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It can be known and called by different names, as many as there are countries in the world, but its mission remains unchanged: bring gifts to all children aboard his sleigh and turn Christmas Eve into a magical fairy tale. But the figure of Santa Claus does not belong only to the creative imagination of children because he, the most generous father in the world, really exists.

Of course, meeting him is not that simple, but it is not a mission impossible. In fact, in the world Santa Claus has several residences where he works and works continuously all year round with his helpers, to ensure that the most awaited night of the year turns out to be perfect. And his houses are open to the public. Let's find out where they are and how to get there.


The house of Ded Moroz

The Advent period in Russia is magical and evocative. Not only for the lights and decorations that invade the cities, but also for the anxious wait for Ded Moròz. Nonno Gelo, so literally translated, is the Russian Santa Claus who, however, brings gifts to the children on December 31st, in anticipation of the Orthodox Christmas which falls on January 7th.

His figure is mysterious and evocative and has its origins in Slavic mythology. Like Santa Claus, Ded Moròz also receives letters from the children and makes sure that the best ones receive the required gifts. And when he's not at work, it's possible to visit him in his main residence which is found to Velikij Ùstjug, about 450 kilometers from Moscow.

Santa Claus in Norway

We are now moving to Drøbak, Norway, to meet Santa Claus in Tregaarden's Christmas House. What used to be an old fisherman's house has been transformed into the official residence of Santa Claus in the country which opens its doors of the year every day, welcoming adults and children who are eager to warmly deliver the letters by hand.

Santa's home in Lapland

Rovaniemi probably needs no introduction because it was unanimously recognized as the official home of Santa Claus. It is here, in Finnish Lapland, on the border with the Polar Circle Article, that you can meet Santa Claus, elves and reindeer. Spend time with them and visit the post office where millions of letters from all over the world are sent every day.

Santaworld, the Swedish residence of Santa Claus

Also in Sweden Santa Claus has his home. It is a real enchanted village recognized as the headquarters of Santa Claus activities. Located in the Dalarna region, near Lake Siljan, this park is home to many red wooden houses. This is where Santa Claus lives and works together, but he is not alone. Together with him, in fact, there are also the folletti Tomte, the trolls and the King and Queen of winter.

The home of Santa Claus is also in Italy

But Santa Claus is ready to welcome adults and children to our country, so that everyone is given the opportunity to sit between her legs and express wishes. In Rivoli, in fact, there is an enchanted Santa Claus village with many wooden houses inside which shows and events of all kinds are hosted.

The atmosphere is certainly magical. But what really makes the experience special is the meeting of Santa Claus who welcomes all the children inside his little house. But Santa Claus never stands still, this is known. And it is likely that it will also show up in other cities around the world, perhaps even yours.

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