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    Amish villages in Pennsylvania: journey through Lancaster's “amish country”

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    When you are talking about amish villages perhaps the first state that comes to mind is Pennsylvania, as the place known as Dutch Country was the subject of one of the most important colonizations from Central Europe from the late 1600s to the late 1800s. In particular the area around the city of Lancaster it is where the Amish settled in the United States.

    Today the most interesting testimonials regarding the amish culture are found mostly scattered along the countryside and rural areas surrounding the city: the Lancaster County. In addition to the attractions reported by visiting the small towns of StrasbourgBird in HandIntercourse, or along the historical one Lincoln Highway, you will encounter many other small shops, farms and points of interest where you can further deepen your knowledge of this culture. For this reason the suggestion is to visit these small realities as well as the single attractions reported here.


    • Who are the Amish
    • The Amish Village
    • Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides
    • The Amish Farm and House
    • Tours available
      • Amish Experience
      • Amish Tour da Philadelphia
      • Amish Tour da New York
    • Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

    Who are the Amish

    Before going into the discovery of the main attractions, perhaps it is right to do a brief study on who are these amish, which in the collective imagination we immediately connect to the characteristic clothing and to the cart pulled by a horse which, even today, is used as the main means of locomotion.

    Originally the Amish arose as a derivation of the Mennonite church, and they owe their name to Bishop Jakob Ammann who in Switzerland began to build the theological foundations of the new religion. They are part of that current of Protestantism generally cataloged under the name of anabattisti. That is, they believe that only a conscious adult can decide whether he should join the religious community or not.

    The rules to follow are listed in theOrder: a series of religious, moral and behavioral precepts that regulate the life of the community. Among the best known is the rejection of modernity and all the comforts we are used to nowadays including electricity, running water, television, etc. of disputes is resolved within the community itself.

    Do you think that with this rigorous lifestyle the Amish are now on the verge of extinction? You are very wrong, the Amish community in the United States has never been larger and they are in constant increase. This is essentially due to two facts: the high birth rate (7 children on average per family) and the willingness of adolescents to remain part of the community. During the time of the Space jump (usually between 14 and 16 years old) the young Amish are in fact allowed to leave their community of origin to go and discover the worldly life and all the pleasures associated with it, despite this the majority of young people (it is estimated almost the 90%) choose to return and fully embrace the community's rules of life and religion.

    Finally, pay attention to how you use yours camera. In fact, the Amish do not like to be photographed and filmed posing, since the act is considered as a useless gesture of vanity contrary to the dictates of the Bible according to which: "You will not make yourself an idol or any image of what is up there in the sky or of what is down here on earth ». They won't complain too much so if you portray them intent on their daily chores.

    The Amish Village

    If you want to experience firsthand how the Amish lived in 1800 you can take a tour in this reconstructed village where you can visit among other things a farm, a church, a school, the blacksmith's shop, a market where you can buy local products (with a picnic area to eat them outdoors) and many animals living on the property.

    Various tours are available both inside the village and in the nearby areas depending on how long you want to spend discovering this area. You can consult the prices and opening hours (which vary greatly depending on the time of year) by visiting the official website.

    The address of the Amish Village is: 199 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572. If you are looking for a solution a little out of the ordinary to sleep in the area, you can consider a stop at Fulton Steamboat Inn a steamboat-shaped hotel 1 minute drive from the Amish Village. Otherwise you can check all the facilities in the area by clicking on the link below.

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    Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides

    One of the distinctive elements when it comes to Amish are certainly the character actors horse-drawn carriages which represent the main means of locomotion for the community. It is therefore not uncommon to come across these particular means of transport along the roads we travel with our car.

    If you too want to experience what it feels like to be transported around the Pennsylvania countryside in this wagon, one of the best choices is to go to the small town of Bird In Hand and choose one of the many tours that Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides offers its visitors. All tours are also accompanied by the narration of a local guide who therefore knows very well the history and customs of the Amish people.

    The address to go to is: 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-In-Hand, PA 17505 Practically close to the Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides is the characteristic Amish View Inn & Suites (which can be taken as a base if you plan to stay a few days to explore the surroundings). Another recommended structure a short distance away is theAmish Country Motel, inserted in a beautiful setting that also offers themed tours. However, the area offers many hotel solutions, most of which are also in tune with the characteristic local atmosphere.

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    The Amish Farm and House

    In this case, as you can also guess from the name, it is a farm dating back to 1805 which boasts of being the first amish attraction from all over the United States. You can visit the rooms of the house and the various buildings related to agricultural activity, walking along the property (or being led by the characteristic wagon) you can also observe a large number of animals.

    You will also have the opportunity to see local artisans produce tools as well as taste many typical homemade products. Among the available tours you will also have the opportunity to choose one by minibus that will take you to discover the surroundings of this farm. Particularly suitable if you want to leave your car parked for a while.

    The Amish Farm and House address is 2395 Covered Bridge Drive, Lancaster, PA 17602. Lincoln Highway Near the attraction you will find many hotels including well-known hotel chains. For a quick glance of the best sleeping solutions click on the link below.

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    Tours available

    If you want to discover the secrets of this region, you can opt to set up your itinerary by adding the most interesting destinations according to you, or rely on a tour organized directly on the spot or departing from the nearest large cities. So let's find out what some recommended solutions may be.

    Amish Experience

    Thanks to this tour you will discover the secrets of Plain & Fancy Farm, another characteristic Bird in Hand farm that has managed to keep its relationship with the Amish traditions of the region unchanged. You can choose to take a tour of the farm alone, visiting a typical Amish house and school, or book a bus tour to explore the region by visiting the most characteristic places.

    Find out more about this tour

    Amish Tour da Philadelphia

    If after exhausting the things to see in Philadelphia you want to dedicate yourself to a trip in the hinterland of Pennsylvania to discover the Amish traditions this could be an ideal solution. This is basically the previous tour with the added convenience of having included pickup and return to the main hotels in the city.

    Find out more about this tour

    Amish Tour da New York

    If you are visiting New York and want to spend a day immersed in Amish culture and visiting Philadelphia, this may be the right solution for you. The great advantage of this tour is that it has the option of being accompanied by one guide in Spanish.

    Find out more about this tour

    Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

    To conclude, I would like to point out another real open-air museum which, instead of being focused on the Amish, is more generally dedicated to reconstructing the customs and lifestyles of the German immigrants of Pennsylvania. Despite this, the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum still finds its space in this collection because it has more than 40 structures on a very large area (which can also be visited aboard a horse-drawn cart) useful for discovering something more about what it was the life of the first European settlers.

    Taking a walk along the buildings and visiting the museum means taking a real leap in time and also having the opportunity to make a comparison between the lifestyle of the Amish and that of the settlers of other religious denominations. The entrance ticket ($ 12) also includes a local guide. For opening hours you can check the official website.

    The village is located just north of Lancaster, the address is: 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster, PA 17601 To sleep the advice is to look for a hotel in Lancaster both for the wide choice and for the proximity to the attraction

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