6 reasons to spend the May Day Bridge in Barcelona

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Every day the air becomes hotter and more fragrant in Barcelona, ​​and it is possible to feel the arrival of spring as early as mid-February. Thanks to this warm climate, the beaches, the flowering trees along Las Ramblas and numerous outdoor activities, Barcelona is confirmed the ideal destination to choose in Spring, in particular during the May Day Bridge.
Every year this city is visited by an average of 7.5 million tourists who choose it for the sangria, the tapas, the many characteristic souvenirs to take home. Barcelona is a destination for all tastes: delicious food, architecture and cultural events, a wonderful historic center and much more. Here is a list of 6 reasons to spend the May Day in Barcelona.


  1. The climate and the beaches
  2. The parks
  3. Nightlife, traditions and festivals
  4. Architecture and culture
  5. FC Barcelona
  6. The food
  7. User questions and comments

1 - The climate and the beaches

Barcelona is fortunate to be able to enjoy the sun for at least eight or nine months of the year. This means that the climate is always mild and, between the end of April and the beginning of May, it is very likely that you will find some nice days. The favorable temperatures allow you to spend time along the beautiful beaches of the city, perhaps enjoying an aperitif overlooking the sea or tasting the typically Catalan fish specialties.

Week-end idea

Visit of the Barceloneta beach, the first you meet coming from the center of the city, the Villa Olimpionica beach (Icaria beach), Nova Mar beach, the quietest.

  • Info and contacts: for Barceloneta get off at the homonymous stop of the yellow line L4, Icaria beach, Ciutadella - Villa Olimpica stop of the yellow line L4 of the metro, Nova Mar beach, Selva de Mar stop of the yellow line L4 and then walk about fifteen minutes
  • Prices: the beaches are free

2 - The parks

Barcelona also has beautiful parks, such as the Parc de la Ciutadella, the most beautiful park in the city, with its navigable pond, children's play area, a waterfall and the city zoo. Even though it is often crowded, it is a great place to indulge in some relaxation. If you prefer a park that is a little out of the ordinary, we recommend a trip to Park Güell. It was Gaudí who designed this surreal park, originally thought to be a "city garden". It is an extraordinary place, where the buildings look like they came out of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale, and the famous tile benches offer a breathtaking view over the city.

Week-end idea

Entrance to the monumental area of ​​Park Güell is subject to charges. We absolutely suggest you to visit the most suggestive corners to know interesting information on the construction and on the famous architect Gaudì.

  • Info and contacts: it is possible to buy entrance tickets at the park or online: entrance ticket for Park Güell
  • Prices: starting from € 13,00

3 - Nightlife, traditions and festivals

It is quite obvious to think about the nightlife when it comes to Barcelona. The city is indeed famous for the abundance of clubs and clubs for all tastes, which remain open until morning. The premises, taking advantage of the rising temperatures, also begin to occupy the open spaces. In this regard, two very engaging events for both locals and visitors should be noted. The first event is the Fiera de Abril, where you can "taste" a bit of Andalusia! At the Parc del Fòrum you can admire flamenco dancers and get lost among the many casetas, the numerous stands selling food, souvenirs and much more. An amusement park for the little ones is also installed, but not only! Furthermore, on April 23, the Diada de Sant Jordi is celebrated, a kind of Catalan version of the more commercial Valentine's Day. It is said that Sant Jordi (Saint George) saved a princess by killing a ferocious dragon. Legend has it that a red rose, originating from the dragon's blood, appeared at the place of the killing. It is therefore tradition that the man gives the woman red roses and that this reciprocate with a book. At the center of the city you can then find many rose sellers and stalls full of books and, if you're lucky, you can even find famous writers signing copies of their own novels.

Week-end idea

If you want to spend a night full of the typical nightlife of the city we recommend you the Barceloneta district. It is one of the most popular neighborhoods for local young people but also from all over Spain. You can choose from numerous restaurants and bars, or participate in evenings organized on the beach, such as Platja de Sant Sebastià and Platja de la Barceloneta. The most famous place is, without a doubt, the Pacha.

