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    Battery Park in New York: how to visit the park in Lower Manhattan

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    We are in New York ready to explore, with comfortable and tested shoes, the ten hectares of Battery Park. Starting the visit of the “Big Apple” from this point is a bit like retracing the history from the time when the first immigrants landed with a load of misery left behind, a lot of uncertainty but also a lot of hope. Yes, because Battery Park, accessible from State Street and Battery Place, overlooks the Hudson River and "watches over" Ellis Island and Liberty Island, which house the Immigration Museum and the Statue of Liberty respectively, and is also adjacent to the terminal of ferries to Staten Island.

    Inside Battery Park you can meet New Yorkers intent on walking alone, in company, with the dog, tourists from everywhere, you can jog, yoga, you can relax or enjoy your lunch break observing cute squirrels. It is worth visiting for all it offers: it is a historical place, a place of commemoration, a natural area to be enjoyed in tranquility but also a fervent center of tourist activities. And when we are visiting the "Big Apple" let's give it all the time it deserves.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • Battery Park attractions
      • Sea Glass Carousel
      • The Battery Promenade
      • The Battery Bikeway
      • Gardens of Remembrance
      • Forest Gardens
      • Battery Labyrinth e Jerusalem Grove
      • The Statues inside Battery Park
      • Battery Park memorials
    • Ferries departing from Battery Park
    • Activities in Battery Park
    • Battery Park City events
    • Lo shopping a Battery Park City
    • Some tips on where to eat
    • Where to sleep near Battery Park
    • Attractions nearby

    Where is it and how to get there

    Our current destination is located right in the south of Manhattan, a city that in the years from 1609 to 1625 developed, with the name of New Amsterdam, as a place of exchange of goods by the Dutch colonists until 1664 when it became New York in following the arrival of the British. Historical mention aside, it is in downtown that we find Wall Street (the Stock Exchange), the new One World Trade Center with the Freedom Tower, South Street Seaport and Chambers Street, the road that gives access to the Brooklyn Bridge and separates Downtown Manhattan from midtown. Another small "zoom in" and we arrive at the destination in the southwest corner of downtown, a Battery Park, also called The Battery because of the gun battery that once protected the city. This scenic green area overlooking the Hudson River is a vibrant New York highlight for ferry departures, the entrance to the Brooklyn borough tunnel and the transit of approximately seven million people a year. . It is a nerve center, a real crossroads, now even more "visitor-friendly" thanks to a skilful and expensive renovation.

    In Battery Park City we report the lines of bus M9, M20 and M22 while the company Downtown Alliance offers bus services along South End Avenue which is very close to Battery Park. From Times Square, in midtown New York, Battery Park can be reached in 16 minutes via Line 1 of the subway and from Central Park in uptown it takes 34 minutes on line 4. For more details, check out our guide on how to use the New York subway.

    View from Battery Park
    Banks of the Hudson

    More expensive, but very common, is the use of taxi (Yellow Cab) which you can call through the hotel concierge / reception, the restaurant staff or personally by raising your arm on street corners.

    If you really want or need to park not far from Battery Park we point out State Pearl garage (1 Battery Place), costing about $ 40 for ten hours.

    Battery Park attractions

    Here are some of the most important attractions that can be encountered while walking around the park.

    Sea Glass Carousel

    Let's get off to a great start with a modern work of art, harmonious by day and stunning by night. And the Sea Glass Carousel, a carousel outside the ordinary schemes, with a nautical theme and in the shape of a shell. The "sea creatures" that you literally enter, becoming part of it, are made of translucent and colored fiberglass, very special. The effect is that of being in the underwater world, in a 360 degree "interactive dance". Open every day from 10am to 22pm, at a cost of $ 5 for a single ride and $ 45 for 10 rides, it's a must see. However, it is not necessary to get on the carousel to take great photos.

    The Battery Walk

    A walkway with benches, gas lamps, lots of greenery and overlooking the water from which you have a view of the Statue of Liberty which is best photographed with a good telephoto lens. A curiosity: the official name is Liberty Lightening the World while Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty are nicknames. The Promenade is also a popular spot to stop and look at the statue when you don't have the time or desire to go to Liberty Island in person.

    The Battery Bikeway

    A path parallel to Battery Place and State Street (which border Battery Park), a beautiful "green" cycle and pedestrian path, a little serpentine, which connects the Hudson River to the East River Esplanade (walk on the East River). It may not be essential for us visitors, but for New Yorkers it is very important. We are inside a park where every corner has its own reason and is a small reality in itself. Let's find out the "Green" in the "green".

