Alternative vacation? A tour in the Indian reservations

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When you are talking about United States in terms of travel and holidays only big cities come to mind, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. Yet having the time, since in one day it is not possible, many choose an alternative destination, in which to fall back at least a few days. I'm talking aboutWest of the United States and one of its major attractions: the beautiful Indian reservations.

Arizona, with its 23 reserves, is true symbol of the American West, no longer as wild as it used to be, but certainly fascinating. Here tourists will be able to get in touch with some of the most important Indian tribes and get to know and appreciate a culture that is light years away from ours, probably remaining fascinated by it.

The ideal would be to participate in a well-organized tour, but if you are an adventurer and want to do everything by yourself, remember that entering an Indian reservation means crossing the doors of a world that does not belong to us, jealously guarded by its inhabitants. who do not like those who do not respect their rules. So, find out about the prohibitions and habits that apply in the reserves and try to respect them.

Often photographs and filming are prohibited, otherwise they are mostly for a fee. It is forbidden to fish and hunt if you do not have special permits, as well as camping or staying long on the roadside, therefore, for all these reasons, it would be advisable to rely on an expert guide, possibly a native of the place, who will be able to make you better appreciate each type of itinerary chosen.

If you want, you can also stay inside the large Indian tents, now mostly intended for "foreigners" and discover the culinary specialties of these tribes. It is highly recommended to visit some of the most important American Indian museums and participate, if you are so lucky, in the so-called pow wows, that is, Indian gatherings that will put you in touch with the local culture.

If you want to bring some souvenirs to relatives or friends, make sure you have a well-inflated wallet. The reason? Indians love to be rewarded handsomely for their hospitality, but for the beauty and exclusivity of the handcrafted objects, you will not regret the expense, however accessible to the pockets of all tourists.

The main reserves to visit are those of the Hopi and Navajo, where there are some of the most beautiful canyons and the very famous Monument Valley, a true icon of the western United States. If you want a holiday that is a mix of nature, culture, dance, past and "magic", the tour in the Indian reservations is the best choice.

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