A day in Roswell to discover UFOs

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If you are planning a trip to the USA don't forget to stop in New Mexico and precisely a Roswell. I suppose there are few who ask why. The vast majority of the world population knows the event, but let's refresh our memory between legend and reality.

July 1947, XNUMX, Mr. Dan Wilmot and Mrs., were sitting quietly on the veranda of the house when they saw a luminous object of an unknown nature darting and crashing to the ground many kilometers away.

After a few days, Mr. Bill McBrazel asserted that the object in question was in one of his fields, and that he had hidden it in a shed to avoid curious crowds. Naturally, the army immediately entered the scene, the area was delimited, surrounded and access prevented to anyone who did not wear a uniform. Thus was born the history of UFOs in America and legends in Roswell.

Since then the town has enjoyed fame and notoriety, continuously hosting tourists and scientists driven by the curiosity to hear from the inhabitants what happened in 47. The stories handed down orally from generation to generation are continuously enriched with details.

Every year on the 4th of July in Roswell the UFO Festival, an unmissable event attended by thousands of visitors, this keeps the economy of the town always at high levels, in fact, it is not difficult even at other times of the year to come across boys dressed as aliens who wander around the reconstructed models to remember the event.

But the real strength is the museum, an unforgettable experience, it seems to enter a parallel world, which will convince even the most skeptical. Copies of newspapers dating back to the time, reproductions of improbable tools and objects, all combine to keep the curiosity of tourists from all over the globe alive.

So if you haven't thought about it yet, it's time to do it, don't forget your camera and remember to say hello to the permanent military garrison of the place. Hey, be careful not to give confidence to "strangers".

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