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Since medical bills are borne by the patient in the United States, it is of primary importance to take out insurance that fully covers them. The US health system is private, so both outpatient and emergency services must be paid for by the patients themselves.

To safeguard health and wallet, the various insurance agencies offer different insurance packages, based on personal requirements and the motivation of the trip. Among them, the Travel Care travel insurance of the Allianz company is certainly a good choice. Let's see in detail what advantages it offers.

travel care covers health care e pays health care expenses directly in the USA and CANADA territories, with unlimited expenses. The insurance package is effective from the moment the contract is signed. It covers all persons with legal capacity domiciled or resident in Spain.

The insurance is also valid for those who, even if resident in foreign territory, have a temporary domicile in Spain, duly registered. In this particular circumstance, payments for medical services are provided from the home office of the person concerned.

The insurance covers medical expenses incurred during your stay in the United States, whether it is for tourism, business or study purposes. Attention: it is valid for a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 45 days, and refers to the locations expressly indicated in the contract. In the event that you violate any laws and regulations in force in the United States or the European Union, the coverage is no longer applicable.

As required by Article 4 of the Common Insurance Regulations, it is not possible to stipulate any other policy in conjunction with Travel Care (and in general any other insurance). This is to avoid the accumulation of insurance premiums and to avoid the extension of the 45 days of agreed validity.

Anyone wishing to sign the Travel Care must sign the contract in good time before departure. Otherwise, health and care costs will not be covered or reimbursed. When planning the trip, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is good to check that the destinations are actually included in the insurance package and that they are not subject to embargoes.

The cost of the insurance premium varies from 10 euros for 4 days in the national territory up to 130 euros for a stay of 15 days in the United States. The price however, it may undergo changes depending on the place where you stay, the type of risk coverage and the health services you intend to insure.

If you intend to travel longer than 45 days, it is preferable not to risk being forced to incur large medical expenses. In this case, you could opt for the solution Long stay. The policy in question guarantees full coverage of medical health services, including direct ones.

It is valid in both the United States and Canada. The costs of Long Stay insurance premiums are approximately € 165 for a total period of 50 days in Spain and approximately € 500 for a stay of up to 50 days in the USA.

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