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    Adair Country Inn & Restaurant: the unforgettable B&B at the foot of the White Mountains

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    The first impression ofAdair Country Inn & Restaurant it is destined to remain indelible in the memory. After traveling along a country road bordered by majestic pines and white birches, an idyllic park suddenly opens up, with ponds and weeping willows, surrounding a sweet and picturesque hill, on which one of the country inn most fascinating of New England: theAdair Inn, located on the border between the towns of Bethlehem and Littleton, in the charming countryside of the White Mountains, in New Hampshire.

    As soon as you arrive it is difficult to take your eyes off the luxuriant nature of the park of over 80 hectares that surrounds the charming little house on the hill, but once you enter the surprises do not end ... once you cross the entrance, you will immediately understand one of the main qualities of this country inn: the welcome.

    The welcome of the Adair Inn

    A small picture with your names printed under the words "Welcome" will make you understand that you are welcome and the elegance of the hall, the taste of the furniture, the comfortable sofas, the pleasant background music and the tea corner (served every afternoon together with biscuits) will make you feel immediately at home!

    It is impossible to talk about the reception ofAdair Country Inn without at least mentioning the two innkeepers: Kimberly and Barry, husband and wife, as well as parents of 7 children, with an eloquent story in itself: during the honeymoon they discover the characteristic Bed & Breakfast del New England, fall in love with it and set a goal: to become the innkeepers of a Country Inn in the region.

    Twelve years later, the dream comes true and they move from Salt Lake City to the beautiful White Mountains region. To put it in their own words: "Hosting means welcoming friends we haven't met yet". And this is exactly the feeling my wife and I experienced during our stay. Unforgettable!

    A classy Bed & Breakfast ...

    The rooms are furnished with that attention to detail that suggests the love that Kimberly and Barry have for their work, in full New England style, with the scent of fresh flowers and an incomparable atmosphere to embellish the living room. You will feel like you are immersed in a distant, placid and restful world, an era that favors dialogue with nature and with oneself.

    La breakfast for us it was another unexpected gem: basically you will find on the buffet a delicious homemade yogurt produced by a nearby farm in Sugar Hill and a delicious granola typical of the region (along with coffee, tea and juices). But don't overfill your stomach! The breakfast includes 3 other courses: popone balls served on a mint flavored syrup, the typical homemade New England popover and a savory dish reinvented by the chef…. we talk about below!

    High quality cuisine

    The Adair Contry Inn is not only a classy Bed & Breakfast but also a excellent restaurant, which employs an extremely refined chef (Dirk Yeaton), who prepares creative dishes with fresh and quality ingredients at km 0, carefully selected from the farms in the area (we told you about it on our tour of New Hampshire).

    Among the dishes that my wife and I tasted we will never forget the angus fillet, the filo pastry roll with melted cheese accompanied by figs, caramelized nuts and cranberries and the dessert, a cheesecake with caramel and rum sauce.

    To the delicacy of the dishes we must add the context: a dining room with an intimate and relaxing atmosphere with a fireplace and a view of the park.

    The history of the Adair

    The building dates back to 1927, when the famous lawyer Frank J. Hogan (who counted none other than Teddy Roosevelt among his clients) decided to have it built as a wedding gift for his daughter Dorothy Adair Hogan. In the house some interesting testimonies of the period have been preserved, including the large collection of Dorothy's period hats, various portraits, an old piano still working and a barrel in the basement used for the illegal sale of alcohol (the villa was built in full period of Prohibition).

    In September 1992 it was converted into a high standard Bed & Breakfast and today the owners are Joel and Cathy Bedor, whom we had the pleasure of meeting on the patio to sip an aperitif in front of the enchanting panorama. They told us how they decided to buy the property: "We used to come here for dinner a lot and we enjoyed eating at the Adair Inn so much that we said to ourselves, 'Why not buy it yourself?'"

    Adair: where and when?

    The Adair Country Inn & Restaurant is the ideal place for those who are not satisfied with simply visiting New England but want to breathe its most authentic atmosphere in one of its most welcoming and suggestive Country Inns. Below all the information you need to reach it and book a room:

    Check rates and availability at the Adair Inn



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