Basilicata: the longest Tibetan bridge in the world is here

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What a wonderful region Basilicata! There are the cities of Matera and Maratea on which the world has laid its eyes thanks to the latest adventure of 007 No Time To Die, there are the sandy coasts washed by the Ionian Sea and the cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, there is also the wild and unspoiled nature, the same that allows us to live unique and extraordinary outdoor experiences. The landscape is so vast and varied that the desire to get lost and immerse yourself in it is always alive.

But Basilicata is also the region that it hosts the longest Tibetan bridge in Italy and the whole world. To cross it, a prerogative reserved for the bravest, we must go to the small and delightful village of Castelsaraceno.

It is here, in fact, that a bridge 585 meters long and 80 meters high was built that promises an exciting and exciting walk overlooking the wonderful Lucanian landscape. This is the best opportunity to discover them at a slow pace wonders of this territory of Basilicata, and from here to rediscover the other wonders of the region.

The Tibetan bridge of Castelsaraceno, which already owes its fame to its heart shape, is a unique, authentic and exciting tourist attraction for anyone wishing to experience aextreme experience, but still suitable for everyone: couples, families and the adventurous.

The bridge itself represents an out of the ordinary engineering work, thanks to the automated access control system and the 24 tons of steel used to assemble the more than 1000 walkable sleepers, which earn the structure record numbers.

The longest Tibetan bridge in the world is located in a very suggestive landscape setting: for this reason the advice is to take the crossing at a slow pace, so you can enjoy glimpses of immeasurable beauty.

Castelsaraceno has therefore become the starting point for experiencing extraordinary adventures and for discovering and rediscovering the marvelous Basilicata, to which name is inextricably linked the splendid Matera with its Sassi, a Unesco World Heritage Site. But there is also Potenza, the highest capital of Italy and a city characterized by incredible beauty. And then again Maratea, the jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and many other charming and evocative small villages to explore.

The authentic and uncontaminated nature however remains the absolute protagonist thanks to the presence of gullies, prairies and solitary and suggestive expanses. Then there are the wonderful parks, true natural paradises, including the Pollino National Park and that of the Lucanian Apennines-Val d'Agri Lagonegrese what time is it connected by the bridge longest Tibetan in the world.

The Tibetan Bridge of Castelsaraceno

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