An alternative weekend in East London

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If in the past it was famous for Jack the Ripper, the area of ​​London east of the City? today the most? lively city, the one where artists, designers and creatives live in various capacities and where every day at least one new venue opens ... and immediately sets a trend!

1 day

The iconic neighborhood of East London? Shoredich, and of course our weekend? started right here. The Shoredict street art scene? cos? rich that the whole family is? immediately agreed to have something to eat before starting to explore its now iconic alleys covered with murals.
And so what? we sat at Albion, one of the many bistros where the hipsters of the neighborhood come to eat sandwiches, salads or desserts.
Right after lunch? The hunt for street art has begun, but let's face it: Shoreditch is easy to play! From entire facades of buildings to stencil pi? small, on virtually every wall? possible to photograph something. And while we hunted, we didn't miss a bit of shopping, entering the numerous independent boutiques and pop-up shops where young emerging designers show off their garments.
From Shoreditch the "hunt"? continue on Brick Lane, another area full of graffiti, until you arrive at Old Spitalfields Market, a vintage and antiques market where you can find a little bit of everything, from grandma's wardrobe clothes to old models of cameras . And even if this market doesn't? pi? the place to go looking for bargains,? still a very colorful and lively space where to sip a coffee? strolling among the stalls.
When ? the time has come to admire contemporary art a little more? "conventional" we went to the Whitechapel Gallery, one of the many beautiful London museum spaces with free admission where I have always found very interesting exhibitions.
The day yes? ended at Fifteen, the legendary restaurant of chef Jamie Oliver, a beautiful place with a welcoming atmosphere and typically East London decor: Chesterfield sofas, lights hanging from the ceiling and a retro style that conquered me even before I tasted the dishes of this restaurant, which are famous all over the world. Dinner ? started at the cocktail bar, whose specialty? are gin-based cocktails. Then we went downstairs and sat at a table right next to the kitchen, from where I followed all the "maneuvers" with interest. Needless to say, dinner? was excellent!

2 day

On the second day our paths parted, and everyone continued their tour of the city? as he preferred. I wanted to go back to Shoreditch to photograph other street art, sifting through all those alleys we had left out the day before, and above all to go to the Cargo, a place with a large garden full of murals (including a work by Banksy!).
From here I continued towards Hackney, an area characterized by canals along which the crowded terraces of pubs overlook. In addition to street art, from Hackney I? loved the Victoria Park. Here, after a nice walk among squirrels and cricket matches, I stopped at the People's Park Tavern, a decidedly eccentric garden pub where you can? play minigolf and foosball, so? like enjoying an art exhibition, all while sipping some excellent craft beers, some of which are brewed in the same tavern's brewery.
Returning to the center, but always staying in the East Zone, I went for a walk among the Georgian houses of Islington, where did you find me? not too surprising, being in England - a storm so strong that it forced me to seek shelter just as I passed one of the pubs of the "Craft Beer Co." which, as the name suggests, boasts a wide range of craft beers.
After the rain, I went to Exmouth market, which actually? not ? a market but a street full of shops, cafes? and boutique. And here I could have stayed for the rest of the day, if only I hadn't had the bus to Bristol to catch in the afternoon! Of course, next time I go back to London,? right from here that will start again? my tour!

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