Beach holidays: the 15 most popular summer destinations transgressive to the world

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A trip does not mean only culture and visits to the attractions of a city, often you just want to take a break from everyday life and experience a holiday in total relaxation and fun! Small hours, clubs, discos, cocktails and pure nightlife: these are the ingredients that you can find in some of the most famous summer resorts!

Here's a little one ranking of the most transgressive summer destinations in the world! Take note and organize your holiday full of fun!

* Prices based on departure from Rome or Milan, 3-star or lower b & b / hotel accommodation, booking at least 5 months in advance.

1 - Valencia, Spain

City on the one hand cultural, full of museums and things to do, on the other it is a paradise for young people and those looking for pure fun! Easily accessible from Italy, it is ideal for a few days' vacation without spending too high a budget.

Starting from the search for accommodation, we immediately recommend the neighborhood of Barrio del Carmen, super central and very lively both day and night and ideal especially for an aperitif! Followed by Ruzafa, the alternative district of the city, and the district of the City of Arts and Sciences, where the Umbracle bar and the Mya disco are located! If you want to enjoy the sea and party until the morning, then stay close to the beaches! The most popular with young people are the Playa de la Malvarrosa with the Playa de las Arenas.

In the city you will find clubs of all kinds, among the best discos on the beach is Ánimas Puerto, while the one in the center is Superclub95; one of the best cocktail bars is the Cafe Negrito, finally among the best places with live music you will find the Sala Wah Wah. And also pay attention to many festivals organized in the summer: in July the Music Port Fest is held, with artists from all over the world, while in June the Festival de Les Artes is held, one of the most anticipated events!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 262,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 74,00 per room -

2 - Island of Pag, Croatia

Closer to Italy, the island of Pag is also easily accessible by car from the North East. Croatia is a fantastic country that offers all kinds of fun and in recent years it has established itself among the destinations of youth tourism, also thanks to the fact that it is an economic destination. The island of Pag has become a meeting place for revelers from all over the world.

The most popular area is Zrce, so much so that it has long been called the Croatian Ibiza. Already from spring the beach comes alive on the occasion of the Jupiter Spring Break, also here are the main nightclubs of the whole island! The most famous clubs in the area, and in this whole part of Croatia, are Aquarius, Papaya, Kalypso, Rocks Beach Club and Cocomo Club. Admission is free here, except in the case of events with famous DJs international. But not only that, several party boats also depart from the beach, or boats where you can dance and party at sunset or even during the day! The perfect base for easy access to this beach is the town of Novalja, also with a lively nightlife even in the center!

Ma summer is also the time of great festivals: Hideout Festival takes place in June, one of the best dance music festivals in Croatia; for those who love hip hop and rap there is the Fresh Island Festival in July; while in mid-August Zrce ignites with the Sonus Festival, 5 days of total non-stop fun!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 378,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

3 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most famous and loved resorts in the Balearics. Easily accessible by plane, the locality is one of the most transgressive and most loved summer destinations in all of Europe! Accomplices, in addition to the numerous clubs, also the spectacular landscapes and the crystal clear sea.

Starting from the choice of the area to stay, one of the best is definitely Santa Catalina, the Tardeo area: every Saturday afternoon the party begins, first in a quiet way with friends and a few beers, and then partying all night. Here you can find clubs like Bar Cuba and Ventuno, between the Sabotage and Brooklink discos. But the hub of nightlife is the Paseo Maritimo, towards the port area. Here are the main night clubs of the whole town, among the most famous are Social and Tito's, the latter being the most famous of all. For reggeaton music lovers there is the Club de Mar Terrace & Night Club.

And obviously there is no shortage of great music festivals: unmissable the Mallorca Live Festival Summer Edition, which involves all the clubs of the city with shows, concerts and many activities, even more editions are held during the year; while the Play Summer Festival is held in mid-August, with music and concerts.

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 376,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 55,00 per room -

4 - Antibes, French Riviera - France

The town of Antibes is located on the Côte d'Azur, easily reachable by car from the North West of Italy or by plane to Nice and then by direct train. In a wonderful landscape, Antibes it may seem like a quiet place, but in the evening the clubs open and the party begins!

