A cruise inspired by the world of Barbie

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For girls: a cruise with Barbie

This time Royal Caribbean has thought of a package for the very young tourists on a cruise inspired by Barbie, the very blond doll super fashion will be the protagonist of the journey of the girls guests of any ship in the fleet. It will be possible at the time of booking to choose Barbie Premium Experience, to travel to a fairytale world.

The cabin will be set up with the characteristic style and equipped with themed gadgets: fashion items, blankets and pillow cases, shopper, toothbrush and toiletry bag and of course with one bamboo new. The journey will be inspired by the pink world with dedicated activities and exclusive movie viewing. By invitation, the girls will be guests of a party with tea, pink sodas, pastries and tiaras. They could not miss fashion workshops such as the organization of a fashion show, a laboratory to create clothes from exclusive dolls and a dance class to learn to move to the rhythm of music, obviously following the Barbie soundtrack and the Adventure in the Ocean 2. "Barbie represents a real lifestyle brand that is part of every girl's world, from her bedroom to games, to school" said Lori Pantel, Vice President of Barbie Global Marketing. "We are thrilled to be able to extend the brand experience to the brand with a fantastic partner like Royal Caribbean family cruise holidays".


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