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When it comes to Amalfi just close your eyes to see yourself overhanging the sea, enraptured by the colors of the sky and the vertigo that the cliffs give. This wonderful suggestion, however, must be expanded with what Amalfi historically represented and for the cultural and monumental legacy that accompanies every visitor. Always celebrated as an exclusive holiday destination for its retro air, the beautiful shops and elegant hotels, the whole Amalfi Coast is actually a place suitable for all types of visitors and to all budgets. Not only the sea, therefore, but also art, culture and the pride of a barely faded but never forgotten greatness.


  1. 10 things to see in Amalfi in a weekend
  2. What to see in Amalfi in one day: recommended itinerary
  3. Where to eat in Amalfi: the best restaurants
  4. What to do in the evening: the nightlife areas and the best clubs in Amalfi
  5. Plan your stay in Amalfi: info and useful tips
  6. User questions and comments

10 things to see in Amalfi in a weekend

1 - Cathedral of Sant'Andrea

La Cathedral of Sant'Andrea it is visited every year by thousands of tourists for its beauty and historical importance. It was built in 987 adjacent to another church of the ninth century and is majestic, in Romanesque style with three naves and a neo-Moorish external facade with Gothic influences of rare beauty. The interior is sumptuous, almost entirely covered with marble and frescoed in Baroque style.
There is a crypt built on the tomb of the patron saint and a Norman-style cloister which in 1268 connected the two old structures and later renamed Chiorstro del Paradiso. The bell tower adjacent to the cathedral was also built in the th century at the foot of the staircase is the fountain of Sant'Andrea, Of 1760.

  • it is located in the homonymous square, very close to Piazza Municipio, and can be reached on foot in a few minutes from every corner of the historic center. Keep in mind that the historic center of Amalfi is closed to traffic - Get directions
  • From March to June from 9:00 to 18:45, from July to September from 9:00 to 19:45. During the winter period from November to February from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 16:30.
  • € 3,00, free during religious services

2 - Museum of paper

In the innermost part of the city, in the road that leads to the Valle di Mulini, this one old restored paper mill offers the visitor a small taste of what was once the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. Thanks to trade with other countries, Amalfi had the opportunity to import raw materials, but also to learn different processing techniques and to experiment with them to produce products of excellent quality. In the case of paper, they perfected the techniques to produce a very valuable type of sheet, still in use today. Inside the museum there are machinery and equipment, restored and functioning, used in the ancient paper mill to make paper by hand.

  • on the road to the Valle dei Mulini, you can walk from the historic center in just 15 minutes along via Capuano and then via delle Cartiere - Get directions
  • every day from March to October from 10:00 to 18:30, from November to February it closes at 15.30 and does not open on Mondays.
  • full € 4,00 - reduced € 2,50

3 - Valley of the Mills

Valle dei Mulini is an old mule track dotted with agricultural ruins and abandoned mills.
Today it has been made safe and has become a relaxing walk among the ruins of mills, lemon houses and le small waterfalls formed by the Canneto stream that flow into narrow rocky gorges. The view is very suggestive and the route is not too demanding.
The valley is also populated by various animal species and covered with thick Mediterranean vegetation.

  • walk from the historic center in just 15 minutes along via Capuano and then via delle Cartiere up to the entrance to the old path, well marked by tourist signs - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

4 - Rione Vagliendola

The Vagliendola district is the most characteristic district of the town and is one of the best preserved. Here the old aristocratic houses, the turreted houses follow one another and you can walk up to the former Convent of San Pietro della Canonica, now the Albergo dei Cappuccini. Among the other most striking buildings are the Monastery of SS. Trinità and the church of Sant'Antonio, but the beauty of this corner of the city lies in the daily life of its shops, the little shops on the narrow alleys and the pastry shops.

  • from Piazza del Duomo on foot in about 5 minutes - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

5 - Arsenal

The Arsenale della Repubblica is the testimony of Amalfi's glorious past as a maritime city. In ancient times the arsenal was the shipyard where the naval fleet was built which for a long time protected the Amalfi coast from Muslim danger. In one of the two naves of the imposing palace, the Museum of the Compass and Marine Art which documents and illustrates the history of the ancient Maritime Republic with a good collection of objects.

