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  • Edmonton: the capital
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A trip to Alberta it will be the ideal destination to get in touch with a boundless and precious panoramic landscape, full of truly unforgettable views where nature has lavished all its gifts: lakes with crystalline waters as well as immense glacial walls will fill your eyes and your memories.

And if in the distance you seem to have glimpsed a wolf or a grizzly, a deer or an elk, it will not have been a suggestion of this fairytale landscape, but simply a stroke of luck that will have rewarded you with a flash of local fauna.

In Alberta, the majesty and grandeur of nature is throbbing. Incredible and exciting natural landscapes are the main reasons that will push you to take a trip to these parts.

The main cities, Edmonton e Calgary, however, they offer a good range of events and attractions that deserve to be visited.

Edmonton: the capital

Edmonton the capital of Alberta

In the capital Edmonton, for sure, you won't have to miss the suggestive artistic and romantic atmosphere of Old Strathcona, a meeting place for artists, poets and dreamers and the tribute to the Ukrainian immigrants of the nineteenth that the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, reconstruction of a village of the time, represents.


Calgary is located in the Alberta region

A Calgary, hotels and restaurants will not fail to spoil you with their luxurious and elegant style. This beautiful prairie town was at the center of the world in 1988, when it hosted the Winter Olympics, which is why you can also count on excellent skiing facilities. Nonetheless, the zoo and the reconstruction of a military fort from past centuries will be excellent reasons to spend a few days here.

Alberta, however, has always been synonymous with Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. The Banff, certainly best known, was the first nature park established in Canada (and third in the world), in 1885.

he Lake Louise nel Banff National Park

Banff National Park

Symbol of a country that has always been attentive to protecting the environment - especially when ecology, ecosystems and endangered species were not on the agenda - testifies to the efforts made to preserve the precious gifts of mother nature as much as possible.

Inside the Banff National Park, there is also a small town (Banff, in fact) that is perfectly harmonized with the surrounding area, able to offer tourists what they can demand. Here, various museums illustrate the history of the park, the city and the animals housed.

Nonetheless, after nourishing the spirit with the wonderful panoramic views, as well as training the body with the sport you prefer (hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, exciting descents on skis or adrenaline on kayaks), a perfect moment relaxation awaits you in the spa included in the park.

Furthermore, if you are experienced rock climbers, you cannot miss the opportunity to test yourself on the extraordinary rock walls that the nearby Canmore proposes you; and, if you travel in winter, you will have no excuses: it is possible to practice ice climbing.

Halfway between Banff and Jasper, the Lake Louise it requires a mandatory stop and, I bet, a welcome one: a lake with calm turquoise waters that reflect the imposing surrounding forests awaits you and, not far away, Moraine Lake will not be outdone, guaranteeing an even more solitary and wild atmosphere.

Headed to Jasper National park, the journey will be very exciting and full of truly unexpected views.

Il Weeping Wall

Il Weeping Wall (wailing wall), in summer, it is a suggestive frozen wall that melts, creating a truly enchanting aura of water vapor; Columbia Icefields it will not fail to amaze you: it is the largest glacial mass in the Rocky Mountains with numerous peaks exceeding 3.000 meters. These are just a couple of the beauties that will delight your trip and that, believe me, are truly indescribable in words.

Jasper National Park

Jasper, also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (like Banff), is less well known, but equally rich in enchanting scenery and native fauna. Paths that wind through thick woods will be suggestive, but unforgettable and unobtainable in any other corner of the planet will be the views you will enjoy aboard the Jasper Tramway (cable car): if the weather smiles on you, you can see the Columbia Icefields 45 km away. distance!

These locations are certainly the heart of Alberta, but if you have time I recommend a detour to both the south and north of this beautiful region, where there will be no shortage of places worth visiting.

Southern Alberta offers the landscape of badlands (arid grasslands with a unique morphology in the world due to erosion) where numerous dinosaur fossils were found. drum lighter is the largest center and symbol of tourism linked to monstrous prehistoric animals: a jump to Dinosaur Provincial Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, will allow you to view real fossils and experience a few instructive and - why not - exciting hours.

In these parts, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Waterton Lakes National Park, a national park of the highest level (declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and - together with the neighboring US Glacier National Park - International Peace Park), but rather out of the way compared to the others and therefore definitely ideal for those who want also appreciate the peace and quiet, as well as the scenic beauty.

Northern Alberta, in addition to being the economic engine of the country, thanks to the vast oil fields that enrich its subsoil, it will be an essential destination if you want a more adventurous memory of Canada. From here pass the roads that lead to Alaska and still live there many natives who derive their livelihood from fishing and hunting. Enchanting natural scenery awaits you again with expanses of pines and herds of buffaloes in the wild for whose protection, in the northern end, was established Wood Buffalo National Park. This park has record figures: as big as Switzerland, it is the largest in the country and is home to the last migratory flock of American cranes.

However, if you are looking for a travel story that will leave your audience speechless, St. Paul is the place for you: here is the only landing pad for flying saucers.

Alberta, a magnificent Canadian region, will not fail to enchant you with its wild and unspoiled landscapes, able to leave a truly indelible memory of what nature can give.

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