In fact, if during the day you relax on the wonderful beaches and have a quiet drink in its historic center, in the evening we move to the hamlet of St Juan Les Pins, where the nightlife breaks out! Here you will find clubs and clubs by the sea where fantastic parties and events that last all night are organized daily. Among the most famous bars you will find Zapata, La Réserve and Pam Pam, among the discos Le Village and Les Colonies Britanniques.

The most important event is the Antibes Jazz Festival held in July, while the Music Festival is held in June and the Pyromelodic Music Festival in August, with shows accompanied by Fireworks!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 344,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

5 - Rimini, Italy

It is useless to deny that when you think of endless fun and awake nights to party your mind immediately runs to Rivazzurra and places like Rimini! The whole Romagna coast is a paradise for those looking for nightlife, with places like Riccione or Milano Marittima.

If you are staying in the historic center of Rimini, the nightlife is concentrated in the area of ​​the Vecchia Pescheria, right in the heart of the city, with numerous clubs and a lot of comings and goings already from aperitif time. But if you are looking for discos and clubs that are open late you have to go on the coast, between Rivazzurra and Marina di Rimini. Here during the day, several bathing establishments have bars and non-stop music, while in the evening you can go to clubs such as the very famous Turquoise Beach Club, located right on the sea. Among the best discos instead find the Carnaby, the Imperial Bay, the Coconuts, the Velvet and the Otherworld.

Obviously, summer is also synonymous with big events, many of which are held at the Rimini Beach Arena: it is a large stage built directly on the beach, where you can dance the night away with the greats of international music (see the official website for all events).

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 430,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

6 - Ibiza, Spain

Always a point of reference for young people and for those in search of nightlife, Ibiza is a place that combines spectacular sea, unique landscapes and some of the best known in Europe! From Italy it is easily reachable with the many direct flights, which increase during the summer.

The nightlife of the island is mainly concentrated between the towns of Ivissa and San Antonio: in the first the clubs are concentrated towards the coast, while in the second you can find numerous bars in the historic center. We therefore advise you to opt for one of these two areas to look for accommodation. And you will be pleased to know that, to tour all the most famous clubs, it is the party bus service is active, great for not having to worry about returning by car or scooter to your accommodation!

The real nightlife paradise is Playa d'en bossa, the most incredible location on the island. Already in the afternoon, the beach is filled with thousands of young people ready to spend an endless night of madness between parties and foam parties. Here you will find the Space Beach Club, Es Parafis and Bora Bora. There is no shortage of beach clubs throughout the island, among the best the Jockey Club and the Malibu Club in Playa Salinas, the most famous club, and also one of the most exclusive and expensive, is Pacha. There are also numerous events!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 644,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

7 - Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is famous for its dream beaches and sea, its windmills and lively nightlife, which make it the best Greek island for nightlife!

Once a hippy island, one thing hasn't changed: big beach parties! The center of the nightlife is in fact Paradise Beach with the adjoining beaches, on the southern coast of the island, with clubs open 24 hours a day, cocktail bars and sea during the day, non-stop music at night. Here you will find clubs like the Paradise Club, a three-story nightclub with a swimming pool, Tropicana, one of the best beach bars in Mykonos, and the Super Paradise Beach Club, the most alternative club on the island! But the nightlife is also concentrated in the beaches of Psarou and in the Chora, the historic heart of Mykonos town. In any neighborhood or area of ​​the island you decide to stay, you certainly cannot miss a night of madness at Cavo Paradiso, the most famous nightclub ever!

Summer and partying can't go hand in hand with big festivals: starting with the Mykonos Summer Festival, the most anticipated, with concerts and crazy nights; The Gay Festival, which attracts numerous couples and singles from all over Europe, is also highly anticipated and popular.

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 797,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

8 - Ios, Greece

The island of Ios, of the Cyclades archipelago, is known as the island of young people and parties. It became famous in the 60s with the Hippy movement. Not equipped with an airport, it can only be reached by ferry from the surrounding islands or from Piraeus in Athens (to be taken into consideration when organizing the days available).

