Bergen and Fjords: what they are and how to visit them

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Bergen is the second most important city in Norway, overlooking the sea and surrounded by seven mountains.
In addition to being a thriving center, home to important cultural events, including the annual International Festival, it is the gateway for those who want to visit the scenic fjords.

From here, in fact, cruises of various types and lengths depart to discover sheer cliffs, waterfalls on the sea and places of extraordinary beauty.
Here's what Bergen fjords are and how to visit them!


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What are the most beautiful fjords in Bergen

Source: wikimedia commons - Author: Kenny Louie - License: CC BY 2.0 /8
  1. Geirangerfjord: Unesco heritage, it is surrounded by high mountains, beautiful waterfalls and green valleys. The coast walls reach a height of 1.400 meters and the peaks are often covered with snow. Here you can often see seals and porpoises.
  2. Sognefjord: it is the longest in Norway, second to that of Scoresby Sund in Greenland. Very close to Bergen it stretches for 204 km, is surrounded by waterfalls and forests and nearby is the Viking village of Gudvangen.
  3. Lysefjord: small in size compared to others, this fjord still attracts many visitors who want to admire natural masterpieces such as the Preikestolen, a 604 meters high granite cliff overlooking the Lysefjord.
  4. Hardangerfjord: it is located in the "Norway Orchard" region thanks to the colors of the numerous fruit trees. Nearby are the Vøringsfossen waterfall, the Folgefonna glacier and the "Tongue of the Troll" (Trolltunga), a protruding rock that rises horizontally from a mountain.
  5. Trolfjord: north of Bergen, it measures only 100 meters at the narrowest point and separates the Lofoten islands from the Vesteralen.
    For its spectacular panorama it was also the set of the American film Downsizing with Matt Damon.
  6. Aurlandsfjord: an arm of the Sognefjord where the village of Flam is located, which can be reached and visited with a panoramic railway that winds its way between waterfalls and glaciers.
  7. Hjorundfjord: similar to the Geirangerfjord but with very few tourists and a more unspoiled nature. Surrounded by high mountains and 70 small lakes it is a quiet place with steep rock faces, isolated farms and small rural villages.
  8. Naerofjord: included in the Unesco World Heritage List, it is an arm of the Sognefjord as well as the narrowest fjord surrounded by 1800 meters high mountains overlooking the sea.

Bergen and fjords itineraries and tours

1 - Norway in a Nutshell

This itinerary, under the banner of discovery of the Norwegian fjords, starts from Bergen (but also from Oslo or Voss) and allows you to admire the most beautiful landscapes at any time of the year.
Ideal if you don't have a lot of time because it gives the possibility to use different means of transport and to see some of the main attractions.

The tour includes the trip on the Flam railway, the highest in northern Europe, and the most magnificent cruise that allows you to admire the Naerofjord, included in the Unesco world heritage list andAurlandfjord, 29 km long branch of the Sognefjorden.

Useful info, duration and prices

  • Best time: the tour is available all year round; the best time to fully enjoy the attractions is from May to the end of August. Winter, on the other hand, is the best time if you also want to spot the Northern Lights
  • Departure city: Bergen, Voss and Oslo
  • duration: 1 day
  • Price: starting from Nok 1.440 / € 145,00 per person
  • Tromso: overnight in lavvu with fjords, whales and aurora

2 - Sognefjord in a Nutshell

Dedicated to those who want to discover the surroundings of Bergen and one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway on their own.

The excursion includes a train ride on the famous Flam railway, the steepest and most spectacular in the world, during which you cross landscapes with mountains and waterfalls.
Then it is expected a boat trip to discover Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway, surrounded by amazing nature.
Those who have more time available can also join the modern one city ​​of Oslo and visit its surroundings.

Useful info, duration and prices

  • Best time: This excursion is available from May to the end of August
  • Departure city: Bergen and Oslo
  • duration: 1 day or more
  • Price: starting from Nok 1.860 / € 187,00 per person
  • From Bergen: Sognefjord, Gudvangen and Flåm private tour Oslo: 2-hour scenic cruise through the fjords

3 - Hurtigruten Classic Cruise

The most complete tour of the Norwegian fjords is the one aboard the Hurtigruten cruise, the postal that allows you to discover the coast covering 2.500 nautical miles and calling in 34 ports.

With this excursion that also starts from Bergen you cross the Arctic Circle, you pass North Cape you arrive up to Kirkenes through the Lofoten islands.

In this way you will discover the main fjords such as Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord and Hjorundfjord typical of the Finnish landscape.
The great thing about this ship is that you can go ashore when you want to be able to carry out the various excursions proposed, visit villages, get on panoramic trains and take walks to admire the landscape even from above.

Useful info, duration and prices

  • Best time: starts in every month of the year; summer is the best time to go on land excursions and walks. Winter, though, cold is the season when it is possible to spot the auroras and enjoy the snow-covered landscapes
  • Departure city: Bergen, Floro, Maloy and many other ports on the Norwegian west coast
  • duration: 12 days
  • Price: starting from Nok 15.582 / € 1.560 per person
  • Longyearbyen: Northern Lights Hunt by Snowcat Lofoten Islands: Private Northern Lights Experience Lofoten Islands: Summer Tour with Photo Sessions

4 - Hardangerfjord in a nutshell & Rosendal

This tour it is perfect for those who want to discover the Norwegian coast and the innermost parts of the Hardangerfjord.
The excursion allows you to see the typical orchards of the area set between high mountains and impressive glaciers and to be enchanted by the beautiful waterfalls.

Usually, those departing from Bergen make a first leg on the coastal ship to Rosendal, a small characteristic village with the smallest castle in Norway. Then we reach Lofthus in the Hardanger fjord and finally visit the Vorinfossen waterfall.

Useful info, duration and prices

  • Best time: the tour is available from May to September; if you want to admire the fruit trees in bloom the best time is May
  • Departure city: Bergen or Oslo
  • duration: 2 days or more
  • Price: starting from Nok 1.970 / € 198,00 per person
  • From Bergen: Private Day Trip to Hardangerfjord

5 - Hjorundfjord & Norway in a nutshell

For those who want to explore the area of ​​the Hiorundfjiord this 4 day tour it is ideal because it allows you to immerse yourself in a spectacular nature little beaten by mass tourism.

On board ships, trains and buses you go to discover the capital Oslo, the historic city of Bergen and the beautiful town of Alesund.
Right from here it is possible to make excursions on the Hjorund fjord characterized by steep rock walls, surrounded by high mountains and 70 lakes.
Then, with the Raumabanen railway you cross the Kylling bridge to admire the imposing Trollveggen cliff.

Useful info, duration and prices

  • Best time: the tour is from September to October
  • Departure city: Bergen, Alesund or Oslo
  • duration: 4 days or more
  • Price: starting from Nok 8750 / € 883,00 per person
  • Alesund: private tour with visit to the Alnes lighthouse

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