    Gardens of remembrance

    Also called "Emerald gateway to the metropolis". On one side it overlooks the water and on the other the section of the park near the stock exchange offices, South Street Seaport and the departure area for ferries to Staten Island. The location makes this a very popular place during the break hours for residents and employees of the nearby offices, but it is equally interesting for us visitors that we could stay there, stopping to observe people of many ethnic groups having lunch and si relax in the most different ways. The name "Garden of Memory" is very significant and was chosen in honor of the survivors of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001.

    Forest Gardens

    A one and a half hectare grove overlooking the New York Harbor, a place to admire 34.000 evergreen plants and a large granite fountain with 35 harmonious jets of water. There are also modern kiosks selling food here and it is a great place to stroll.

    Battery Labyrinth e Jerusalem Grove

    More than a real labyrinth in which you can get lost, this is a path created following the tragedy of World Trade Center to give visitors a way to commemorate, reflect and honor. The walkway was delineated with nearly 1.200 granite blocks forming seven circular rings. This work invites contemplation and the goal is to create an internal balance generated by the rhythmicity of walking. It is located inside the Jerusalem Grove, a grove with 11 Blue Atlas cedars donated by Israel in 1976, very particular for the leaves whose colors range from green to silver-blue.

    The Statues inside Battery Park

    Walking we meet some statues that perpetuate the memory of characters and significant historical moments. Let's find out more.

    • The Immigrants: an evocative work that represents and commemorates the immigrants who, after disembarking, were "sorted" in Castle Clinton, a fort in Battery Park.
    • Giovanni da Verrazzano: dedicated to the first European who reached the New York bay during one of his journeys in search of a passage to the Pacific Ocean and the Far East.
    • John Ericsson: dedicated to a great Swedish designer whose name is linked to the construction of a new generation warship, in iron and steel, the Ironclad battleship, also used during the American Civil War.
    • Jesse’ de Forest: dedicated to the leader of the Walloon Huguenots who left Europe to escape religious persecution and arrived in the New World thus contributing to the founding of New York.  

    Battery Park memorials

    Americans are a very sensitive people to the realization of memorial and among those found here in Battery Park we point out:

    • The sphere, the bronze sphere seven and a half meters high, once a symbol of the World Trade Center. After being heavily damaged during the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and after a temporary home in Battery Park, on 16 August 2017 she was officially relocated, with her significant injuries, to Liberty Park which "looks" at its original location.
    • East Coast Memorial WW II, a large eagle and imposing tombstones do not go unnoticed; they are the symbols that commemorate and "entrust to God" the American soldiers who fell in the air and naval campaigns of the Second World War fought in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
    • Korean War Memorial, dedicated to all those who served the nation during the Korean conflict. It is a 4 and a half meter high black granite stele with the silhouette of a soldier cut out in the center. Also known as “the universal soldier”, the figure has a silhouette that allows the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to be seen through the monument. The central void of the stele is a striking metaphor representing death.
    • American Merchant Mariner’s Memorial, a bronze sculpture loaded with realism that reproduces an actual event that took place during World War II when a Nazi ship struck and sank the boat of a group of traders, after which German soldiers photographed their victims as they attempted to save themselves by holding on to to the boat.
    • Netherland Monument: donated by the Netherlands in 1926. The monument has a great historical value, which is why it has been restored in such a way as to remain a symbol of the Dutch presence in New York and in America.
    WW2 Memorial
    Korean War Memorial

    Ferries departing from Battery Park

    Ferries for three depart from the park and its immediate vicinity islands. From Battery Park City ferry Port: ferries leave for Staten Island, one of the five districts of the Big Apple, an island of 150 square kilometers where there is a Ferris wheel, a zoo, green areas and museums. L'Historical richmond town (441 Clarke Ave.) is an authentic mid-1600s village in which to learn about the life of that time.

    From Castle Clinton National Monument, a circular fort used as a defense of the city in the early 19th century and later as a hub for immigrants from Europe, particularly Ireland, until Ellis Island was created. Inside there are exhibitions, occasional concerts and there is also a memorabilia shop that also sells books. The entrance, forbidden to animals, is free and the fort is open every day, except for Christmas, from 7.45 to 17. You can also take guided daily tours, always free of charge.

    Very important thing here you buy tickets for the ferries to tiny Liberty Island (star-shaped) and the artificial island of Ellis Island which are less than a kilometer away from each other. To avoid queues up to an hour long, we recommend book online; for more information we recommend reading our article on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. To reach these two islands, a check is carried out at a check point as in the airport.

    Activities in Battery Park

    What could be better than enjoying 100% of the beauty and benefits of a green space in a metropolis? Many activities can be done in Battery Park.