Ios is a double-faced island: during the day it is quiet and romantic, with wonderful views and beautiful beaches, in the evening it comes alive and becomes the center of nightlife, with clubs open until dawn! The best solution is to stay in Chora, the main town of Ios, and move from there. In fact, less than 2 km away Mylopotas, the beach with the most famous and popular beach bars! Here you can attend the FarOut Beach Club and the Free Beach Bar. The party then moves to the heart of Chora, where you can find discos such as Disco 69, one of the most famous ever, the Scoprion Club, an after club that opens at 3 : 00 in the morning, and The Bank, a disco bar where you can enjoy some of the best evenings ever.

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 378,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -

9 - Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, about 140 km from Bangkok, is located directly on the sea. It does not represent Thailand in our imagination: it is in fact much more similar to Europe and America. Caution: the best time to visit this place is from November to March, during the dry season!

We advise you to stay in the historic center, the true hub of nightlife, which develops along the famous Beach Road: the area at night is completely closed to traffic and you will find yourself strolling through Night Markets, ideal for tasting the famous Thai street food, and between clubs, discos, massage centers. The town is very popular especially for sex tourism, and many clubs feature lady bars and lady boys, strippers, hostesses, dancers and much more. Among the most famous clubs you can find the Insomnia Club, the Walking Street Club, the Thai Yatra and the Hot Tuna Bar. But more generally there are clubs for all kinds of fun! Very famous are the Go Go Bars, the equivalent of a nightclub.

  • Return flight + 9 days / 7 nights from € 980,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -

10 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most famous city in Brazil, which has always attracted tourists from all over the world! Wonderful and very long beaches, nightlife, parties, great food, incredible landscapes and the famous Rio Carnival, in short, there is something for everyone! Pay attention to the period: in Brazil in fact summer runs from December to March, a period that also corresponds to the high season, especially during Carnival.

Among the most famous districts for nightlife there are Lapa, renowned for its samba shows, the very famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, full of discos and places to spend the night, and Botafogo, ideal more for those who love craft beer and quieter evenings. Certainly, for a fun-filled holiday, head to Copacabana and Ipanema. Electronic music lovers will find the Fosfobox, while for a more local nightclub there is New Mariuzinn. The largest nightclub in Rio is The Week.

Furthermore, summer is the time of events, first of all the famous Rio Carnival, also known as "the biggest show on Earth"! It is held in late February and for about a week the whole city is celebrating! But not only that: summer is in the opposite months compared to ours, therefore here you can, for example, celebrate the New Year, admiring the fireworks show directly from the beach.

  • Return flight + 9 days / 7 nights from € 807,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 20,00 per room -

11 - Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is known as the Mexican capital of entertainment. So get ready for a splendid sea, wide beaches, Mayan sites and a lot of nightlife. Pay attention to the choice of the period: here the climate is tropical, with a rainy and a dry season. The best time is from mid-March to May.

The hub of the nightlife is Blvd Kukulcàn avenue, which from the historic center reaches the Zona Hotelera, that is the whole coastal area with the wonderful beaches and the port area, also full of dream hotels and resorts with private beaches, but also sea view apartments and many clubs. Among the most popular beaches, especially among young people, there are Playa Tortugas, ideal for water sports, Playa Caraco, characterized by incredible white sand, and Playa Chac Mool. The latter is full of beach bars, popular both day and night! Here you will find the famous Coco Bongo, the Mandala, La Vaquita and Señor Frog's, but also many others. The premises are all paid admission.

And speaking of events, Cancun is a destination for many American students during Spring Break, that is the period of break from the College, in the month of April, which we have seen and reviewed in many American films. In this period there are many events all over the city, certainly one of the best times to experience a city like Cancun!

  • Return flight + 9 days / 7 nights from € 780,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 35,00 per room -

12 - Lloret de Mar, Spain

Well known seaside resort on the Costa Brava about 70 km from Barcelona. Each summer it attracts young people from all over Europe, it has become one of the hottest destinations on the coast.