  • Info and contacts: Yellow underground line L4
  • Prices: the cost of admission to Pacha depends on the event of the evening

4 - Architecture and culture

Barcelona is known as the capital of modernism, as many of the most famous exponents of the architectural current have lived and worked here. The most famous of these is, without doubt, Antonio Gaudí. Thanks to the abundance of this architectural heritage, it is possible to enjoy, for example, the beautiful Eixample district and come across a modernist building. Obviously, one cannot fail to mention the most famous building in the city, La Sagrada Familia. The symbol of Barcelona, ​​whose construction began in 1882 again by Gaudí and is still continuing, is a magnificent Gothic cathedral.

Week-end idea

The tour with an Italian guide includes the exploration of the most evocative corners of the city with notions of history and curiosities. The visit continues through places such as Casco Antiguo, Catedral, Santa Maria del Pi, plaça Sant Felipe Neri and del Rei, Santa Maria del Mar, plaça del Fossar de les Moreres.

  • Info and contacts: for this and other city tours visit the website www.visitarebarcelona.com
  • Prices: adults € 25, up to 17 years € 15, children up to 6 years free. These costs do not include attraction tickets

5 - FC Barcelona

Who has never heard of the businesses of Messi and companions at the Camp Nou Stadium? Local supporters of the city team call it "more than a team". This slogan clearly indicates the love that the city has for this sport and, in particular, for its team. Even if you are not a fan, a visit to the stadium or watch a match will be an exciting and unique experience. They are organized guided tours when the stadium is empty, which include the exploration of the turf, the changing rooms and the chapel dedicated to "the Virgin of Montserrat".

Week-end idea

If you want to discover and experiment the path that players take de FC Barcelona up to the pitch, the company organizes interesting and fun guided tours.

  • Info and contacts: visit the official website for tickets, tours start at 10 am and end at 17.30 pm, on holidays and Sundays close at 13 pm and on match days at 30 pm
  • Prices: € 26 adults, € 23 children

6 - Food

The Spanish culinary and gastronomic tradition is rich, varied and decidedly tasty. Barcelona offers excellent typical dishes to taste, such as the famous tapas, tortilla de patatas, asado chicken a la Catalana and the famous paella. Barceloneta beach is full of typical restaurants for all tastes and budgets. One of the favorite activities of tourists visiting this city is to have lunch with a sea view and enjoy the freshest fish just caught. A typical food of the spring period are calçots, a Catalan variety of shallot. They are usually roasted outdoors on large fires, accompanied by salvitxada sauce (a sauce made from tomato, garlic, breadcrumbs, vinegar, salt, oil, toasted almonds and hazelnuts).

Week-end idea

For a typical lunch without spending a fortune, the boqueria market is highly recommended, the most famous in Barcelona. Here you can choose between the various stands that, in addition to selling fresh fish and other foodstuffs, prepare it following the typical local recipes. Finding truly typical and not very touristy restaurants is increasingly difficult, despite this we can recommend the Arume restaurant, specialized in fish and paella, the Robadora for tapas and the Teresa Carles if you are vegetarian.

  • Info and contacts: La Boqueria is located in front of the Liceu metro stop. The Arume restaurant is located in the Raval area (Carrer de Bottella 13 - +34 933 15 48 72) and can be reached with the purple line L2, Sant Antoni stop. Robadora is located in the Raval area (Carrer Robador 18 - +34 932 52 96 39), metro green line L3, Liceu stop. Teresa Carles is in the Raval area (Carrer Jovellanos 2 - +34 933 17 18 29), Catalunya metro stop, red L1 or green L3 lines.
  • Prices: Arume 20 - € 25 per person, Robadora 20 - € 25 per person, Teresa Carles € 25 per person

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