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I saw Seville for the first time in a documentary on TV and it immediately struck me. I don't know if for its ephemeral beauty or for the warmth of the people or why? ? much visited; hit me stop. I decided the next day to get the ticket. I was afraid it would disappoint my high expectations but so? it was not: I fell in love with this city, small but big. It's like a diamond necklace that hugs your neck. Who is not there? never been I highly recommend going there and you will find that you do not want to leave anymore. Above all, I advise you to avoid asking for a coffee? expressed that they will always give you the caf? con leche;)

1 day

16.30 flight from Pisa (luckily direct). I arrive in Seville around 19 pm and a taxi immediately takes me to the Petit Palace Canalejas hotel. Do I unpack and immediately go out to discover the city? but not before having eaten something. In the area where I was staying, what? in the center, ten minutes walk from the cathedral, there are various typical and cheap places where you can taste traditional dishes. I decide to have some tapas in a very nice and informal bar / restaurant. I got some Iberian jamon (great for all cured meats lovers like me), patatas bravas and cola de toro. After eating like a pig I head to the hotel to rest.

2 day

Wake up at 9 am and ready to have breakfast with churros and chocolate to give me the right energy to go and visit the cathedral and the barrio santa cruz. Arriving at the cathedral I notice an endless queue to access it and I am saddened. Almost like a mirage I hear a guide speaking in Italian who said "Italians who want to join the group come here to me and let's enter from the back". I immediately sling and after waiting for almost 40 minutes in the sun (I thought I was dying) with 35? finally we enter the shade. Would I ever have expected majesty? similar. Seen from the outside, it reminded me a little of the Milan Cathedral, but when you enter inside, the sensations change. The church was built where before there was a mosque with the passage of the city? from the Arabs to the Christians towards the middle? from the 1400s. In fact, there are many references to the Arab style. Inside there? also the mausoleum dedicated to Christopher Columbus. After about two hours of guided tour I am ready to take a nice walk. Going along a small street beside the Cathedral, I enter the barrio of Santa Cruz. Ever seen the neighborhood more? beautiful. With its pastel colors you are surrounded by tiendas of typical products and souvenirs and churches everywhere. I decide to stop in a restaurant for lunch and from this day on will I return? very often. I ate some tapas and a cola de toro, a really good Sevillian dish. I continued my day in the Santa Cruz neighborhood until dinner, where I ate in a bar in the street of my hotel.

3 day

On the third day I decided to take the bus that makes the guided tour of the city, spending about 20 euros (crazy). Do I have to for? say what? worth it. See the city? from above ? a wonderful feeling. I got off the bus and headed for the district of San Bartolom ?, very nice. Here is the church of Santa Maria la Blanca. Going straight on you arrive in Plaza San Francisco where you can admire the town hall and the Palacio del Ayuntamiento. Other things to see are the Casa de Pilatos and the church of Santa Magdalena, which boasts timeless beauty with its decorations and gilded woods. Afterwards I go to Plaza de Espa? A, curious as I was to see it after seeing it on television. I'm not kidding when I say that? one of the most? beautiful that I've ever seen. With its fountains and 58 benches of azulejos, which represent the provinces of Spain. The Palacio Espanol is very suggestive, overlooking a canal with bridges that recall Venice. In front of the square you can? take a walk in the Parque Maria Luisa. Its gardens are surrounded by ponds and fountains in which jasmine, magnolia and orange trees frame. The entrance? free and remains open from 8 to 22. Nearby is also the Archaeological Museum. Then I went back to the Canalejas area to do some shopping, which never hurts, in Calle Tetu? N. With my frapp? with mango I was ready to spend;). After a salad dinner I went back to the hotel to get ready for the following day.

4 day

This day was dedicated to the Barrio de el Arenal, which is located near the Guadalquivir River. I decided to get tickets for a boat ride and see Seville from the water. It was nice and quite cheap too. In this district the attention is drawn to the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, Teatro de la Maestranza and the Torre del Oro. There are numerous streets to go through to admire the beauty of this neighborhood such as Calle Adriano, Calle Santander, Calle Arfe and many others. It is an ancient district and everything reminds a little of the colors of the arena where the Bullfight takes place, that is? white and gold. I then returned to the Santa Cruz district to visit the Real Alcazares, the city's ancient palace, first fortress of the Moors and then the residence of King Charles V, an example of Mudjar architecture, a combination of Islamic, Renaissance and Gothic styles. It is located in front of the Cathedral. I had lunch with a nice gazpacho and tapas and sangria, which you can't miss if you go to Spain. I always wandered around the Barrio of Santa Cruz, which I fell madly in love with, where I bought souvenirs and typical ceramics. The dinner was based on puchero, a very heavy soup made from pork, chicken and beef. Tired, I walked through the streets of the Canalejas area, which I discovered to be a jewel.

5 day

I decided to go to the station and get a ticket to Cordoba. It was the capital of the Muslim empire in Spain and in fact still retains its Arab charm. In just one day I decided to see the main things like the Mezquita of Cordoba, the Medina Azahara and the Roman bridge over the river. I also recommend visiting the juderia, the Jewish quarter, known for its white houses with colorful flowers on the windowsill. I had a fish-based lunch with squid a la plancha. Cordoba struck me for its romantic charm and above all for the warmth of the people. Back in Seville I decided to do some nightlife, intense and lively. Did I go like this? in a club where they dance Flamenco, which I recommend to try. Tired, I went back to the hotel and studied the next day's goals.

6 day

On the sixth day I decided to dedicate it entirely to visiting the Triana neighborhood. The left area of ​​the river was inhabited by sailors and potters and? connected to the rest of the city? through the Isabel II Bridge, the pi? historical. Adorned and perfumed by citrus trees, Triana boasts numerous local cuisine with a gypsy atmosphere. It is worth visiting the church of Santa Ana, dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, and the Ceramica di Santa Ana, azulejos factory. I wandered this neighborhood far and wide, discovering alleys not very frequented by tourists, to totally immerse myself in everyday life. of the Sevillians. People are curious and open; they exchange information on their customs, cooking, recipes and many other things. It was a really good experience that enriched me and that I would like to return to. Back in the center I decided to have dinner with a nice pizza as I felt the need. Well I could wait as it does not satisfy? my taste and especially my stomach.

7 day

The flight was at 21pm so I had plenty of time to take a tour of the Macarena neighborhood, where the church of the same name is located. Getting there ? been quite long and tiring as it is quite far from my hotel but, walking along it, I could see other characteristics of the city? that I had not yet seen. Finally arrived at the basilica I regret bitterly why? from the outside not? just the height of beauty. Once entered for? I was dazzled by the gold and how many devout people it contained inside. I watched her for about ten minutes and then continued my tour of the city. later finding myself in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. As we say that all roads lead to Rome, in Seville we could say that all the Calles lead to the Barrio de Santa Cruz. Was it for me the best neighborhood? suggestive and you eat really well on a budget. I then went to the airport by taxi and l? I summed up this trip, promising myself that one day I will return? and who knows? maybe it will stay there? forever.

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