Bazaar of the World, San Diego

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Joel Fulleda

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It's a piece of Mexico transplanted to San Diego. It is an area of ​​the Old Town where it is possible to savor the origins of the city, lost between ceramic and Mexican handicraft shops and restaurants with excellent traditional cuisine, not to mention that this area is also the place to taste the best margaritas of the city.

Take a dip in the past in a fragment of San Diego history and let yourself be tempted by the tacos and burritos of the locals, with captivating music that, especially on weekends, fill the streets of the Baazar.

Furthermore, in order to make the area more accessible and attractive for tourists, numerous events, shows and concerts are almost always of Mexican origin.

The next events of 2012
- 3-5 August: Latin American Festival
- September 21-23: Santa Fe Market
- November 4: Birthday of Bazaar del Mundo
– 6 Dicembre: Customer Appreciation Day

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