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For centuries man has been looking for answers to inexplicable facts, which have given rise to doubts in him due to the mystery created around places and facts that have always had a historical imprint, but which for some decades have been giving rise to theories, how to say ... more imaginative. We are talking about unexplained events e bizarre tales that have led man to believe that he is not alone in the universe. Aliens, grays, reptilians: different races extraterrestrials that many fanatics say are among us on earth ... but where? There are many places where many have described alien sightings, providing more or less details, some truly gruesome, which put even the most cynical personalities to the test. Who hasn't heard of the Roswell and Area 51 incident?


  1. The Roswell Incident, New Mexico
  2. Area 51, Nevada
  3. Mexico City, Mexico
  4. We are not alone in the Universe ...
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The Roswell Incident, New Mexico

  • Date: July 3, 1947
  • Location: Roswell, New Mexico
  • Episode: alleged UFO crash

It is the night of 3 July of the 1947 when, not far from a town in New Mexico, "something" crashes to the ground; the first news that comes out refers to a probe balloon belonging to the United States Air Force. Immediately the first rumors attract the attention of the media and UFO enthusiasts: many on the night of the crash claim to have seen flying objects in the skies above the crash site.
From that night begins the legend of the Roswell accident, an event that caused such a sensation that it even inspired a TV series! The International UFO Museum and Research was also founded which exhibits documents and finds from the accident and which also offers information about crop circles, alien abductions and all the facts related to theufology and the alleged existence of extra terrestrials.

Area 51, Nevada

  • Location: Area 51, Nevada
  • Episode: Alleged Alien and UFO Experiments

One attracts the interest of many UFO experts vast military area known as Area 51. It is a military base located in the south of the state of Nevada so off-limits as to arouse, in the thought of many, enthusiasts and not, theories according to which within it the remains of alien corpses of flying saucers also, but not limited to, from Roswell.

The secrecy surrounding this alleged military base also suggests that scientists and ufologists inside are looking for a way, if they haven't already found it, to communicate with our "hopefully friends" aliens.
Being a secret area, it is not known what happens inside it; however there are an infinity of documentaries and interviews with ex-soldiers and collaborators who tell the facts and who try to find out what really happens in the military base. It's all to be "taken with a grain of salt" as they say, to avoid being plagiarized by conspiracy theories without any foundation ... maybe!

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Date: July 11, 1991
  • Location: Mexico City
  • Episode: mass sighting of UFOs

Another country in the world where the so-called "close encounters of the third kind" have increased since the s is Mexico. The event that in this case gave rise to this series of sightings and that aroused the interest of many enthusiasts on the subject is the one that took placeJuly 11 1991; during a total solar eclipse that lasted 7 minutes, millions of people saw a UFOs circling over the skies of Mexico City. The episode was captured by the cameras of 17 amateurs, which clearly show three flying objects identical and discoid.
It is unbelievable that both the eclipse and the sighting had been predicted by the Maya centuries earlier! A manuscript called the Dresden code states that the eclipse of 11 July 1991 would have announced fundamental events for the life of man: changes on the earth and the acquisition of a cosmic awareness through the meeting with the "Masters of the Stars" . A stroke of luck for the Maya?

We are not alone in the Universe ...

These and many others are the places that every UFO and extraterrestrial enthusiast hopes to be able to visit, to search for and observe evidence of alien visits to earth. The constant search for these proofs naturally serves to answer a single question that has always gripped man: there are aliens? The answer to this question could simply be: why not? There are many clues that suggest their existence, from crop circles to the most impressive perfection of Egyptian pyramids. And while scientists and ufologists continue to pour out theories of all kinds, probably the truth is that we are wrong question ... maybe we should ask ourselves who they are and what they are waiting to show themselves to us. Maybe there is already an answer to these questions, only we mere mortals do not know ...

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