Amsterdam: Summer Time

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Lluis Enric Mayans

Usual travel companions, usual flight from Malpensa, but this time we left in June, for 4 days between canals and alleys, hoping for a better weather than the last time: we were rewarded, 4 days of heat and sun, which not even the Dutch could explain themselves!
I wanted to leave in May to see the tulips in bloom, but unfortunately the first opportunity? useful in economic terms it was June, the week following the long weekend of June 2, we couldn't have chosen a better time.
Thanks to the favorable climate, this time we have dedicated ourselves not only to the city, but also to the surroundings and so on. we organized a couple of trips and I managed to navigate the canals, where I even burned my face!

Side note: we always had lunch on the street (ribbon fries and fried seafood in the Wandeland), we gave in to a lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and for dinner, apart from the first on the roof of the house, we always went to Haesje Claes Restaurant, where they have a menu especially for celiacs. The place among others? very nice and you eat very well, even if not at a good price.

1 day

The flight ? punctual and this time the guide manages to leave with us, we arrive at our destination and it is very hot, cos? we allow ourselves a nice walk to the chosen accommodation (Tulipana Residence), which? in a super strategic position, the only flaw are the 4 floors of steep stairs to do to get to the top! The place ? nice, this is an apartment with more? rooms (3), shared bathroom (spotless), kitchen available (but only fridge, kettle and oven) and a balcony over the rooftops of spectacular Amsterdam!
The first day we walked here and there in the center, and then dine on our terrace thanks to the shopping done a few steps from our apartment, very nice indeed.

2 day

On the second day we took the train and went to Utrecht, where with a local train and then the 111 bus we arrived at the De Haar Castle. Not ? it was so easy to find the local train why? at the station in Utrecht there were not many indications and the staff at the info point could not help us. However somehow we arrived. Bus stop ? a few meters from the entrance to the castle and its splendid park. We took the ticket including the view of the castle.
After having lunch in the old stables we took the bus back to the center of Utrecht where we discovered a really very nice town, strange bars and shops, canals and a lot of people enjoying the sunny day. Here too, without a precise destination we walked far and wide. A really nice find. The train takes about 20 minutes, you take the central station and you arrive in Utrecht, still in the center, but to exit the station you will have to go through a whole shopping center, be careful not to get lost.In the evening we returned to Amsterdam for dinner

3 day

The day of the 9? spent in the city, we visited the Vondelpark park, getting lost in the lakes and paths, then we headed to the Van Gogh Museum, but without entering why? none of the three cared and then given the splendid weather we preferred to enjoy the city. My two travel companions for? they then opted for the museum of diamonds, wealth has infected them, I think that the entrance was free. In the meantime, I went to look for the boat for the tour through the canals. My choice ? relapse on this company: Canal. I left the bus stop in front of the Hard Rock cafe after a great lunch. Round ? lasted a couple of hours, you can? get on and off at various stops, but I preferred to do the whole tour.

4 day

For the last day we decided to go and explore Waterland, the region that embraces Amsterdam. The best way to get around? the EBS day pass. We bought the ticket at Amsterdam Central Station, but from the opposite side to the one facing the center. Go along the entire station on the right you will find the office to get the ticket (10 euros) and as soon as you get out the red buses! They provide you with a map showing the numbers of the buses to use and what to see in the various locations. We followed the blue route on the map and saw Edam, Volendam and Marken. We wanted to add another village but the bus doesn't? stopped where it was supposed to so we gave up. Neither ? it was definitely worth it, why? allowed us to see what c ?? beyond the city? and discover these little gems, especially Edam.
Back to the city? for dinner time and stroll to digest.

5 day

Last day in Amsterdam, the weather? ugly and drizzling, we have the plane early so we decide to have a good breakfast in the renowned Pancakes Amsterdam (they also make pancakes for celiacs, and since our travel companion is it? the choice was also dictated by this). The place ? tiny and they don't take reservations, was it already? full at 9 am. Luckily we found a table and enjoyed a super breakfast. Watch out for ?: these pancakes are not like the American ones, but reminiscent of French crepes, so thin and less 'spongy'. We chose the place in front of the station, so? then we took the train and went back to the airport!

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