Lloret is not a huge city, but it is a real paradise, with more than 20 discos! There is therefore no neighborhood more or less suitable for nightlife, the whole city is always partying, so much so that we talk about the City that never sleeps. The fun starts right from the beach: Platja de Lloret is the main and largest, full of clubs and chiringuitos; followed by Platja de Faneis, ideal for water sports; finally Sa Boadella, the snorkeling paradise. The party then moves to the many clubs, the biggest clubs are concentrated in Party Town: among the most famous is the Revolution, followed by the Tropics and Bumper's, while the most exclusive is the Disco Privè Lloret.

But summer is also the season of events and the best time to experience the city: from July to September the Outdoor Summer Festival is held, with shows, live music, events, free guided tours around the city! While with the Lloret Nature Summer program from July to August you can indulge in water activities, learn to snorkel and much more!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 352,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -

13 - Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Are you looking for a great destination but with a really low budget? The destination for you is Bulgaria! Yes, that's right: this is Sunny Beach, one of the most famous places in Eastern Europe for nightlife, a destination that is making more and more space among the favorite summer destinations. Overlooking the Black Sea, it is located about 35 km from Burgas, and is chosen above all by the youngest and is called Ibiza Low Cost.

But that's not all: you can enjoy the nightlife also combine days on the beach, between water sports and relaxation under the sun. There is also a large water park and the promenade is dotted with clubs with music from the day, a non-stop party. The city comes alive, however, from 17:00, when the beach and clubs are stormed by young people. But the thing you'll like most is the cost: the entrance to the premises is almost always free and the drinks cost very little, on average € 3,00! The most famous club is Cacao Beach, with a different event every week, followed by the Lazur Dance Club, open 24 hours every day, and the Viking, frequented mainly by Scandinavian kids! Among the most famous beach bars there is certainly the Bubble Beach Bar, located on the beach, the Amigo Bar and La Cubanita Beach Bar.

The flagship event of the summer is the Solar Summer Festival, held from July to August at Cacao Beach, with the participation of the greatest international DJs! Stage, concerts and music all night directly on the beach!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 399,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -

14 - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ko Phangan Island is located in the Gulf of Siam. As for Pattaya, here the best period is from November to March, months corresponding to the dry season! Get ready for a wonderful sea, with a thousand shades of blue, some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and the nightlife linked to the Full Moon Party.

But let's go in order: this island, a short distance from the largest Koh Samui, is the ideal destination for those who love the outdoors, including water sports, snorkeling in a dream coral reef and trekking among the luxuriant nature. The accommodations are mainly bungalows on the beach or among nature, with very low prices (from € 10,00 per night).

As already mentioned, the fame of the island is linked to the Full Moon Party! This event, which attracts up to 20.000 people from all over the world, is held at Haad Rin beach in the southern part of the island every full moon night! Started in 1988 as a simple party, over the years it has become increasingly famous and today for the occasion internationally renowned DJs play, which rotate on the console from 20:00 to 10:00 the next morning. An experience to live at least once in a lifetime!

  • Return flight + 9 days / 7 nights from € 946,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 10,00 per room -

15 - Saranda, Albania

This resort, also known for its beautiful beaches, is one of the best known locations in Eastern Europe for its nightlife! Lots of fun, both day and night, at very low prices, therefore ideal for all budgets and also for the youngest, who may want to experience a super holiday without spending too much!
It can be reached by ferry from Brindisi (about 11 hours) or by flight to Corfu and then half an hour by hydrofoil.

Saranda's locals are mainly concentrated in Xhiro, that is the whole area of ​​the Promenade along the seafront. Here is a succession of clubs of all kinds, bars, pubs, lounge bars, beach bars and discos! The party can start from Mango Beach, one of the best beach bars in all of Albania. Located close to the beach, it is a must! The most popular disco is the Disco Tropical, followed by Ecuador, with numerous themed evenings and parties! If you want to enjoy yourself before starting the tour an excellent aperitif, especially at sunset, we recommend the Jericho Cocktail Bar.

One of the most important events of the Albanian Riviera is the Kala Festival, held in the nearby town of Dhermi, about 70 km from Saranda. DJ sets, music, concerts that last all night! In the city you will find the Saranda Beach Festival instead!

  • Return flight + 6 days / 5 nights from € 316,00 per person -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 20,00 per room -

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