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Each country has its own culinary specialties. Not only for appetizers, first and second courses, but also for drinks. Of course each of us has our favorite, but when you travel around the world, just like you do for food, it is right to taste the typical cocktails originating from the place, often exported around the globe. Here 10 world famous cocktailsEtc.


  1. Mojito - Cuba
  2. Caipirinha - Brazil
  3. Cosmopolitan - United States
  4. Margarita - Mexico
  5. Piña Colada - Puerto Rico
  6. Negroni - Italy
  7. White Russian - Belgium
  8. Mai Tai - Polynesia
  9. Gin Tonic - United Kingdom
  10. Irish Cofee - Ireland
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Mojito - Cuba


  • rum
  • sugar cane
  • mint leaves
  • sparkling water
  • lime juice

Cuba is home to many famous cocktails, including Cuba libre and especially the Mojito.
If you are in the city of Havana you absolutely cannot give up a Mojito. And between a cocktail and the other, who knows if the right conditions are not created for a "hot" evening in the company of a beautiful girl ... On the other hand, Cuba is a well-known destination for sexual tourism.

It is said that the Mojito was invented by the English pirate Francis Drake, but the official origins are credited to a barman of the Bodeguita del Medio, local of Havana frequented by well-known writers Pablo Neruda ed Ernest Hemingway.

Caipirinha - Brazil


  • cachaça
  • lime
  • white sugar
  • ice

Feature Brazilian alcoholic drink, its name derives from the word caipira, a term that identifies the inhabitants of the rural areas of the state. They say it is this drink that makes the Brazilian people so euphoric.

Cosmopolitan - United States


  • vodka
  • cointreau
  • lime juice
  • blueberry juice

The omnipresent cocktail in the TV series Sex and the city, and the favorite drink of the queen of pop Madonna. Symbol of style and elegance, it is one of the most popular drinks in New York clubs.

Margarita - Mexico


  • tequila
  • triple sec
  • lime

Il Margarita it is the most famous of Mexican cocktails. Made up of a Tequila base, its name can be translated into pearl. There are numerous shaken and fruit-flavored variants.

Piña Colada - Puerto Rico


  • light rum
  • coconut milk
  • pineapple juice

Another Caribbean cocktail, this time coming from Porto Rico. The unmistakable taste of Piña Colada it is due to the perfect mix of absolutely exotic ingredients such as rum, coconut and pineapple.

Negroni - Italy


  • gin
  • Campari bitters
  • red vermouth

Italy has also exported various recipes all over the world: from the very first Americano, to Spritz, passing through Rossini, Bellini and the formidable Negroni. The latter is probably the cocktail that best represents the beautiful country. He was born in Firenze in honor of the Count Camillo Negroni.

White Russian - Belgium


  • vodka
  • Coffee Liquor
  • cream or milk

Born a Brussels in the late 40s, as a variant of the Black Russian. He was served on the occasion of the visit by US Ambassador Pearl Mesta.

Curiosity: It is Jeffrey "Dude" Lebowski's favorite drink, star of the cult movie "The Big Lebowski", by the Coen brothers.

Mai Tai - Polynesia


  • dark rum
  • light rum
  • curacao
  • lime juice

The origins of the Mai Tai they are actually Californian, however the cocktail comes conventionally associated with Polynesian culture. It became famous all over the world because it was sipped by Elvis Presley in Blue Hawai; since then, its sweet flavor takes you back to the incredible Hawaiian beaches seen in the film.

Gin Tonic - United Kingdom


  • Gin
  • tonic water

Il Gin Tonic was born inBritish India, and was introduced by an army division belonging to the English East India Company. Initially the drink was used as a medicine against malaria. Today it is a cocktail spread all over the world and particularly linked to the Indie Rock musical culture.

Irish Cofee - Ireland


  • Irish whiskey
  • coffee
  • cream

According to tradition, it was invented by a certain Joe Sheridan, a bartender at the airport of Shannon, Ireland. It was 1942 when some tired passengers arrived in the town. The boy served them something strong by mixing coffee and whiskey. The drink was so popular that Sheridan was persuaded to propose it again to other customers under the name of Irish Coffee. Shortly after, a well-known American journalist passing through the city decided to try it and was impressed by it. Back home, he wrote an article for the San Francisco Chronicle contributing to the spread of Irish Cofee in city bars.

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