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Three days in Bangkok are certainly not enough to visit everything, but they are enough if you don't want to go crazy for the high chaos of this city. Plan the whole tour in advance, organizing stops and transfers, can? be useful in order not to miss the main points of interest and activities? of the city.

1 day

Arrived at the airport at 7 am, after 18 hours of flight, we take the metro that arrives from the airport in the main districts around the center. Near our stop c '? the hostel we had booked. Time to check in and get us fixed up, and they rush us through the streets of Bangkok.
First we spotted a boat stop on the Chao Phraya River and made a sort of day pass for 5? to move all day by river.
Arrived in the central and main area of ​​the city, we leave the boat and take a tuk tuk, which takes us around with only 3 ?, and shows us the most? important to visit.
But we have reserved the temples for the next day, why? the first day we were tired and tried by the long journey, cos? we stopped for lunch and immediately after we went into a beauty center to get a Thai massage.
After that? a bit in the hostel to relax and freshen up, then go out again and go to the famous red light district of Bangkok in one of the many clubs, where we found a rock band playing, dancers on the tables, and frozen drinks!

2 day

Wake up early why? move from one end of Bangkok to the other? challenging.
The tour starts from the temple of Dawn, so? we take the elevated metro and arrive in the center, where we discover that the temple? temporarily closed for restoration, then we go back to the river and take a boat with which we will pass in front of it to look at it at least from the outside.
After the tour on the river, we go to visit the royal palace, the temple of the lying Buddha, the temple of the emerald Buddha and the temple of the golden Buddha.
A tour de force because of the distances, but what? it was worth it: all incredibly beautiful!
After lunch we finish our tour of the temples with the Golden Mountain, and then some relaxation in the hostel after walking all day.
For dinner we choose to go to the top of a skyscraper, to be exact one of the most? high in Bangkok, the Bayoke Sky hotel, from which to admire the whole city.
This ? one of the things to do absolutely if you go to Bangkok!
Finally, night markets with souvenirs and much more at excellent prices, the result of long negotiations, and then again in the entertainment districts!

3 day

Last day in Bangkok, why? in the afternoon we have to take a flight to reach the large island in the gulf, Koh Samui.
In the morning we do not know how to commit it having already? took a quick tour of the city, but we have an indecision between the snake farm and the turtle house.
In the end, the snakes won! What? we spend there a few hours to admire strange specimens and then we decide to go to lunch among the thousands of street food stalls in the streets of the center, which offer you a wide choice of local delicacies.
In the afternoon we head to the airport to catch our domestic flight and a colorful plane is presented to us, cheerfully painted with flowers and fish, which takes us to relax on wild beaches in the middle of nature.

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