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Copenhagen? a city? enchanting and in the surroundings there are fairytale castles, the ideal destination for a pleasant weekend!

1 day

Gammel Strand - Nyhavn - Amalienborg - Little Mermaid - Citadel - Round Tower - Str? Get - TiFlights

We arrived at Copenhagen airport at around 9:30 and took the train to the hotel located near the H station (the central station). Yes ? revealed an excellent area to stay overnight why? the center ? easily reachable on foot and from the central station we took the train several times to visit the surroundings and to go to the airport.
Once we left our suitcases in the room we set off to discover the city. Our first goal? was Gammel Strand, from which we had a first glimpse of the canals, too bad? for work in progress. From? we then headed to Nyhavn, undoubtedly the part that fascinated us the most? of the city, in fact we went back almost every day. Nyhavn has a fantastic postcard view of the canal with colorful buildings on the sides and quaint little boats moored on the water. Did we stop there? for lunch, and then we continued towards the Little Mermaid passing by the royal palace of Amalienborg where we could witness the changing of the guard. The walk to reach the Little Mermaid unfortunately? a bit long why? it is located outside the city center, but it is absolutely worth it, too bad for the industrial landscape behind it. Returning we crossed the Citadel and then we entered the historic center climbing the Round Tower, from which you can enjoy a decent view. To return to the hotel we took the characteristic shopping street Str? Get. For dinner we entered the TiFlights gardens, a sort of amusement park. Unfortunately you have to buy a ticket even just to enter without getting on the attractions, and? also a bit expensive (110DKK), for? ? very impressive, especially after sunset.

2 day

Kronborg Slot (Helsing? R) - HC Andersen Museum - Christiansborg - Stock Exchange - Library - Christianshavn - Opera - Nyhavn

The morning of the second day we dedicated it to Kronborg Castle, the castle where? set the Shakespearean tragedy of Hamlet. The castle is located in Helsing? R, which? easily reachable by train from station H in about fifty minutes (108DKK A / R). From Helsing? R station the castle is about twenty minutes on foot following the promenade along the sea. We chose to visit it mainly because? we were fascinated by the idea that it was Hamlet's castle, even if in reality? no particular emphasis is given to this aspect. The interior ? a bit bare, but? the view from the tower is very nice. We then took a pleasant walk along the sea, from which you can? see the Swedish coast very close. We then returned to the center for lunch and took a stroll through the alleys with the colorful houses, we did not expect anything particularly interesting and instead we were pleasantly surprised. We returned to Copenhagen around 15:30 pm and our first stop? was the museum of HC Andersen. We then took a walk at dusk visiting Christiansborg Palace, the Stock Exchange, the Library, the Christianshavn district and the Opera House, and then we went home via Nyhavn again.

3 day

Christianshavn - Nyhavn - Fredriksborg Slot (Hiller? D) - Malm?

On the third day we had planned a trip to Hiller? D to visit the castle, but we decided to leave before the house to return to Christianshavn. we were fascinated by this area the night before and wanted to see it again in daylight. We got off at Christianshavn stop and took a walk through the canals lit by a few rays of sunshine and then walked to N? Rreport station, from where we took the train to reach Hiller? D (about 40 minutes, 92DKK A / R). The city? in s? it doesn't have much to offer, but we wanted to visit Fredriksborg castle. From the station ? reachable in about twenty minutes on foot following the lake, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the castle. The castle ? majestic, both outside and inside (especially the main hall and the chapel), and definitely worth a visit. Did we go back to town then? passing through the gardens, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the lake and the castle. Around 14 pm we took the train back to Copenhagen H station to take the train to Sweden. Malm? ? easily reachable by train in about 30 minutes (there is a document control on the train and you must have an identity card or passport) and, although? we knew that the city? did not have much to see, we absolutely wanted to step on Swedish soil as well. Actually it doesn't have much to offer, however the part of the port in front of the station and the square of Lilla Torg are pleasant.

4 day

Our trip yes? concluded the fourth day with the return home in the morning.

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