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Mondo Insieme offers the possibility of spend a year in the United States as an au pair thanks to the collaboration with EurAupair, an American partner active for almost 30 years that the American State Department has identified for cultural exchange programs in this area.

The experience is recommended for all young people who intend to become an au pair and who want to combine the opportunity to spend several months in the US following the education of a child.

Obviously, living as an au pair for a whole year means becoming part of the family where you are staying, being able to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know a different culture, a new lifestyle and many people.

The homework of an au pair

The au pair's task will be to become an au pair point of reference for children within the family, taking care of them. The little ones will have to be followed in everyday activities: the girl will be very responsible in this sense, since she will be busy dressing the children, making them eat, playing with them, helping them with their homework at school, accompany them around, and so on.

Not only that: among the other tasks that will be entrusted to the au pair there will be all the domestic activities that normally take place at home and beyond, from shopping to tidying the rooms, from washing dishes to cooking, from doing the laundry to hanging out, and so on.

How much do you earn

The reward will be represented, as well as by accommodation and meals in a single room, from 195 dollars and 75 cents a week, granted for a total of 45 working hours. During the year there will be two weeks of holidays, in turn paid, in addition to a day and a half free each week and a full weekend per month.

If you have a qualification in the childcare sector, have at least two years full-time experience or have a degree that qualifies for teaching in elementary schools or kindergartens, you may be consider Au Pair By ExperienceBasically, you are deemed to be more qualified, and as such, you receive a salary of $ 250 each week. Great attention, in the course of the experience, will be reserved for cultural integration, which will be entrusted to an American language and culture course, three hours a week: the host family will contribute, up to a maximum of $ 500, to pay the costs for the course.

Once the au pair year has ended, you will feel much richer not only from an economic point of view but also from a human point of view: proud and proud to have contributed to the growth of one or more children, happy to have met a large number of local students and, perhaps, other au pairs working in the area.

As for the host family, they are selected by a local EurAupair representative, and undergo an orientation before the girl's arrival, in order to guarantee the best possible welcome. In the first three days following the arrival of the girl, the members of the family are required to be at home, so as to be able to offer all the necessary tools for a complete familiarization with the environment and, of course, with the children. It's families themselves to choose au pairs, based on the training that can be obtained from the presentation dossiers, in which the interests and experiences of the candidates are reported. For the final choice, in any case, there is a interview, to be carried out on Skype or on the phone depending on the circumstances.

For au pairs, therefore, there is nothing to worry about: before leaving they will receive a small book, the EurAupair Handbook, in which they can find all the information they need to be able to adapt in the best way to the new context, not undergoing but accepting cultural differences. The beginning of the experience in the USA will take place in New York, where a five-day workshop will be held that will involve all the girls, arriving from every corner of the world; the cost of the workshop to be held in America is included in the program fee.


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