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Il world Tour was done with practically every means of transport: on foot, by bike, without planes and last but not least the epic feat of Rob Thompson, a New Zealand boy who traveled about 12 kilometers from Switzerland to Shanghai. The journey started on 25 June 2007 and ended on 28 September 2008, moving completely on his own. His world tour in skateboard it was an extraordinary experience, which allowed him to return completely different and enriched, despite the almost two years in which he had to sacrifice his career and loved ones.

The details of the skateboard trip

He had begun to rehearse this record by first covering 12 thousand kilometers by bike, from London to Asia. He later decided to fully immerse himself in a new adventure that led him to reach a world record, officially entered the Guinness World Records. Rob Thompson it traveled 11.800 kilometers starting from Switzerland, covering all the United States coast to coast and all of China from west to east. Why did he do this? Not even he knows how to answer: maybe why travel by skateboard it is definitely more risky than cycling, you travel fewer kilometers and more physical effort is required. Rob Thompson decided to answer this question by leaving visitors to the his blog a series of photos taken during his journey that express an enormous sense of freedom.

Other tours of the world with strange means of transport

There are other people who have broken the records of the tours of the world, tracing new routes and new ways of traveling. An example is Ludovic Hubler who hitchhiked around the world, spending zero euros on transport in 5 years of travel. Jean Béaliveau instead he went around the world on foot, walking for over 11 thousand kilometers in 11 years of travel. There are also those who have traveled around the world without planes, such as Claudio from TripTherapy and finally the inevitable world tour by bike from Paola Giannotti which traveled about 29 kilometers in 144 days. Every feat, even if successfully surpassed with new records, is extraordinary because it implies extraordinary mental and physical endurance.

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