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    A 2.000 km trek through 8 countries: it is the most beautiful in the world   

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    National Geographic called it the best in the world. She is there Via Dinarica, the most beautiful trekking route to do and which also touches Italy.

    It crosses the Dinaric Alps, perhaps the least known mountain range in Europe, and is an adventurous but also cultural route along 2 thousand kilometers through eight countries, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, 'Albania and Macedonia.

    Each country traversed by the mountain range is a combination of an outdoor paradise and a living museum. Although different from each other, they have one element that unites them all: the spectacular landscape.

    Of Italy touches a small part ofKarst plateau, in the province of Gorizia and of Trieste, straddling Slovenia and Croatia.

    The Via Dinarica has a history of over a thousand years, but only recently some sections have been made viable. The Balkan area in particular was inaccessible for years after the war ended.

    The Via Dinarica project was born in 2010 with the aim of helping small mountain communities and promoting tourism.

    After long works, the last section, the White Trail, which touches the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps and which was once the route followed by shepherds who led their flocks.

    The route starts in Postojna, Slovenia, famous for its white castle built into the rock. The path leads from the castle to the abandoned railway tracks. On the border with the Croatia, the route crosses three national parks that line the Adriatic Sea and also touches Split.

    Here you reach the base of the Biocovo mountain range overlooking the Dalmatian coast. Climbing to the 1.700 meters of Sveti Jure, the highest peak, the gaze is lost among the 1185 islands of the sea.

    Once you enter Bosnia, the journey continues in Blidinje Nature Park. The most beautiful point is where the natural arch of Hajdučka Vrata is located, but you also pass by Lukomir, the highest and most traditional village in the country. But there is also the highest peak, Maglić, 286 meters, and rafting in River Tara that crosses the deepest canyon in Europe at 1.300 meters and arriving in Montenegro. Here, too, the landscape is breathtaking.

    Once in Albania, in the town of Shkodra, it is easy to get to the small village of Theth: a seven-hour walk that climbs up to 2.700 meters above sea level and leads up to Valbona Valley National Park. Before reaching the border with Kosovo, you stay with host families in the mountain community of Dobërdol - a unique experience.

    The most difficult stretch of the Via Dinarica is the one that follows the Shar mountain range: long routes, high altitudes but also frozen lakes and some of the most beautiful landscapes of the route, with 20 mountains higher than 2.500 meters that mark the border between Kosovo and Macedonia and then between Macedonia and Albania. The route ends right in the capital of Macedonia, in Skopje.

    Every day, at the end of the journey, few places on earth equal this mountain region in terms of rural tourism, with small B & Bs where to stay, mountain huts where to stop and typical farms where to stay.

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