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Passionate about beer, SPA and wellness: this is the article for you! Beer has recently been rediscovered for its detoxifying and softening properties, as well as for the intoxicating characteristics which represent a valid alternative to classic relaxation methods: after having dilated the pores with steam, the hop with its vitamins and calcium it penetrates the skin making it soft and pure. To this is added thearomatherapy effect.
This awareness is leading to a development of Terme alla Birra, growing rapidly across Europe. What are the best Beer Spas currently in circulation? Let's find out with this ranking.


  1. Starkenberger Beer Spa, Tarrenz (Austria)
  2. Bernard Beer Spa, Prague (Czech Republic)
  3. Chodovar Beer Spa, Chodová Planá (Czech Republic)
  4. Landhotel Kummerower Hof, Nauzelle (Germany)
  5. Moorhof, Franking (Austria)
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1 - Starkenberger Beer Spa, Tarrenz (Austria)

Housed inside the Starkenberger Castle, the offer is totally focused on beer: both tastings and SPA treatments are based on this product. Beer is brewed directly here without the use of chemical additives. Any idea on the price? A beer bath costs € 250.
Starkenberger Beer Spa contacts:

  • Address: Griesegg 1 | 6464 Tarrenz (Austria)
  • Phone number: +43 (0) 5412/66 201-0
  • Website:

2 - Bernard Beer Spa, Prague (Czech Republic)

Even the Bernard Beer Spa offers a unique experience to experience the emotion and relaxation of curative treatments unlimited beer consumption and the possibility of pay it independently. A stay + full treatment in 1 tub including beer bath, unlimited consumption of beer, massage, relaxation, souvenirs and photo costs € 117 in all.
Bernard Beer Spa contacts:

  • Address 1: Beer Spa Bernard Prague 1, Týn 10 (Ungelt courtyard), 110 00 Prague 1 (next to the Metamorphis hotel)
  • Phone number 1: +420 221 771 048
  • Address 2: Beer Spa Bernard Prague 2, Fügnerovo nám. 1806/1, 120 00 Prague 2 (next to Hotel Prague Center Plaza)
  • Phone number 2: +420 727 868 968
  • Website:

3 - Chodovar Beer Spa, Chodová Planá (Czech Republic)

Also in the Czech Republic there is another famous Beer Spa: it is Chodovar, with a long history of beer production. The Chodovar Beer Spa offers the possibility of beer-based treatments: baths, massages, healing moments by administering beer as a drink and then swimming pool, Finnish sauna, etc. A beer bath the € 24 it's a full massage € 18.
Chodovar Beer Spa contacts:

  • Address: Chodovar Ltd.ì, pravé Pivní lázně, Pivovarská 107, 348 13 Chodová Planá
  • Phone number: +420 374 617 100
  • Website:

4 - Landhotel Kummerower Hof, Nauzelle (Germany)

At the Landhotel Kummerower Hof you can experience the pleasures of beer - quite a bit bath based on amber beer is a recipe that calms and relaxes both body and soul. A treatment of about 110 minutes including a petal bath, face and neck massage, gourmet menu and costa cocktail tasting € 110.
Contact details of the Landhotel Kummerower Hof:

  • Address: Kummroer Straße 41, Neuzelle
  • Phone number: +49 33652 8110

5 - Moorhof, Franking (Austria)

Also at the Moorhof, beer and yeast are considered natural remedies whose properties were already known centuries ago: a beer bath allows you to heal inflammatory disorders and rheumatic problems. A beer bath with rest in oat straw the € 79 per couple.
Moorhof contacts:

  • Address: Landhotel Moorhof, Dorfibm 2, 5131 Franking
  • Phone number: +43 6277 8188,
  • Website:

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