  • from the Piazza del Duomo you can take via D'Amalfi to the seafront and continue west for about 500 meters. It can be reached comfortably in about 10 minutes on foot - Get directions
  • from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:30 - Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00
  • € 2,00

6 - Emerald Grotto

It was discovered by accident in 1932 by a local fisherman, and owes its name to the color of the water that reflects light that filters from the rocks, creating emerald color effects.
In ancient times it was not invaded by water and it is full of columns, stalactites and stalagmites. It can be visited by land via lift or stairs, but most visitors prefer the visit by sea, with the rafts of local tour operators departing from various marinas.

  • The entrance to the Grotta dello Smeraldo, in the homonymous via di Conca dei Marini, can be reached from the SS 163, the panoramic road that goes from Salerno to Positano. An elevator or stairs will then favor access to the cave - Get directions
  • lift operating from 8:00 to 16:00, the stairs until 20:00 in summer
  • the entrance ticket costs € 5,00

7 - Torre dello Ziro

It is a'ancient watchtower of Saracen ships, later used as a prison, equipped with walkways and bastions, it seems to be of Angevin origin. In 1500 Giovanna d'Aragona, known as "the madwoman", was imprisoned there. The effort to reach it is amply compensated by the breathtaking views, the charm of the remains of the tower and the lush vegetation that accompanies the walkways.

  • in Pontone, between Amalfi and Trani - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

8 - Duoglio beach

The Duoglio beach is located one kilometer after Amalfi, coming from Vietri sul Mare, e it can be reached by following a long staircase of more than four hundred steps, which starts from the Amalfi State Road, or by sea. On the beach you can find a couple of bathing establishments and a restaurant. Keep in mind that due to the cliffs, the sun goes away at 16:30.

  • from north to Amalfi along the SS 163 about 1 km away - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

9 - Marina Grande beach

Fully equipped and with many bathing establishments, although it is a fairly large beach, if you don't arrive early you risk not finding a place. The convenient location, ease of access and the presence of the pier from which the excursions depart, make it always very crowded.
Excellent for families with children and for those who love to go for walks but not recommended for those not looking for confusion and worldly life.

  • the beach is right next to the downtown promenade and is accessible from anywhere in the city in a few minutes - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

10 - Santa Maria de Olearia

Il monastic complex it was built between 950 and 1000 by Benedictine monks and consists of a small center inside the rock from which three different chapels develop, with different architectures from various eras. Of great architectural importance, it contains medieval monastic remains from the Romanesque period and inside there are frescoes which show scenes of daily life of a religious nature.

  • along the Amalfi coast road SS 163 towards the east, you will arrive in about 25 minutes by car - Get directions
  • from 15:30 to 18:30 and on Sundays from 10:00 to 13:00
  • free

What to see in Amalfi in one day: recommended itinerary

To visit Amalfi in one day, you can start from the one that best represents this wonderful town: the sea.

Morning: from the beach of Marina Grande, after a dip in the clear waters, go up towards the historic center crossing the seafront to the Arsenale. After the visit to the Museum of the Compass, take via Duca Monsone to the Piazza del Duomo to visit the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, the Cloister of Paradise and go shopping in the shops around the fountain.

Afternoon: after lunch, in the early afternoon, you can start the walk up to the Valley of the Mills with a stop at the Paper Museum and in about two hours you will return to the confusion of the center, but only to continue towards the Torre dello Ziro.

Sera: from halfway up, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the entire coast and for dinner you can opt for one of the panoramic restaurants around the old bastion. Returning to the center you can enjoy the Amalfi by night and the nightlife of the seafront.

