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When spring is upon us, the days become warmer and it is natural to think about holidays: this is therefore the right time to book a trip, choosing from many destinations, in Italy or in Europe. Today technology comes to our aid, giving us the opportunity to book our stay online too, without the need to physically go to a travel agency in our city, thus also avoiding traffic queues and queues at the counters. All you need is a PC and an internet connection, and we can consult all the various in complete tranquility travel and tourism portals online, where there are always many offers and advantageous proposals for holidays, choosing from the various tourist resorts and the many accommodation facilities the one that best suits our needs.


  1. Book online holidays: "Do it yourself" or online agencies?
  2. How does work?
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Book online holidays: "Do it yourself" or online agencies?

The world of the web has literally revolutionized the way travel is bought. Once the dear, old, travel agencies were the only solution, but today there are portals where buy flights, hotels, tours and guided tours in total autonomy. Fantastic!

But there is a downside. Buying a flight or a stay directly requires time, patience, but above all a certain familiarity. Furthermore, there are few guarantees and in case of problems, complications, unforeseen events, there is no expert you can rely on. Precisely for these reasons, there are still specialized portals today, with professional travel agents who find the best prices and the most advantageous opportunities, and who offer their professionalism in case of last-minute emergencies.

Among most reliable and secure travel agency on the web, there is, which offers numerous offers, last minute trips and opportunities to be seized, directly from your home PC.

How does work?

On this online portal navigation is simple and intuitive, on the header there are various categories to consult by clicking on the link, that is destinations, villages, hotels, residences. To get a free cost estimate in real time and an overview of the facilities where to stay, you can fill out a form directly from the home where you can enter your data, and a series of structures will appear chosen based on the parameters entered, among which to choose the one that it's for us, with the total cost of the expense we will have to face.

If we are interested in one of the proposals on the site, or if we want advice to choose a holiday structure, we can also send an email or fill out the contact form on the pages of the various structures, in this way we will be contacted as soon as possible. by an operator who will show us various vacation options. Alternatively we can also call the customer service number present in the pages. An operator of the agency, with the usual availability that characterizes the staff of, will advise us on the best facilities according to our requests, in the chosen location, and will also propose various options and estimates that he will send by email. Once we have chosen, the operator blocks the chosen accommodation for several days, and sends us an email with a form to fill in with our data, the methods of payment and the deadline within which to make a first deposit to stop the reservation.

How to find last minute offers?

The last minute travel today is quite in demand, given that it allows you to enjoy excellent tourist services at reduced prices, and therefore you can often find last minute packages for hotels or tourist villages, modern facilities and luxury resorts that offer their guests a holiday in a lower price than the list price, as long as you are willing to leave even after only a few days from booking.

On there are many last minute holiday solutions proposals. First of all, if we still don't have a clear idea of ​​where to spend our holidays, we can take a look at the destinations indicated on the site, wonderful seaside resorts, in Italy and Europe, Spain, Greece, Egypt, where you can find modern tourist villages, residences and hotel with all comforts. If we want to find last minute offers through, on the site you will find the link "Last Minute Offers" on the home page, to be clicked according to the destination, for example Salento, Calabria, Sicily, Gargano, Sardinia or Basilicata, and so on Street.

Once you have chosen the place where you want to stay, just consult the various offers, check the characteristics of the various structures, and thus find the one that best suits our type of holiday. By clicking on the preferred destination we will get to a page with the best last minute offers updated every day. At the top is the top offer of the week, and scrolling down other unmissable offers, of which you can immediately get a free quote, at very competitive prices.

User reviews and opinions

A serious online travel agency is also transparent.
All the proposed structures are carefully selected based on a score given by customers; this can be seen on the page of each structure, at the top right, where there is a judgment expressed in tenths. For each structure the place where it is located is indicated, useful information such as the nearest airport, the distance from the beach, and then the type of treatment, if it is also provided for example half board or b & b, the services, rooms. offers maximum commitment in finding the best facilities, makes use of specialized travel agents and offers convenient solutions. This makes customers quite happy with the choice. Not by chance almost all customer feedback available online is positive.

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