Ban Khok Sa-nga the cobra village in Thailand

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Thailand is a wonderful and fascinating country that is increasingly half of holidays for many Italians, who every year leave to discover a corner of the world full of traditions and customs for us almost from other times. And it is precisely this splendid land that we will talk about in this article, focusing our attention on a country that has made cobras almost its flag: we are talking about the remote village of Ban Kok Sa-Nga (in the north east of the country), famous as The Cobra village.


  1. The origins of the Cobra Village
  2. Cobra Day: the snake show
  3. The King Cobra: one of the most venomous snakes in the world
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The origins of the Cobra Village

The name is a bit disturbing but it explains exactly what local tourism is based on: in 1951 such Ken Yongla, a seller of medicinal herbs and a local, decided to transform that small and anonymous village into a real tourist destination. As? Not by building temples or statues, not by inventing tasty recipes with local specialties that tourists absolutely had to taste during their travels in Thailand, but by breeding Cobras. He started it and in a short time he managed to convince many other inhabitants to do the same: respect and feed the dangerous snakes to make them an attraction, from the deadly ones like the king cobra and the monocle cobra to the less dangerous ones like the pythons.
Since then the tradition has been handed down and today all the inhabitants (or in any case a good part) of the country have one or more pet snakes that they keep inside wooden crates outside the houses. It seems absurd but the idea of ​​creating a snake village has therefore worked and Ban Kok Sa-Nga it has become a place that attracts many tourists every year.

What strikes those who visit the village is the familiarity that has been created between man and cobra (just think that they have grown up surrounded by animals for a couple of generations from an early age) which allows to offer the adrenaline and fascinating spectacle of snakes. .

Cobra Day: the snake show

All this has even led to the birth of a specific club: the King Cobra Club of Thailand, which organizes the shows during which man challenges the King cobra to prove his courage. During the fight, the men try to avoid the snake's deadly attacks (its bite can kill a man in less than 15 minutes by injecting up to 7 milliliters of neurotoxins, an amount that can kill an elephant and 20 men!). Unfortunately, the slowest ones have to deal with amputations, while others still lose much more than a finger. But despite this the Cobra Show it is so successful that the inhabitants themselves often organize itinerant trips to neighboring countries to bring "their art", their courage and make this particular exhibition known to everyone.

The King Cobra: one of the most venomous snakes in the world

During the fight the men of the village challenge the King Cobra, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.
Its scientific name is Ophiophagus Hannah and literally means "graceful snake eater" in reference to its diet based on cold-blooded animals like its fellows, it eats mostly non-venomous snakes and even pythons of its own size.
Despite his almost 6 meters in length it rarely attacks humans. Usually he is fearful therefore he tends to avoid man, only becomes ferocious and aggressive when teased, exactly like during the typical village shows, where the man annoys the snake with leaves or with his bare hands to start the fight.

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