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Atlantic City is a city in New Jersey and is located on the Atlantic coast of the United States. The city was originally called Absecon Island, for the homonymous name of the island on which a large part of the urban area itself rests. Atlantic City is actually the name given by the engineer who studied the first plan of the railway line to reach the city in the mid-1800s.

As a result of this communication possibility, Atlantic City has begun to attract tourists, especially New Yorkers and Philadelphia residents, who have built their second homes for the summer season, by the sea.

In the early twentieth century, Atlantic City already had a hundred times more inhabitants than in just the previous 50 years. However, it is since the 70s that Atlantic City has identified the true formula for attracting and retaining tourists throughout the year, and not just in summer, with the Refer to Sul Casino Gambling, thus kicking off the great tourism industry linked to gaming on the table.

Atlantic City can be visited throughout the year, due to its proximity to the sea which mitigates its temperatures, making it quite humid, especially in summer and autumn. In the winter, on the other hand, temperatures can be quite cold.

Following the opening of the mythicals As a casino player you will get, the city is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States of America. It should be emphasized that the revenues of the approximately thirteen casinos are partly reinvested precisely to continuously improve the city's offers, in the name of greenery, sport, hospitality not only for young people but also for more mature people.

Excellent restaurants, large hotels, motels, golf courses, museums, art galleries, amusement parks, sports centers, shopping stores, this and much more offers Atlantic City which, in the luxurious spaces of its large casinos, also has hosted several times the final of Miss America.

A city in constant change, in which there is no lack of the opportunity to enjoy the proximity to the sea, both with the numerous activities related to water sports but above all for the famous boardwalk. It is a very long walk, about 5,5 kilometers, on a wooden walkway located between the white and very wide beach of Atlantic City and the buildings of the summer residences overlooking theOcean, resorts and casinos.

During the walk obviously there is no shortage of clubs, souvenir shops, pubs, restaurants and even the possibility of renting rickshaw to continue the journey by pedaling, caressed by the sea breeze that never fails along the east coast.

For lovers of Shopping moments dedicated to visiting the o, which essentially sell goods made in the USA. There is an entire area made up of about 10 large areas called The Walk, close to the train station and the Casino Caesars with many shops selling all kinds of goods but above all clothing and the prices are much more advantageous than in other American cities. Other malls are The Tanger and Factory outlet, all also equipped with refreshment areas and clubs, knowing full well that the time spent inside the shops is never enough.

Atlantic City it is therefore the ideal city on the east coast that contrasts with the possibilities offered by the very famous Las Vegas. Excellent for spending a few days of relaxation and leisure, without having any particular claims related to a more sober stay or to be dedicated to events and places more dedicated to culture.

A curiosity, the game of Monopoli it inspires the names of its streets to those of the city of Atlantic City.

How to get there from New York

Who owns the New York Pass, can reach Atlantic City via the tour of a day that includes round-trip transfer from Port Authority by comfortable bus, to fully enjoy the city and its varied and sparkling attractions. It is possible to choose from more than 15 daily departures.

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