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A trip to Egypt? always been my wish since I was a child. Seeing the pyramids certainly excited me so much and aroused in me a lot of curiosity? on the construction of these monuments cos? huge. I think that the history of ancient Egypt is the most? absolutely mysterious. It is no coincidence that they have created many films on legends related to these places so? mystics.

1 day

The first day I went to see the Giza Necropolis. A complex of ancient monuments of civilization? Egyptian located in the Giza plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo. Staying in Cairo you can? reach by taking either a taxi or a camel. I preferred the second choice since I love feeling part of the people who host me by imitating their daily customs.
To research this place, they used cosmic rays from outer space. In this way, they discovered a cavity? thirty meters long inside the pyramid of Cheops. It is probably a secret room. Its function? still a mystery. After the visit, we continued the camel ride in the desert. To face the sun I bought a scarf that I used as a turban. I also know very well that local men don't like women to wave their hair, so I thought I'd cover it up to show no disrespect.

Their construction dates back to about 4500 years ago, in the period in which the Egyptian pharaohs raised these monumental structures as places used for their own burial. According to scholars, the pyramid shape refers to the cult of the sun; in fact the edges of the pyramids represent the rays of the sun that spread over the earth and its structure would act as a ladder to reach the sky.

2 day

The second day I wanted to visit the unusual town of Hurghada and of course its sea.
Location little known and not very popular, but with a fantastic sea. I very much appreciate the sceneries of these lands. I love the beautiful combination of the sea and the Sahara.
Whenever I travel, I not only love to know the local customs but also their typical food.
An Egyptian lunch always begins with the tasting of appetizers that can be olives, sambousek (fried ravioli stuffed with meat or cheese), fila (rolls of very thin puff pastry stuffed with meat or cheese), falafel (fried meatballs with ground broad beans ), tursci (turnips and pickled cucumbers). The table is usually set as in Italy.
Egyptians often eat without cutlery, drawing on pieces of bread from the various plates placed in the center of the table. Do they generally drink water or carcad tea? and do not use alcohol.

3 day

The last day I focused on the streets of the African town that? equipped with avenues lined with palm trees and souvenir shops and box offices with typical clothes that you can buy as a souvenir. A trip to Egypt can? donate more? things: culture, new experiences and 5-star marine encounters.

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