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American institutions

Discover with us the American institutions

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Themes of social interest in America

One of the most felt themes in America is certainly the racial question.

We are first of all faced with a moral question. It is as old as the scriptures and as clear as the US Constitution. The heart of the matter is whether all Americans should be granted equal rights and equal opportunities. […] A hundred years have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, and yet their heirs, their grandchildren, are not yet completely free. They are not yet free from the constraints of injustice. They are not yet free from economic and social oppression. And this nation, despite all its hopes and all its boast, will not be truly free until all its citizens are free. […] It is time for this nation to keep its promise; [...] when legal remedies are lacking, the fires of frustration and discord burn in every city from North to South. [...] A great change is at hand and our task, our duty, is to make this revolution, this change, peaceful and constructive for all, […] Next week I will ask the United States Congress to act, to commit itself as it has not fully done in the last century so that racial discrimination has no place in American life and laws.

June 1963, John F. Kennedy

However, there are other interesting themes:

  • Amish
  • Inequality between women and men
  • Fine dell’American Dream?
  • The racial problem of African Americans
  • Runaway: street kids in the USA
  • Skull and Bones
  • Judicial system: one of the (many) sad stories
  • Situation in American prisons
  • Death penalty
  • States that provide for the death penalty
  • Crimes for which the death penalty is envisaged

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