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It is not the road that runs along the Amalfi Coast nor the one that climbs the Dolomites. According to some polls, the most beautiful road in the world is in Norway: it is the Atlantic Ocean Road, a long way that crosses an archipelago, with viaducts and scenic spots a overhanging the sea (LOOK AT THE MAP). It is often subject to bad weather, waves several meters high and frequent snow and wind storms. However, there are many tourists who choose to travel on the Atlantic Road in autumn just to experience the violent storms that hit it.


Includes a stretch of 8,27 kilometers between the cities of Kristiansund e Molde, the two largest towns in Møre og Romsdal county, in fjord Norway. The road (the number 64) begins approximately 30 km southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 km north of Molde. Meander along low bridges that sprout out of the sea, connecting the islands between Molde (famous for the jazz festival which takes place in July) and Kristiansund, in the Westfjords. The street pass through the quaint colorful villages and Averøy islets.

THEHustadvika is the famous stretch of ocean that is particularly spectacular during storms, from which you can spot whales and seals when the sky is clear.

Elected Norwegian construction of the century in 2005, the road connects many small coastal communities. From Kristiansund take the Atlantic Ocean Road by car in only 30 minutes, crossing the Atlantic Ocean tunnel. After passing the tunnel, cross the island of Averøy with the wooden church of Kvernes - which dates back to 1300 and is one of the newest of the Norwegian wooden churches -, its wonderful west coast and the incredible coast towards Hustadvika.

The road nimbly jumps from island to island thanks to seven bridges, the tallest of which, the Storseisundet, has an extreme curvature which almost gives an artistic touch to its construction.

Looking at it, one would think that such a road has ruined the beautiful Norwegian landscape. Instead, Norway is a nation with tens of thousands of islands and islets that have been connected by a thin strip barely visible from above.

She was awarded the title of national tourist route, thanks to its bridges and the spectacular coastline it crosses. There wild nature and the tight curves have made this road the most beautiful in the world.


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