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    A weekend in Cologne

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    Joel Fulleda

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    Let's be honest, the thing that attracted us the most? of this goal? was the price of the flight, really cheap ... We didn't have high expectations, nevertheless yes? revealed a city? with a pleasant atmosphere that gave us some pleasant surprises.

    1 day

    We arrived at Cologne airport around 8:30 am, the center? quite convenient to reach by train getting off at Koeln Hbf station. After a brief stop at the hotel to leave the trolley, we immediately headed to the Duomo, the emblem of the city. ? actually the monument by far more? fascinating of Cologne and certainly deserves the fame it enjoys. We then went up to one of the two towers (price 4?) Attracted by the view. Adjacent to the cathedral is the Roemisch-Germanisches Museum, which boasts a very rich collection of late Roman finds and illustrates the history of the founding of the city. ? one of the most? important of its kind, for? can be a bit monotonous to whom not? passionate about the period. After lunch we visited the EL-DE-Haus (price 4,5?), A former Nazi-era barracks which? been transformed into a museum. There? a traditional exhibition part that provides historical information, but the aspect in my opinion more? Interesting ? the visit to the cells of political prisoners, where? It is possible to read the countless writings left by inmates on the walls. We then headed to the Hoehenzollern bridge passing for a short visit to the churches of Sankt Gereon and Sankta Ursula, and after crossing it we climbed the Koelner Triangle, a skyscraper from which? possible to admire a fantastic panorama (price 3?). Finally we returned to the hotel via the Heumarkt and the Fischmarkt.

    2 day

    The second day we dedicated it to Aachen (Aachen), capital of the Holy Roman Empire. From Cologne? easily accessible by train from the Hauptbahnof, the journey takes about an hour and unfortunately the price doesn't? just cheap (40? A / R). Once we arrived in Aachen we headed towards the center, what not? right near the station, and the first stop? was the famous Palatine Chapel where? Charlemagne was crowned on Christmas Eve in the 800th century. The chapel ? really beautiful and alone worth the trip to Aachen, we were a good half hour with open mouth and with our nose in the air to contemplate the mosaics of the ceiling. After a pleasant walk through the characteristic streets of the center, we stopped for lunch in a Gasthaus in the Marktplatz, where we ate the Currywurst, the delicious specialty? of the area. In the afternoon we continued the stroll through the center and visited the Charlemagne center (price 5?), An exhibition on the history of the city, in particular on the Carolingian period. At about 15 pm we then took the train back to Cologne, without forgetting to buy a confection of Aachener Printen, the typical dessert of Aachen.

    3 day

    On the last day we only stayed in Cologne until after lunch. We dedicated the morning to a visit to the Farina Haus, a museum dedicated to the famous Cologne water set up inside the house of its inventor. Visit ? only guided (price 5?) and illustrates the history of perfume giving interesting curiosities? on the topic. Bench? is not an indispensable step,? Was it pleasant to discover something new about a product inextricably linked to the city? of Cologne. We then spent the rest of the morning? in the central streets dedicated to shopping and, after having lunch, we headed to the airport.

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