    • Yoga in the Battery: yoga practice open to all and free, normally in summer, on Wednesdays, from 18.30 to 19.30 in the green area called Woodland Lawn. “A relaxing and spiritual experience that restores balance to the soul”: so the comments report.
    • Bird Walk at the Battery: an expert naturalist takes a free tour in search of the various species of migratory birds that find food and habitat in this park. To be updated on the dates of these releases organized by the Battery Conservatory, you can write an e-mail to [email protected]
    • Tour of the Park: currently every Thursday, starting at 13 pm from the Netherland Memorial, an hour of free guided tour of the park to discover its most significant corners.

    Battery Park City events

    Even if we have finished the visit of the park, we want to complete the knowledge of the area with information about Events, Shopping, restaurants e hotels "Overstepping" also in the neighborhood of Battery Park City, which extends for 37 hectares north of the park, and in Lower Manhattan.

    In June, Swedish traditions are celebrated in the Robert F. Wagner Park (20 Battery Place-Battery P. City).special event free called Swedish Midsummer Festival. On this occasion, you can taste typical food, create flower necklaces, play traditional games, dance to the sound of an authentic Swedish violin and have picnics on the grass. In August the Battery Dance Festival, also at the Robert F. Wagner Park, offers performances by the Battery Dance company against the backdrop of the city port.

    Lo shopping a Battery Park City

    As regards the Shopping in Battery Park City we report the Brookfield Place (230 Vesey St.). In addition to the shops there are also offices and restaurants. Inside we point out The Winter Garden Atrium a pavilion with high glass vaults that houses plants, particular sculptures and splendid plays of light. In winter it is pleasant to spend some time in this large complex Skate Rink, an ice rink where the whole family can have fun. Here are also held exhibitions, performances and events among which the Tribeca Film Festival.

    Some tips on where to eat

    A restaurant serving American cuisine, also popular with characters like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Jackie Kennedy, belongs to the New York chain PJ Clarke's, is located at Brookfield Place and takes the name of P.J. Clarke’s on the Hudson. An added value is given by the view of the river and the Statue of Liberty. Still on the subject of catering, within the complex we point out the inevitable chain of cafes Starbucks also present in other points of the Big Apple.

    We then mention in Battery Park the Battery Gardens Restaurant (1 Battery Place), a fairly high-priced restaurant serving contemporary American and Continental cuisine with Asian elements. It is in a good oceanfront location overlooking the harbor, Liberty Island, and Ellis Island. The Pier A Harbor Home (22 Battery Place) from which to admire wonderful sunsets. The restaurant is known for its fish dishes but the menu also includes meat and simple sandwiches. The prices are quite low and the furniture is "nautical" style.

    Where to sleep near Battery Park

    In Battery Park City we point out an accommodation facility: the Ritz Carlton NYC – Battery Park (2 West St.), a five-star hotel overlooking the Battery Park waterfront. The rooms and suites have a view of the river or the city. In many rooms there is a telescope with which you can see the Statue of Liberty even more closely. The hotel features an American bistro open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, two ballrooms, conference room, fitness center, free wi-fi and free evening shoe shine.

    At a lower cost we recommend in Lower Manhatttan (between South Street Seaport Museum and Wall Street), the Fairfield Inn Financial District (161 Front St.). The rooms, overlooking the harbor or the financial district, have a contemporary decor and are equipped with free wi-fi. The hotel has a fitness center, lobby bar and restaurant.

    THEHoliday Inn Express NYC-Wall St. (126 Water St.) has modern and spacious rooms. The hotel has a restaurant, fitness center and free wi-fi. An airport shuttle and valet parking are available to customers. There is a garage near the hotel.

    THEHampton Inn Financial District (32 Pearl St.) is a comfortable hotel with spacious rooms some of which have balconies ideal for those who like to have a direct visual impact on the skyscrapers. The hotel offers free wi-fi, breakfast included, fitness center, business room, is pet friendly and is located a few steps from the famous Fraunces Tavern and Museum (54 Pearl St.), a local historian linked to George Washington and a venue for events.

    Attractions nearby

    You can complete the visit of Lower Manhattan perhaps by going in 15-20 minutes to Chambers Street which leads to the Brooklyn Bridge that connects downtown Manhattan to the district of the same name, or by immortalizing the building of the New York Stock Exchange, temple of financial Wall Street. Another suggestion is to visit two churches: Trinity Church (79 Broadway) and Saint Paul Chapel (209 Broadway), City Hall (141 Worth St.), the neighborhood of Chinatown, That of Little Italy and One World Trade Center (285 Fulton St.), which borders Battery Park City, whose story is in everyone's memory after the events of September 11, 2001.

    If, on the other hand, you are willing to move and you still want greenery, know that there are so many parks in New York and you will therefore be spoiled for choice: starting with Central Park, the largest and most famous, but do not neglect some lesser gems. known, starting with the High Line, a unique park built on an old elevated railway.

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