A perfect weekend in Prague

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The city? from Prague,? without a doubt a city? very charming, a city? where can you? taste good food, where can you? shopping and strolling through the streets of the city? appreciating every corner. While a long-term journey might be difficult or expensive, not having enough time? possible to explore a destination in a weekend and Prague will? just for you.

1 day

Arrived in Prague in the afternoon, we arrange our luggage at the Residence U Malvaze hotel, getting ready to go out and explore the streets of the city. old. Our hotel? located right near the Charles Bridge, a very convenient location. We immediately start browsing inside the shops, where most of them sell puppets and glassware. We walk through the streets letting ourselves be carried away by the flow of tourists, among the warm lights of the evening ending the walk on the Charles Bridge, not very illuminated, where the black statues of the saints seem to look at you with severity.

2 day

The morning of the following day we visit the town square? old, where? located the Astronomical Clock on the Town Hall tower. In case you do not find it, just observe the tourists with their nose all? Ins? waiting for the spectacle of the clock, which repeats itself every hour. We had no idea how to read "time" correctly, but it was still fascinating to observe the dials and hands of the clock with the sun, moon and signs of the zodiac. The clock is located in the heart of the Piazza della Citt? Old Prague, which also houses the famous Church of Our Lady before T? N built in the th century.
The walk continues past the colorful facades of tall buildings until you reach the river. The next stop? again the famous Charles Bridge. It connects the historic center of the city? at Prague Castle and? decorated with 30 statues in the Baroque style. The statue of John of Nepomuk? remarkably famous for its plaque with the falling priest, if you rub its plaque it is said porter? luck and will assure you? to return to Prague one day. The bridge during the day? literally invaded by tourists and street artists, playing jazz music or offering you a portrait. This bridge? characteristic also for this reason, for its large turnout, but if you want to see it in its simplicity? or in solitude then you will have to come at dawn.
Once we cross the bridge we immerse ourselves in another reality, with cobbled streets and Trdlo shops everywhere (typical Prague sweets). So, we stop at a trdeln? K stand for a sweet boh? Mien snack.
Along the way you will meet the Church of San Nicola, really impressive and magnificent. Walking up the steps leading to Prague Castle, we realized that this is not? a fairytale castle, but rather a very impressive building of massive size. The outside gardens are very beautiful, well maintained, offering a wonderful view over the whole city? of Prague. The imposing structure that you can? see from the city? and from the Charles Bridge? in reality? the Cathedral of San Vito which and not the Castle.
After the drive to Prague Castle, we make a quick stop at the John Lennon Wall. Since the 80's been covered in graffiti inspired by John Lennon and his songs and those of the Beatles. A street performer, playing Lennon's songs on an acoustic guitar, definitely adds that extra edge. to the atmosphere. A small footbridge near the Lennon Wall, the Devil's Channel,? literally covered by? love locks ?. Along the canal? It is possible to see a demon gnome, near an old mill. After walking for a long time, we decide to give ourselves a sweet break, and what better place than inside the Civic House ?! A very sumptuous baroque-style place, where you can taste many types of sweets, where a waiter will pass? with his trolley to ask you if you want to taste one. How can you? to say no?
We take advantage of the last hours of daylight to visit the Dancing House, in honor of the famous couple of dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
On the way back we come across some park, where we enjoy the sunset in solitude, with the Charles Bridge in the distance, crowded with tourists as always.

3 day

We get up at dawn to photograph and admire the Charles Bridge in solitude, waiting for the sun to rise from behind the city. Wonderful!
Having only the morning available, we visit the Jewish quarter, with its famous cemetery and the Vecchianuova Synagogue. Over the centuries, the cemetery has? enlarged until c ?? been more? space around it, superimposing the new tombstones on the old ones, creating this architecture that seems decadent.
We meet a market where they sell antiques, lace and marionettes of all kinds. There were all kinds of characters from witches to devils and from wizards and clowns. Well yes, there was also Elsa from Frozen.
If you still have time, a visit to the Wallenstein Gardens will enchant you. An oasis of tranquility and greenery in the heart of Prague. Tidy and well-kept gardens, the frescoed loggia is beautiful and picturesque.
While waiting for our flight, are we going back to the Piazza della Città? Vecchia, where street artists entertained the public with their bubbles.
Sitting at one of the cafes? of the square, we begin to remember the journey now concluded, even if short and a bit "touristy", it was perfect.

Have you ever been to Prague?

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