A trip to discover the five lands!

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Lluis Enric Mayans

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When visiting Liguria, the fabulous 5 lands cannot be omitted. I had long wanted to see them, so? we left by car and headed to a resort located near them.

1 day

On the morning of departure we woke up very early to reach the Levanto railway, where you can leave your car all day and take the train to the 5 terre in comfort. One leaves about every half hour, both from platform 2 and 3. The train ? easily recognizable from the map that you will find imprinted on the sides, showing the path you will do? through the five lands. They are all 5 very close to each other so the duration of the trips? always very low. Towards lunchtime, the means becomes more and more? crowded why? the day gave 25 degrees and a wonderful sun. We arrive in Vernazza and as soon as I get off the inspectors ask me to show the ticket that? name and allows access to the wi-fi of all stations, to the one on the train and to the toilets. It costs 16 euros per person and allows you to be able to take it all day up and down? for the lands! This ? certainly the best way to visit the 5 lands, parking is too expensive if you opt for the car and the arrival routes are narrow and complex to cover. On a well-planned day you can see them all and take some walking routes to see them from above. Are the stairways narrow and high then? It is necessary to start with tennis shoes and elastic trousers. To find the right staircase you can ask the villagers who are very friendly people. My favourite ? Why Manarola? offers many different perspectives to take photo shots. Was it the land that made me sweat the most? why? very steep but the view was breathtaking. Once we got off, we crossed the village and headed to the panoramic road that runs alongside the sea to see it also from below. Riomaggiore too? it was a great adventure. I wanted to climb the rocks to the sea to enjoy some peace in an area with little traffic due to its complexity? of arrival. It was the only way to see its beautiful colorful houses overlooking the sea. Also here you can find a pedestrian path which for? from the open sea and not towards the city center. The rocks are not slippery but the stairs to get there a lot, so be careful especially if it has rained why? they fill up with dirt! Vernazza also has two paths. Shortly after starting the climb I found two roads; one that turns left and one right. One reaches the houses on the sea and the beautiful cliff, the other its roofs. Corniglia? the only one of the five lands that needs a bus, as well as a train, to be reached as it is perched up a hill. To reach it you have to walk for a kilometer, otherwise the municipality has arranged a bus for those who paid the ticket that takes customers to the city center! As soon as you leave the station you will see it parked in front. It leaves every 10 minutes and doesn't? very big so get in line! Monterosso was undergoing renovations so we decided to skip it. Between all 5? that pi? large and that requires a little more time? to visit it! In my opinion, if you get up early you can see all 5 in one day. Apart from the view there are no important monuments to visit. The 5 lands are famous for their colors, the Ligurian sea that lights up with shades?

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