8 days on the East Coast of Australia

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Being a tourist in your own country? a feeling that I have tried many times. To tell the truth, I practically traveled only a few hundred km from home: backpacking, getting on a bus, and off you go. We grow up, of course, we open our eyes, we change perspectives. But it was time to pull the cord and make ends meet, gradually, right? you go to Australia!

East coast with a group of strangers never seen before: learning the culture, history, environment, in a place like this. far from where I was born.

1 day

The adventure begins with one of the most? amazing plane crossings of my life. My eyes were glued to the plane window to admire the almost sapphire color of the ocean. Whenever the plane came out of a cloud, I was able to get a glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef.
As soon as I left the airport, I couldn't hold back a smile of immense joy. That strange accent, the damp, cool air? I had arrived.

2 day

Wake up early in the morning, you immediately go aboard a boat, sails unfurled towards the Great Barrier Reef. I have to admit: nothing? remotely comparable to the time I first snorkeled on the reef. I felt a bit like in the Little Mermaid cartoon, a magical way of rainbow-colored corals surrounded by millions of fish friends. Have we spent hours exploring the seabed, swimming among corals, straw fish, turtles? incredible!
It does not end here of course: we go on a night sailing to the Withsunday islands!

3 day

Mi? it was immediately clear why? this ? one of the most? sought after and famous for sailing sports. This place ? crazy? we were all evening on the bow of the boat to enjoy the moonlight, to admire landscapes, to enjoy the sunset. We even saw a group of whales in the distance!
Just a few beers, a couple of games of cards, day becomes night and we were covered in a blanket of stars. Me there? took some time to fall asleep, was it all too good, too magical?
Upon awakening, we anchor the boat at Whiteheaven beach. Known for its fine sand, made of 98% silicon,? one of the very few beaches where? really illegal to take away sand!
The water ? practically transparent like glass, the beaches spotless? I am not surprised that it is considered among the most? beautiful in the world!
Next stop: Daydream Island!

4 day

Daydream Island? practically a gigantic resort, a place highly sought after by those people looking for all-inclusive fun, that kind of vacation where you do nothing but bask in the sun, drink fruit cocktails, eat fruit, sleep and? yes, and everything in between!
I was not outdone: I devoured the food of the buffets, I drank cocktails at the beach bar and by the pool, I even tried to do some surfing but without much success, so? I swung in a hammock letting time flow over me. Two fantastic days, although I must admit that more? of two days without doing almost? nothing, they were starting to hold me tight.

5 day

Ok, the life of a single tourist on a honeymoon (...? Never possible?) Was over, let's go to the farm! We take the Australian wild road, at the time when the day becomes evening and then night, towards the Myella farm.
How wonderful! Thundering whips, lasso lessons, freshly baked traditional New Zealand cookies, watching that proud and magnificent sunset dressed as a cowboy, complete with hat, boots and lasso? were probably among the most? intense of my life!

6 day

The next destination on the East Coast? by far my favorite. I had never heard more? about Fraser Island: did you know that? the sand island simply more? largest in the world? I would say that already? this would be enough to make a stop in this magical place in Queensland.
The wonderful thing? spent practically all day in a 4x4 jeep across the island with a tour of the place. Have we skirted the clear waters of Lake Mackenzie, visited the Maheno Wreck, walked the world's only sandy rainforest, and even took a scenic flight over the island? all this in one day!
One of the most important aspects? interesting? was when they told us the story of the aborigines of the island. ? Was it touching to hear that this island? been snatched away from the Butchulla natives by European settlers? ? too easy to take the lands we visit for granted, but it would be more? respectful at least to know the history to be more? connected with their souls.

7 day

After Fraser Island,? time to go gi? in Brisbane, or Brisvegas, so? ? called by the locals. Let's go to Surfer Paradise, on the Gold Coast! Are we in the city? surfers, hippies, naturists, free spirits, yoga. After a stop to admire the bridge in Springbrook Nature Park, we arrive at Byron Bay at sunset.
Once there, I take a walk along the beach, and I am seduced by an acoustic melody of nearby street artists: groups of Rastafarians, young people dressed in a thousand colors with vans of a thousand colors. It's all true, but above all? authentic. I feel euphoric, the sky was changing a thousand colors and the sun was descending towards the horizon to the rhythm of music. Somehow, this place spoke to my spirit.

8 day

My last day? Been to a surf camp near Crescent Head. The weather was not good at all, but who would miss the chance to catch a wave to ride right there in surfer's paradise? Of course, me. I try once, I get overwhelmed. I try it a second time, I am overwhelmed and I drink practically 1,5 liters of ocean water. Don't I try a third time? I was probably a camel in the previous life, certainly not a surfer.

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