One day itinerary at a glance

  1. Breakfast at Pasticceria Savoia in via Camera, 2
  2. Marina Grande beach - opening hours: always accessible - ticket price: free
  3. Arsenal - opening hours: 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:30 - Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 20: 00- ticket cost: full € 2,00
  4. Cathedral and Piazza del Duomo - opening hours: from March to June from 9:00 to 18:45, from July to September from 9:00 to 19:45. During the winter period from November to February from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 16:30. - Cathedral ticket cost: full € 3,00
  5. Lunch at Pizzaria Donna Stella in Salita Rascica, 2
  6. Paper Museum - every day from March to October from 10:00 to 18:30, from November to February it closes at 15.30 and does not open on Mondays. - ticket cost: full € 4,00 reduced € 2,50
  7. Valley of the Mills - opening hours: always accessible - ticket price: free
  8. Torre delo Ziro - opening hours: always accessible - ticket price: free
  9. Price at Le Arcate Restaurant in Largo Buonocore

Where to eat in Amalfi: the best restaurants

  • Pizzeria Donna Stella: historic pizzeria in Amalfi, lost in the alleys of the center and with a beautiful pergola for eating outside. Quality products and courteous service.
    Average price per person: € 25,00
    Address and contacts: Salita Rascica, 2 (Get directions) tel: (+39) 3383588483
  • Senses: renowned coastal restaurant offering high-level Mediterranean cuisine. Beautiful panorama and well-kept place.
    Average price per person: € 50,00
    Address and contacts: via Comite, 4 (Get directions) tel: (+39) 0898871183
  • Le arcate: offers quality pizza and fish with a good wine and beer list. Panoramic and welcoming.
    Average price per person: € 35,00
    Address and contacts: Largo Buonocore (Get directions) tel: (+39) 089871367

What to do in the evening: the nightlife areas and the best clubs in Amalfi

Amalfi is a tourist resort suitable for everyone, from families to children who choose to come and enjoy relaxation, the sun or the nightlife. The hottest clubs are scattered throughout the coast and easily reachable in a few minutes by car, but you can also choose to stay in the center, among the many pubs or bathing establishments that come alive from aperitif time, with DJ sets. , live music and fashion shows organized by the many boutiques.

The best pubs, clubs and discos

  • The African: it is perhaps the most sought after and fashionable disco on the whole coast and the music offered varies from the evenings to satisfy all tastes. Dug out of a rock and with a glass floor overlooking the sea, it is always very crowded and it is difficult to book a table.
    Address: via Terramare, Praiano (Get directions) - Facebook page
  • Gerry's Pub: with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, it offers coffee services, bars, aperitifs, theme nights and private parties. Very popular with both Amalfi and tourists, it remains open until 02:00
    Address: piazza Amodio, 3 (Get directions) - Facebook page
  • Blue Mermaid: bar and restaurant of modern conception, with large windows and a huge counter for aperitifs. It offers quick lunches and dinners but focuses heavily on young people by offering aperitifs, theme nights and presentations by young artists. Open late at night.
    Address: viale delle Repubbliche Marinare (Get directions) - Facebook page

Plan your stay in Amalfi: info and useful tips

  • the nearest airport is Naples Capodichino which connects the Neapolitan city to Milan and Rome with daily flights. Flixbus buses arrive in Salerno with good frequency from all the Italian regional capitals, with prices starting from € 19,00. Both solutions then presuppose reaching Amalfi with the local Sita bus lines. For those who prefer the car, from the south via the A30 motorway, Salerno exit which leads directly onto the SS163 coastal road; from Naples with the A3 exit Vietri sul Mare then always the coastal road SS163
    Compare flights to Naples - from € 33,00
  • Getting around: Amalfi can be easily visited on foot without too much effort. The Sita bus lines connect the many towns of the coast with good frequency and the timetables are available on their website Excursions are also easily accessible and can be organized with the many local tour operators. Possible to rent bicycles and scooters.
  • Where to park: At the entrance of the city, in via Comite, there is the Luna Rossa car park at a cost of € 3,00 per hour and very convenient thanks to the tunnel that then connects it to the Town Hall square. A little further on, in Lungomare dei Cavalieri and with the same rates, is Parking.
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 55,00 per room -
  • What to see in the surroundings: from Amalfi you can make day trips all over the coast. We recommend Positano, reachable by car along the SS 163 and Pompei, through the Natural Reserve of the Ferriere along the SP 1. Both need 1 hour by car.

Here are some activities and excursions you can book on the Amalfi coast:

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