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Is the name Barolo familiar to you? If you are a wine lover, surely you know it or have heard it anyway. Barolo is a wonderful Piedmontese village where the homonymous wine is produced, located in the setting of the Langhe. Here you can experience a weekend or a few days completely immersed in greenery, making small excursions and visiting different cellars to discover all the secrets about this famous wine!

But let's find out together all the secrets of Barolo: what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening!


  1. 10 things to see in Barolo in a weekend
  2. What to see in Barolo in one day: recommended itinerary
  3. Where to eat in Barolo: the best restaurants
  4. What to do in the evening: the nightlife areas and the best bars in Barolo
  5. Plan your stay in Barolo: info and useful tips
  6. User questions and comments

10 things to see in Barolo in a weekend

1 - WiMu Wine Museum in Barolo

Certainly the number 1 attraction in Barolo, in addition to its wonderful landscape, is the wine museum. This is the most innovative wine museum in Italy. Inaugurated in 2010, it is located inside the beautiful Castle of the Marchesi Falletti.

Inside the museum you can know all the secrets about wine, its production, culture and tradition! You can embark on an interactive journey through 25 rooms and 5 floors, with lights, sounds and colors that will make you pass between one season and another, discovering the different phases of wine.

  • it is located in the Falletti municipal castle, in Piazza Falletti, in the heart of Barolo; parking in piazza Colbert 180 m (2 min walk) - Get directions
  • every day 10: 30-19: 00
  • full € 9,00 reduced € 6,00

2 - Castle of the Falletti Marquises

Along the road to get to Barolo, the first thing you will see in the distance is the beautiful castle now symbol of the village. The first information about the castle dates back to the th century, when it was built as a fortress with a defensive purpose. Over the centuries it then became a residence and in the nineteenth century it was the country residence of the Marquises Falletti of Barolo.

In 1970 the museum was purchased by the Municipality, which began a whole series of recovery and restoration works and opened it to the public in order to visit some rooms. Inside today hosts the WiMu, the wine museum. Visiting the museum you can therefore also admire the interior of the castle.

  • Via Collegio Barolo, 2; in the heart of Barolo, parking in piazza Colbert 180 m (2 min walk) - Get directions
  • every day 10: 30-19: 00
  • full € 9,00 reduced € 6,00

3 - Cellars and wine bars

Generally people come to the Langhe to taste the excellent wine and to enjoy it too an afternoon among vineyards and cellars. That's why on your weekend you should definitely dedicate a few hours to a winery or winery.

You will really be spoiled for choice: you will find several wine bars in the historic center, while all the surroundings are full of farms that organize tastings and visits to the cellar, showing you how wine is produced and all the steps!

  • the wine bars in the historic center can be reached easily on foot, as well as the farms just outside the village; alternatively move by car - Get directions
  • the cellars are generally open 9: 00-17: 00 (each has its own specific opening hours)
  • variable, on average 2 hours visit from € 15,00

4 - Corkscrew Museum

It is a very interesting museum. It was opened for the first time in 2006, it was set up inside what was an old cellar. Here you can also buy some souvenirs in the bookshop, such as postcards, posters and various gadgets, but also food and wines typical of the Langhe.

The museum is divided into 19 sections, where you can admire 500 different types of corkscrews, which come from all over the world and were built starting from the second half of the 600th century. Not only that, at the entrance there is an exhibition with all the bottles of Barolo wine from all the producers of the village!

  • in Piazza Castello, 4; in the center of the village, near the Castle, easily reachable on foot in a few minutes from any point of Barolo - Get directions
  • every day 10: 00-18: 00 (times are subject to variations, for info call 0173 56 05 39)
  • full € 4,00 reduced € 3,00

5 - Church of Barolo

In Piazza Falletti, the small but characteristic church deserves to be seen. It is about a really small building, with a beautiful plastered facade and inside a wonderful ceiling all decorated with frescoes.

Next to it there is another church, the Church of Sant Agostino, deconsecrated built around the th century. Today it is used for set up temporary exhibitions and host small events.

