Roger. Miami overseas, 6567 ». Even stranger is the fact that the message, rather than being picked up by the reference control tower in Miami, is received from New York, 1.300 miles away ...

5 Theories on the Bermuda Triangle

There is no lack of true or presumed truths around one of the greatest mysteries of the last century, and of course there is no shortage of bibliography, with references to scientific research or pseudo-such, to conspiracy theories, statistics and, let alone if they could be missing, references to extraterrestrial aliens.
We have collected the main theories here that would solve, in one way or another, the mystery of the Triangulo de las Bermudas!

Theory 1: methane bubbles

According to a team of American researchers, the mysteries related to this area of ​​the Atlantic are attributable to methane gas bubbles. The more than 70 mysterious disappearances, including fifty ships and twenty planes, are allegedly caused by methane bubbles created by deposits on the seabed. These bubbles, rising rapidly, hit passing ships, compromising navigability or sinking them.
And how do you explain the disappearance of the planes?

Theory 2: the Submerged Ruins of Atlantis and the Crystal Pyramid

Some theories, which however find little evidence in the scientific and research fields, argue that in the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle area, singular architectural structures have been identified, ranging from walls to paved roads up to glass or crystal pyramids.
Inside one of the pyramids a sphere was found, in a room with some chairs of different shapes and a statue with hands that, it seems, supported the sphere.

What does Atlantis have to do with all this?
According to legend, Atlantis used a very strong magnetic energy to support all its activities and even control the forces of nature. Energy was channeled into this sphere, and an accident caused the reversal of the magnetic poles and a series of cataclysms, which among other things led to the destruction of Atlantis.
To be fair, many sources later reported this news as one big hoax, published by the Weekly World News in an insert with another series of hoaxes and journalistic satires.

Theory 3: Aliens, UFOs and Extraterrestrials

UFOs could not be missing. According to this theory, the fault of everything is alien abductions. The most tenacious supporter of this thesis is the well-known American ufologist Jessup, who however decided to commit suicide, leaving us with a handful of flies in hand.
Essentially, Jessup's idea was that on the bottom of the triangle there was an alien submarine base, which would explain (again according to him) both the disappearances (alien abductions) and the electromagnetic perturbations in that area (alien activity).

Theory 4: Parallel Universes

We were missing only the extra-dimensional windows. This time, the explanation for everything is the presence of dimensional doors that would connect our universe with another or many other universes. This would explain the disappearance of the 5 Avengers, the disappearance of the Ellen Austin ship which then reappeared but unmanned, etc.

Theory 5: Anomalous waves

A very recent research from the University of Southampton he would have reproduced in the laboratory the environmental and climatic conditions of the Bermuda Triangle area. Well, it seems that the overlapping of storms in the south and north causes the formation of anomalous waves that can reach 30 meters in height. Waves like this would take a few minutes to literally swallow a ship like the USS Cyclops (disappeared in 1918 with its 306 crew). A sort of voracious "language of the ocean".
But is it enough to explain all the disappearances? And the aircraft? And those boats that did not sink but only lost their crew? Once again, the (alleged) mystery remains so.

Mystery revealed: here is the whole truth!

In the 70s, librarian, ex-aviator and writer Lawrence David Kusche carried out an in-depth study that appears to have solved the mystery. According to what was found and verified, around the triangle there would be no mystery. The number of accidents is in fact similar to that of any other region of that size and with that air and sea traffic. Basically, the accident in this area is normal. Furthermore, Kusche himself underlines how often the testimonies and stories about accidents are altered to increase the drama and therefore the curiosity around the triangle. Kusche's conclusions would therefore be that:

  • The number of missing ships is comparable, in percentage terms, to that of any other area of ​​the ocean.
  • In an area of ​​tropical storms, many of the disappearances are easily explained, as well as not at all mysterious.
  • The number of leaks has been vastly exaggerated by a bogus research.

Lawrence David Kusche's theory is the most plausible to date, as well as accredited by a large part of the world scientific community.

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