Alternative cruises: on a cargo ship to go around the world

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There is a completely alternative way to travel to cruises, which can turn into a very exciting and adventurous experience. They exist in fact shipping cargo willing to accommodate passengers who want to reach remotest corners of the world, choosing to move with a completely unusual vehicle.

The real luxury of this type of boat is undoubtedly tranquility. On board a nave mercantile, time ceases its frenetic rush: there are no timetables to respect, guests can enjoy browsing, relax, lose yourself in the blue of the sea and in the constellations, rediscover that much desired sense of freedom.

Trips on freight ships go beyond just moving from one point of the globe to another. They offer the possibility to pass from the daily routine to the unknown, away from mobile phones, from the internet and from everyday commitments, to really switch off and find yourself.

Depending on the company, you can find cabins equipped with all the comforts or others more spartane, and the price is certainly lower than that of a trip aboard a luxury cruise ship.
During the scheduled stopovers on the merchant route, passengers will be able to go ashore, with stops that usually last a couple of days, but can vary according to needs.

However, it is good to remember that when you choose to travel on a cargo ship, you will not have services such as tour guides or shuttles to take you to a 5 star hotel. This is why this type of trip is suitable for those who want to move in total autonomy, going to the discovery of unexplored places, very different from those besieged by mass tourism.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is flexibility. According to those who have already tried this experience, ships rarely arrive by the scheduled date, most of the time it happens that they dock with a few hours or even a few days late, so you really have to be be prepared for anything.

If you feel ready to embark on this adventure, you will find several shipping companies that will allow you to reach the most remote places on the planet in the village of a merchant ship. Among these, the Italian Grimaldi Lines offers customers various routes from Europe to South America to Africa. Also worth keeping an eye on is the Freighter Travel website, created by a couple of New Zealanders, specializing in booking trips on ocean-going cargo ships, and SlowTravel, where you will find the itineraries and packages of the most famous shipping companies.

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