  • Falletti square; near the castle, easily reachable from every point of the village of Barolo - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

6 - Brunate Chapel

You can't miss thissomewhat unusual attraction, is also called the Chapel of SS. Madonna delle Grazie, but known mainly as the Barolo Chapel. It was built in 1914 with the purpose of serving as a refuge for those who worked in the fields during sudden storms.

Its peculiarity? It's about a small church all colored, unique of its kind, you will not find others in Italy. It has never been consecrated and you can visit it in the vineyard of the nearby La Morra, it has been owned by the Ceretto family since 1970.

  • 3,7 km from Barolo, reachable by car in 5 minutes or, recommended solution, with a nice walk of 50 min among the vineyards of the Langhe - Get directions
  • every day 9: 00-19: 00
  • free

7 - Strada del Barolo

It is one of the major attractions in the area. It is a wonderful one panoramic road that unites all the villages of the Langhe, such as Alba, Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Cherasco, Diano d'Alba, Dogliani, Grinzane Cavour, La Morra and others.

The routes are cared for and protected by the Strada del Barolo and the great wines of Langa association, founded in 2006 with the aim of making this area known declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way you can visit wineries and farms and on the association's website every week we talk about the "winery of the week".

  • the association is located in Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 26 / A, in Castiglione Falletto; the road goes through all the villages, you have to move by car - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

8 - Castle of La Volta

The castle is located in the town of Bussia, just 2,5 km from Barolo, and can only be visited from the outside as it is a private property, but still worth a visit for the beautiful view over all the Langhe. It was and is built at the behest of the Falletti family (the same owner of the castle of Barolo) and is a small medieval fortress with a central courtyard.

The castle is full of legends, but one above all is the best known: it is said that this castle was the site of great festivals, often out of control. But one night, during a banquet that was too over the top, the floor collapsed and all the participants of the party died. Apparently, their screams can still be heard within the walls.

  • locality of Bussia; 2,5 km from Barolo, reachable on foot in 35 min (recommended option to enjoy the landscape) or by car (5 min) - Get directions
  • always accessible only from the outside
  • free

9 - La Morra viewpoint

It is another characteristic locality of the Langhe. It is located just 6 km from Barolo and one of its most loved points is undoubtedly the belvedere, from which enjoy a wonderful panorama on all the surroundings. You will also find a sign where all the villages and points of interest that you can see from the lookout will be marked.

Then you could enjoy a walk in the center of the village: admire the beautiful Piazza Castello, the heart of La Morra, and also reach Piazza Martiri, another small viewpoint. And here too, of course, there is no shortage of wine bars and cellars to taste the excellent wines!

  • in Via G. Marconi, 18; on foot 4 km from Barolo (1 h), by car 6 km, as you have to take the wider road, from Barolo (9 min), you can leave your car in the free parking of Piazzale Monera - Get directions
  • every day 9: 00-17: 00
  • free

10 - IN BALLOON Exclusive Flights

And as the last point on the list, more than a thing to see, we want to offer you atruly unique experience of its kind: a hot air balloon flight over the Langhe. This service is offered by IN BALLOON Exclusive Flights, an agency just outside the village of Barolo (only 1,7 km).

It is an incredible experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories: getting up you can admire the whole panorama of the Langhe. The flights are divided into Classic Flights (group, maximum 8 passengers) and Exclusive Flights (only for those who book). The timetable changes according to the season and the day, generally there is one in the morning and one in the late afternoon for sunset, you can find all the information on the site and from there you can also book. The cost includes, in addition to the flight, the driver service, brunch with local products and photos and videos of the experience.

  • Via Alba, 22; 1,7 km from Barolo, there is a private bus service with driver included in the price - Get directions
  • vary according to the period and day, one flight in the morning and one in the afternoon, to be checked when booking on the official website
  • from € 240,00 per person

What to see in Barolo in one day: recommended itinerary

Once in Barolo, leave your car in the free parking in Piazza Colbert and have breakfast at Bar Antico Caffè (€ 3,00).
Then go to the Castle of the Marchesi Falletti and visit the WiMu, the Barolo Wine Museum, where to know all the secrets about the famous wine. Then visit the neighbor too Corkscrew Museum.

