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"Each car represents? An era. The world, not just that of the car, is constantly changing but every moment has its own style and needs."

A gray, gloomy Sunday, the desire to do something but you don't know what to do with a time that spurs more? to a day on the sofa and TV!

Since ? already? late morning we look for something not too far away and here is the solution; the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, easy to reach and open on Sundays!

We then head towards viale Alfa Romeo in Arese (MI), we find ap? of traffic at the exit due to the mall which? nearby but passed this ... the game? done. We park the car in the large parking lot and go inside!

The museum ? open every day from 10 to 18 except Tuesdays. The cost of the ticket? equal to 12? / person. Are there for? reductions for children, the elderly, the disabled, members of associations, etc. but this is all information that you can learn more about on the site.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the entrance or from the site with a booking cost of € 1,50 / person. If you decide to go with a group you can also ask for a guide!

Our visit begins in a company founded on June 24, 1910, thanks to Cavalier Ugo Stella, with the name of ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) and his first car designed by Giuseppe Merosi, the 24 HP.

Will not enter? too much in the detail of the history of Alfa Romeo that you will be able to know more? detailed through the site or by visiting it directly. My purpose with this article is to make this known through there? that we have seen and experienced, make you curious and recommend a visit or not.

1 day

With the First World War ALFA receives many problems and after a few turbulent years, since 1919 the company resumes producing cars ... and not only!

Is this where I discovered that ALFA for a while? also dedicated to the field of aeronautics.

Obviously I don't understand anything about this context so I used Marco's knowledge to let me explain the difference between the various engines and so on! Was I fascinated by their complexity? and the size of some engines !!

From here, our visit moves to what we can define as the heart of the museum, a place divided by floors and therefore eras where a number of cars that have made the history of our country are exhibited, which I never imagined.

Wars pass and the company needs, like many, to retreat up. Strategies change, ideas change and ALFA engages, with excellent results, also in the world of sport

We see names still known today appear that over time have obviously undergone changes such as the Giulietta, Giulia and Alfetta.

The beauty of going through these rooms? was seeing the evolution that took place over the years in terms of mechanics but also in fashion! The historical and social period all influenced the production of something that was slowly starting to be taken for granted. What? like some shapes and colors that today may seem obvious, a few years ago marked an evolution.

If we pause for a moment on these things and look around inside this museum we can realize how things have changed quickly.

As mentioned, this company soon ,? attempt a sports career.

Pu? boast: five world titles, including the first World Championship for Grand Prix cars in 1925, the first two in Formula 1 in 1950, 10 Targa Florio, four editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and hundreds of trophies in sports and Tourism.

The museum was founded in the 60s as an Alfa Romeo Documentation Center to preserve and enhance the history of the brand; still today located inside the museum.

But I know that some of you have wondered but then ALFA from what does it come and why? today ? Alfa Romeo? B? you only need to ask!

As mentioned at the beginning, ALFA stands for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. With the First World War the company? forced to sell to the Italian Discount Bank, which saw Nicola Romeo, a mechanical engineer, as an appropriate buyer. ?

Given the historical period, N. Romeo decided to bring ALFA to the manufacture of ammunition, aircraft engines and mining equipment, temporarily stopping the production of cars.? After the war, Romeo returned? to car production by changing the company name to "Alfa Romeo"; we are talking about February 3, 1918.

And the symbol of Alfa Romeo? As ? born?

Over time this coat of arms has undergone some changes in terms of design but there? that does not ? ever changed? the presence of the red cross on a white background and the "Biscione".

The red cross on a white field, as well as? coat of arms of Milan, represents the city. While the dragon, or? Big snake ?, with the man in his mouth? the heraldic coat of arms of the Visconti family. This Biscione also has a legend behind it!
It is said that in the 5? century AD was eating the children of Milan and that a brave man, Ottone Visconti, succeeded? to kill him. The Biscione with the cross should therefore symbolize the heroic act.

Inside the museum you will be able to

If you understand for a trip to the Arese area or if you have a way to reach it easily? like us who are from Varese, we recommend a visit to this place that represents, in the field of engines, the past of our country and beyond.

You can also enter the 4D museum, if you have children it will be? a must! And finally, can you relax at the Alfa Romeo Caf? or to the store!

Keep an eye on the museum calendar maybe you will have the chance? to participate in one of the events organized during the year. For example, the "behind the scenes" where the cars normally kept in the depots will be shown and told.

Even if you don't have any technical knowledge about it? that ? the world of engines can still appreciate the aesthetic and historical aspect. Relive certain memories lived ,? joke with the person who will accompany you, with friends or why? no, let your children know there? what is it? been before and show them, maybe, what were the cars of your past!

These are things that I was able to notice looking around inside the museum as well as seeing some foreigners admire and photograph themselves with some of the most? great Italian productions.

I invite you to our Instagram or Facebook page to admire many other photographs about it!

See you soon,
Deb. and Marco!

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