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The island of Cayo Largo? a small pearl of the Caribbean sea. Last year I was looking for a lost place in the world where I could only be in contact with three elements; animals, sea and nature.

1 day

Cuba? it was my first trip in 10 hours on a plane. Being a "Chapter" flight, the seats didn't make us comfortable, but the staff? he was kind and the food I must say really great!
As soon as we arrived on the island we were greeted by the person in charge of the village we chose, and taken to the hotel by bus. As soon as I got off the plane I didn't find the classic island weather that everyone expects.
Believe me I have learned so much on this tropical island. Let's start with the climate. Forget a sun and a continuous blue sky; you are on an island in the middle of the ocean! So the weather changes all the time! You will get up with clouds and after an hour you will find a blue sky or vice versa. In the evening some tropical storm could arrive and the next day you won't even have the shadow of a cloud in the distance! So don't despair at the sight of the clouds; they come and go quickly.

2 day

The following day they gave us the classic boring meeting in the hotel theater, to give us some information and to make presentations. First bad news: the planes to reach Havana do not depart, they are broken. Great common turmoil why? we all wanted to go and visit one of the cities? pi? historical and fascinating to the world. Then comes my first piece of advice: "If your idea of ​​a vacation consists of tours, NEVER rely on hotels. Book everything from Italy or by yourself or through a travel agency, otherwise you risk our own discomfort. a reason to go back, but more organized!
For those visiting Havana, we do not recommend hotels, but to stay in a "Casa particular", private and typical Cuban homes, as well as a ride in their colorful taxis. The typical American cars of the 80s, really the top! I assure you of total immersion in their culture.

3 day

Fortunately, the island has given us many other experiences and sensations that we will never forget. Every morning in front of the hotel, a little train stopped and stopped at all the resorts on the island to take us to the port. From there we boarded a ship that took us directly to Playa Sirena, one of the most? beautiful of Cayo largo. Is it called so? why? if viewed from a distance it has an elongated and narrow shape like a mermaid's fin. Let's say that ? the real point, from which this name is deduced. The local sea? something that leaves you breathless, thanks to the shades of colors and the incredible stretches of fine white sand.
Only note: the umbrellas are paid, they cost a few cuna, Cuban currency for tourists.
To get to the point of playa sirena you have to walk 20 minutes on foot going to the right. You will come to walk right on the tail of playa sirena and you will find the most? beautiful, full of starfish and hermit crabs of all colors and sizes.

4 day

The second nearest beach beautiful island? playa paraiso. The name already? says it all. A water COMPLETELY different from the previous beach. The color of playa paraiso sported in a hue? turquoise, always transparent, different from the typical Caribbean color. In this sea you will find delicious transparent fish with yellow tail, pedicure workers :). You will often see rays sunbathing and you will often hear Caribbean music played live. You can get there by taxi, there is no other way, unless you want to get there by scooter that will come to you. hired from the hotel. The restaurant on the beach is highly recommended, which I recommend you book, why? it doesn't have many places where you can taste lobster for the modest price of 20 euros each! The "P? good of the whole island! At the beginning I didn't want to taste it, being against the cruel method by which it is cooked in Italy, that is alive and slowly in boiling water! In cuba I learned that the lobster is not tortured but killed quickly with a clean cut to the head which is thrown back into the sea in honor of the divinity? marina, being the head the most? succulent fish!

5 day

An excursion to do for snorkelers? the trip to Cayo rico! You have to know that Cuba doesn't? an island with a rich marine fauna. Far from it! Neither ? completely absent, being that it lacks coral reefs. On the maritime route to get to Cayo rico, the catamaran will stop? for about an hour at a low point of about two meters where you can see a beautiful show of algae, colorful corals and beautiful fish. Arriving in Cayo rico, we had three other wonderful surprises! The first ? was to eat together with the iguanas. That's right; a beach restaurant in the company of these cute lizards who wandered around and under the tables in search of food! An experience to do! They are very peaceful and fearful, but if you have food to give them, they will suddenly lose all their shyness! Be careful not to get too close with your fingers to their mouth, without doing it on purpose, they could take a piece of your finger, not being perfectly tamed. I have received a small clamp, but not? it was painful and not even wanted. Another surprise: the hawks. Obviously free but smart! They wait near the table for you to leave the chicken bone with a few pieces of meat for them to munch on. You will often find them flying between tables to grab something! Fun experience, but pay some attention to me? passed very close :) Last thing, rodents. I am a lover of rodents, in fact at home I have two guinea pigs, so I didn't have any problems entering the enclosure to give them a few pieces of bread. They look like miniature beavers, they are peaceful and almost blind like moles. Are they very fearful that it will be enough for you? hit the ground with your foot, to send them away if it makes sense to have them too close to your legs. For whom like me? FREE animal lover, I highly recommend this tour. The sea of ​​Cayo Rico? completely different in color compared to playa sirena and paradise; ? the typical Maldivian sea!

6 day

I found the excursion with the dolphins of Playa sirena pleasant. They are well trained and loving them from an early age I couldn't wait to caress them and hear their sound. It costs a lot as an experience but you can decide or to caress them and swim with them, or the more? circus and get you to do a few pirouettes. Obviously you will be equipped with a life jacket, but the water is not? high and space? limited, perhaps too much for these creatures. Once your shift is over, they will show you the photos and you can decide whether to buy the CD or have only a few printed. Don't buy anything! All too expensive. I recommend that you have some photos taken by a spectator or your travel companion and I assure you that they look great too!

7 day

If you want a special and unique souvenir, I recommend getting a palm leaf hat made by the hotel gardeners! Will it cost you? only a few cuna and will vary? worth it! Rester? green color a week, after which the leaves will dry out! I learned a lot from these men! Mi? I happened to get burned during the week, and the gardeners brought me some aloe leaves which in one day they put me back on my feet. Aloe? gelatinous and smelly. The smell? exactly that of an armpit that hasn't seen water for a week! Its properties? natural and by natural I mean those just picked, not those of super markets where you will find 1% of aloe, they put your burnt skin back on its feet. Attention, however ?; once you have applied the gelatinous Aloe leaf you will not be able to stay in contact with the sun for a few hours, otherwise you will receive the opposite effect! Anything else to taste? the coconut, the real one! The milk inside? something spectacular! If you add a little alcohol you will get a great super calorie cocktail! Another "In to the wild" experience, what can you do? go in search of the crocodile, just outside the hotel! Of course at your own risk, there are no fences. I went there and I filmed it very closely, while he was busy in the afternoon snack, and? was sensational! Be calm, alert, and speak in low tones.
What about Cayo largo left a mark in my heart for all its culture, nature and expanses of spectacular seas!

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