For lunch, drive (1,5 km, 2 min) to the Locanda in Cannubi, where you can taste typical local dishes with a wonderful view of the Langhe (average cost € 35,00 per person).
Get back in your car and drive along the road through the hills to arrive in 6 minutes at the Brunate Chapel, a wonderful and colorful deconsecrated church in the middle of the vineyards. Here you can admire the view and stroll through the narrow streets among the vineyards. Then return to Barolo, leave again in the Piazza Colbert parking lot and take part in a tasting and visit to the cellar da Marchesi di Barolo, cellar located inside an ancient palace (reservations directly on the official website).

Come evening, stop for dinner in the village at Osteria La Cantinella, where you can taste traditional dishes accompanied by excellent wines (average cost per person € 30,00).

One day itinerary at a glance

  1. Breakfast at Bar Antico Caffè
  2. Castle of the Marchesi Felletti and WiMu (10: 30-19: 00. € 9,00 reduced € 6,00)
  3. Corkscrew Museum (10: 00-13: 00/14: 00-18: 30, closed in January, € 4,00 reduced € 3,00)
  4. Lunch at Locanda I Cannubi
  5. Brunate Chapel (9: 00-19: 00)
  6. Cantina Marchesi di Barolo (10: 30-18: 00, from € 15,00 - book on the official website)
  7. Dinner at Osteria La Cantinella

Where to eat in Barolo: the best restaurants

  1. Inn in Cannubi: just outside the center, among the vineyards, a beautiful view of all the Langhe; truffle recipes and wine tastings
    Average price per person: € 35,00
    Address and contacts: Via Crosia, 14 (Get directions) / tel: 0173 56294
  2. Osteria La Cantinella: in the center of Barolo, historic place; traditional Piedmontese dishes and a wide choice of wines
    Average price per person: € 30,00
    Address and contacts: Piazza Giulia, Piazza colbert (Get directions) / tel: 0173 56267
  3. Barolofriends Winebar Restaurant: modern place, excellent for a glass of wine or to stop for lunch, traditional Piedmontese dishes
    Average price per person: € 40,00
    Address and contacts: Piazza Castello, 3 (Get directions) / tel: 0173 560542

What to do in the evening: the nightlife areas and the best bars in Barolo

Barolo is not a place of nightlife, with discos or clubs to keep up the small hours. This is a land full of vineyards, in which you come to relax, enjoy the nature of the Langhe and good wine. In the evening, after having dinner, you can take refuge in the many wine bars in the center and the surrounding area and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. If you are looking for some movement, your best bet is to move towards the largest center of the Langhe, Alba, about 15 km away.

The best pubs, clubs and discos

  • LHANGAR wine bar: fine wine bar in the center of Barolo, extensive wine list / Address: Via Soprana, 1a (Get directions)
  • Hemingway Cocktail & Restaurant: located in the historic center, excellent cocktails and evening meeting points for tourists and locals / Address: Alba, Via Mandelli 3 (Get directions)
  • Caveau Alba: disco located before entering Alba, one of the landmarks of its nightlife / Address: Alba, Corso Barolo 10 (Get directions)

Plan your stay in Barolo: info and useful tips

  • you can get there by bus to Alba (14 km), but then there are no other means. The car is the best solution. If you don't want to rent one, you can take part in organized tours that lead you to discover the area
  • Getting around: in the village on foot, the attractions are close to each other. A car is required to move around the Langhe and neighboring villages
  • Where to park: parking spaces available in the center of the village, in Piazza Colbert or in Piazza Cabutto (in front of the town hall), are free or with a parking disc
  • there are typical and characteristic b & bs and small and comfortable hotels (starting from € 80,00 per room). Some wineries and farms also have rooms, if you are a wine lover this could be the perfect solution
  • What to see in the surroundings: Alba, Asti, Barbaresco, Santo Stefano Belbo, Serralunga D'Alba

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